Third Round

21 August 2012

I'm so blessed to had so many people celebrating my 21st with me.
It is my third round celebration with my KHO's family last night.
Really need to thanks to my dearest DAD for everything.I LOVE YOU DADDY!
Thanks for bringing me to this world,and thanks for protecting me  

This is the best birthday i ever had! 

All the liquor. Royal Salute,castagnon armagnac cavalier,Remy Martin above 30 years.
It's all my alcoholic daddy's collection,HAHAHAHA :D

Got myself another cake cause the previous one is too nice
I don't wanna damage it just like that.. HAHAHA :D
I'm her lil princess :) muackss!

All my love,my family :)
Thanks for the red packet and the liquor aunty and uncle  
The collection.
My family love to drink very much,so do me. HAHAHA

Wish i could keep this customize cake FOREVER,LOL


I'm grateful to have all of them in my life!
Lucky to have so much love from them 
I'm one happy girl :)

Appreciate  ♥ Love  ♥ 

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