Valentine's Day #Glamtags

14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Is Valentines Day is only for those who are in-love or for lovers? For me, its not; Valentines Day for me is only an ordinary day; Everyday for me is Valentines. It is a love for family and friends. Don't expect too much on Valentine's day. It's always better to feel surprised than disappointment. LOL!  

Well, i'm actually here to blog about the gift i've received last month from #Glamtags 
Guess what's inside the gift box? It's a customize name necklace. 
 1# while i'm wearing my necklace to MPA annual dinner last month.
 It's white & gold for that night. 
Dresses from, necklace from Glamtags & accessories from Forever 21.
The necklace is made of 100% Genuine 925 Sterling Silver. The quality is really good. You can have an option of 18K White Gold / Yellow / Rose Gold plating for only an additional RM20. You can also choose your own favorite font a icon to match the necklace. 
Visit their blogshop for reference.
 *we all can have our own customize necklace already* YAY!
Besides name necklace, they do have others too..
For more details, please visit their Facebook page at or visit their  blogshop at 

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