Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

7 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year in advance people! Sorry that i've neglect my blog for a week. I just got back from my crazy shopping trip in Bangkok. Bangkok is one of my favorite place to visit. It's such a shopping paradise i would say. For me, shopping can heal everything. Crazy shopping for few days in Bangkok is really AWESOME! i wish i could stay there... FOREVER! hahahahaha :D

Chatuchak(Jatujak) is one of the hotspot in Bangkok. This is definitely one of the must-see destinations in Bangkok, the largest weekend markets. Chatuchak covers area of 27 Acres that separated into 27 zones, contains more than 15,000 booths selling everything you can think of. Chatuchak Weekend Market open on weekend from early 8am until 6pm. Suggest you all to go at 9 or 10am cause there's still a lot of stalk haven't open at 8am. 
Chatuchak is really HUGE, remember to take a map from the information counter. It was huge and the market was divided into sections. Shopping and exploring Chatuchak is like a treasure hunt. The place is filled with tons of things you expect and least expect. It's a great place to spend half a day shopping.
Always remember to wear something comfy when you're there because the weather is really HOT in the afternoon. Please bring a shopping bag for shopping because it's easier to carry. I didn't take much photos that day because the weather is really hot and i'm too busy with shopping, hehehe :D
 This is how the market looks like.
 Fancy fancy shade for only 80 baht !! Damn cheap! 
This is our lunch, the local thai food. Don't know what's the name of the food but it tastes good! haha!
* It's sour and spicy like tom yam* MY FAVORITE :P
 Lamb with onion and veggie, a bit sour for me. 
 Fried shrimp, and i don't know what they call that. *mini egg* ? hahaha
 Somehow, this is a mushroom soup but not western style. LOL
And this is Bangkok’s very famous coconut ice-cream . If you love ice-cream, you can’t afford to miss this. It’s there in almost every other road side stall on every other lane.
Why am i wearing a hair band? because i'm having bad hair day. My fringe look sux that day and forgot to bring hair dyer. Guess what? The hair band is only 18 baht!!! LOL!
Lastly, it's my OOTD. 
Unicorn Top, High waist Bottom, Hair Band from Chatuchak market, Studded sling bag, fitflop, Black color Baby G watch (BDG-140-1), studded bracelet.

For more info for the Baby-G,visit their page at -
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That's all for this post, will blog about others place that i've visited in Bangkok! 
Stay tuned :)