Party Hard ❤

21 December 2012

Not to say that i'm a party queen, but i'm a party person. I love partyyyyy, enjoying, drinking, dancing, taking pictures with my babes. That's the reason why you always see my face appears in zouk. HAHAHA! Actually, i wanted to staying in last Friday but end up..........VELVET again... *failed*

Glad to meet up all my ladies that night.
 Nicole,QinEn, Lily,Yours Truly,Liza & Jac
 My companion for all the parties for this month,AMILY!  & Jacbii 
 Bumped into another familiar face, knew her since i was fifteen! How time flies,VickyLeng

Hmmmmmmmm...Definitely not my idea,Is Amily's. I'm suppose to stay at home. But she kidnapped me out for party. HAHAHAHA. My self-control is bad, can't stay home on a Saturday night. It is so crowded that night, reached there at 2am but still seeing a lot of people queuing at the entrance o.0
Guess everyone is grabbing their opportunities to party hard before the world ends. LOL!!
 Nicole, Katherine, Joy & Yours Truly, Moet is love! 
See who's there? My love JANE SCHWAN! 

 My outfits of the night. 
Love my new dress, from, Visit their Page at- Su-estilo

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Btw,21st is here. * Hopefully it's not end of the world*


  1. Jane Schwan clubbing?????????? Must be the end of the world...