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5 January 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! How's your new year so far? 
Finally 2012 is over, I had a great new year eve with all my loves one. 
I'm kinda excited with this new year! Hopefully 2013 is good to everyone ♥
I've received a few present last year, really love all the gift so much!
First of all, let me introduce you all something cute i've received last month - My fluffy pink bunny 
*guess guess guess what's this for ? *
Daaaa danggggggg ! Yesss, it's a camera bag!! Specially customized for my Samsung NX1000.
Every inner contain 5 layer compress cotton to ensure it provide the best protection for your camera.
& There's a same series design camera strap for every pouch you choose. 
You can purchase it together with your camera pouch or purchase only the pouch.
 I've finally got my Samsung NX1000 a protection camera bag :)
so so so so cute right? 
Every camera pouch is handmade and customize according to your camera size ♥
If you are interested to get one for your camera, provide them your camera model and the lens length (eg: Canon 600D, 18-135) and it takes 2-3 weeks for customization. 

There are still a lot of different design, you can visit ...


Visit their page at - http://www.facebook.com/yourlicious

 Go get one for your camera now! ♥

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