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20 October 2012

This time,i'm not a model anymore. I'm the photographer of the DAY! *laugh out loud*
I organized a shooting sessions with my bf and his cousin. Woke up at 6am and prepare for the shoot.
Can you feel how Semangat am i? Hehehehe! Actually the shooting is at 8am,just wake up earlier to avoid jam. The location is at Kampung Baru Subang if i'm not mistaken.

Look at the beautiful weather. This is original photo from my SONY NEX,no filter.
I'm in love with the nature,in love with the BLUE BLUE SKY.But i don't like sun,so unfriendly,he always got me sun burned. I'm tanned enough,please stay away from me.HAHAHAHA :D
 Loooook at the beautiful scene. 'so twilight' LMAO!
 I look more likely a make up artist am i? carrying this and that like a maria..hahahaha :D
 Some behind the scene,ignore the highway please. HAHA!

 Thank you my model Vanessa. She's good at posing and a very good fashion sense
 Just like a vintage doll ♥ Glad to had her as my model.

 Overall,i'm satisfy all with my photo. At least i got some favorite shoot. hehehehe
Can't wait for next photo shooting,i wanna do studio shoot next time! 
Who wanna be my model? :D
And i'm so happy today! Guess what? i got a new camera AGAIN!! LOL LOL LOL!!
Will do a review about it! So stay tuned :D

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