Ladies Night

23 October 2012

Finally get to meet all my girls last Friday night. It's been a while we didn't catch up with each others. Actually,we planned dress up nicely and chill at Marini but ended up changed to Remedy,Scott Garden. *sad* Btw,It's my first time been there. It's more likely a club,not a place to chill thou. LOL. 
Photo sessions is a MUST! Girls love taking picture! Am so happy to see them,my long lost friends.
Alright, Let's the picture complete my blog post........ :D
 Joey,Yvonne,Jac and me 
 *daaaaa dangggggg*

 My pretty babes Lily and Jac 
 Darling Jacquelinebii 
We drink,we talk,we laugh together. Enjoy every moment spending with my loves one. 
We should come out more often girls. It's time to Plan plan PLAN! 
Ps: i wanna go Marini so badly.......... hehehehehehe :D
 Same pose candid 
Love Love Love you all ❤ xoxo

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