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Karen Kho is a full time fitness, travel and lifestyle blogger, from Malaysia.
She’s a fitness addict who likes to share her fitness tips on her social media, and aspires to motivate her followers to lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle. 

She love share her thoughts and inspiring people around her. 
Reaching out to others who are struggling to be healthy and happy have always been her passion. Having said all this, it is the main reason why she blog and with all the positive feedback she received is what keeps her motivated to continue what she have been doing. She is always grateful for, and humbled by everyone across the world who followed her on her social media platform.

❤ What she do for living? 

A full time blogger, Certified Fitness Instructor and she also run an online fashion boutique. 
She always ensure that she share all her experiences and stories in (https://karenkh0.blogspot.com/) may it be pretty, ugly, good or bad on her personal space in hopes that she would be able to inspire her readers to take risks and chase their dreams as how she chased hers. 

One of her biggest dream is to traveling around the world. That's the reason why she travels a lot and constantly blogs about her travel tips in her blog. 

This is a place where you can get to know more about her thoughts, stories, interests and personality. 

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