Farewell ✈

27 September 2012

I really wanted to share my excited of getting a new camera. But too bad i'm still not familiar with the function and all. 
So, last night photo is a bit off. Forgive me for that. Hahahahahahaha
Sending off this lil boy last night at KLIA international airport. He's going to UK for his studies.
What a long long long flight. I wish i could follow,i wanna go shopping there so badly. LOL!
Bye bye Hanpin,don't cry. Hahaha
 Sweetie Vanessa 
Stitch Paranoid,so so so so cute. I think this is cuter than my Hello Kitty film. LOL!

 Group picture of us ♥ Are you proud now? hahahaha

 The instagram addict 

Good Bye Bro! you will be missed. Now you know i'm not cold blood and heartless.
Take good care of yourself in UK,hope you have fun there ! 
See ya 

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