[ADV] Meet my BABY G ❤

24 December 2012

Well,the world never ends. I'm glad that i'm still alive and the world still exists! HAHAHAHAH!!
Guess what? Only one more day and Christmas will be here! Is everyone ready?

I'm sorry for not having blogged in a while, been busy with OUTING lately ! I never plan for Christmas because i don't really celebrate it. Maybe a simple dinner and chilling with friends will do. 
A lot has happened and I'll post some pictures a write a lil bit for you all.
*spot my new BABY G watches ?* hehehehehehe :D
Me & my friend had a long long holidays break! So we planned for outing few times a week.
Publika is one of our favorite spot to hang out ❤Cam-whore in the car while the driver is busy driving.
 Had our dinner at The Social,Publika. 
Cam-whore with my most annoying friend Carvian, secondary school life is boring without her.
Food #1
 My Dinner,Food #2
Food #3
Picture time with my BFF Amily & JaniceLife is better with friends. I love you all 
Our conversations never ends, so much topic to talk about when we gather. LOL!
#Take 1
 # Take 2
 # Take 3
Top from H&M
* Bottom from Cotton On
* Baby G Watches (BGD-140-1B)
* Burberry Tote.
* Vincci Shade 
Love my early present from the SANTA so much ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
Always wanted to have a Baby G watches and i finally have it ! Thanks to MHB & Baby G 

 For more info,visit their page at -https://www.facebook.com/CasioTimepieceMalaysia

Follow my twitter & instagram at - karenkh0 

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!! 
❤ xoxo 


  1. I ALSO have one baby G watches...Colour white^^

    1. Oh really? i like white color too. planning to get a white one :P