A balance DIET

22 March 2013

Hi readers!! Thank you for all the responds from you guys that supported me and wanted to know more about healthier lifestyle. It's my first time getting so much responds from my readers. I'm so touched and excited! 
*jump with joy* HAHAHAHAHAHA! I just can't wait to tell you guys more about fitness. 

But before I start my topic today, I would like to say that I'm not a professional in fitness, I'm just trying to give some fitness and health knowledge to you all, hope you guys can have better understanding about it. After all, GOOGLE is the best teacher that can help you to get most of your answers you wanted to know, and I'm trying to filter up all my research to you all and hopefully it helps .
*please pay attention on my efforts* it takes me quite some time to filter it up.....hehehe :D

I know...I know...I know some of you think that it's unnecessary to workout. But i need you all to understand.... it is really important to maintain our health! I really think that living a healthy lifestyle is something that ALL WOMAN should aspire to in the form of having a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. More than just looking good, spending money on Botox, nose job, boobs job, plastic surgery and keeping unhealthily thin...

Girls, If you can spent so much money, time and efforts on your pretty face, why not spending some on your health? Please  you body, it's the only one you got!  LOL!
Well, actually......i don't think i'm fat.. but i'm chubby... *chubby is still fat* LOL!
What i don't like about myself? Hmm..i really hate my beer tummy and my chubby arm...etc.......
BUT!! Life is too short to waste it hating your body. am i right? SO I MUST DO SOMETHING!
I might not wanna be a super model, but I did ask myself to BE BETTER, and here i am.. fighting for what i want... instead of just complaining... *say goodbye to my unhealthy lifestyle*


Yes yes yes, i know the first step is always the hardest.
but i can promise you... You'll never regret it ! 

The most important thing is to get started and don’t be discouraged if things go off track. Being lazy is just a state of mind, taking action helps change this stupid mindset. Being more rather than less active will have a positive affect on mind and body. Say goodbye to the lazy girl and start moving.
Alright, let's go back to my MAIN topic. 

Today I'm gonna blog about basic diet planning. When we come to diet, means food!
And ladies have a typical mindset... which is FOOD = FATS!
Especially when we live in MALAYSIA. It's hard to avoid it when you saw nice food anywhere.
BAK KU TEH, NASI LEMAK, FRIED KUIHTEOW, and all kinda spicy foods are my favorite.
But before bringing those into my stomach, you need to understand....
Fats come from the diet provides more calories than your body needs for general functions and physical activities.

In my diet plan, the main thing I concern about is Calories intake.
And i know most of the people out there do not have a proper knowledge about how much calories need for themselves and how to divide it to three meals a day. Of course one of the way is as simple as in you can consult a nutritionist or a pro' diet planner. But for people who are lazy like me, read my blog...I will share more about my tips! hahahah :D

For a normal female student or working(office) age 20-25, not exercising at all. Your daily calories needed around 1400 - 1500 to maintain your daily activities and your weight. If you wanna cut off your weight by just using diet plan, yes you may try cutting it to 900 calories per day. But it takes quite some time to cut off weight, for long term weight loss you have to expend around 4000 calories just to lose 1 pound of fat!!

For me, I'm 22y/o, 163cm, weight 48kg, exercise 4-5 days a week, daily needed around 1800 calories.
To loss weight, 900 - 1200 calories.
Nasi Lemak(without fried chicken!) is around 450-600 calories.

Now you know how much of calories putting in to your body and does your body really needs it.
Always remember is all about a balance diet for a healthy life.
DO NOT cut off too much of calories or fasting because it will cause your metabolism rate become slower. Bare in mind!!!  "Stop eating will not cutting off fat!" it will only makes your metabolism slow. Slow metabolic rate = easy get fats & It's NOT healthy!  So, remember to eat on time alright :)

Lastly, what I did to my diet "routine". I split it to 4 meals a day.
Breakfast, pre-workout Lunch, post-workout Lunch, Dinner 
For breakfast, is important for you to give the best nutritions you can to your body to absorb it.

This is what i have :


Set A- Low fat Flakes with milk + 2 intake of fruits or vege (apple, kiwi, tomato) (170-200 kcal)
Set B- 1 or 2 slice wheat bread with tuna + juices 250ml (carrot + lemon + apple + orange) (< 220kcal)

Pre-workout lunch you need energy and proteins to give you some strength to workout, so normally I drink 1-2scoops of soya protein shakes.

Post-workout lunch, is where your body can absorb lots of fluid and you need to keep yourself hydrated. Usually I take steam broccoli/baby corn/red and green pepper chillies + eggs + mushroom + fruit juices (350ml)

Dinner, if you are not having a heavy meal after workout, now is the time for you to fill up some foods.
But not too late to have your dinner if you're planning to eat slightly heavy.
Currently my best choice is Kenny Roger's 1/4 Chicken with 2-3side dishes. (< 450kcal)
remember, DO NOT SLEEP RIGHT AFTER MEAL, stay awake for 2 hours after eating.

Alright, That's all for today. I will blog about the nutrition of my meal and some diet food recipe soon.
So...Stay tuned alright.. i will try my best to publish it ASAP  :)

Dear readers, will appreciate if you drop me your comments and tell me what do you think..or what you interested to know about... Hope you enjoy reading my blog, Have a nice day! xoxo 


  1. Like your post!!! Waiting for new post...about lunch perhaps..Teehee^^

    1. Thank you my dear !! Thanks for reading :)
      You mean healthy lunch? Alright, will blog about the details part soon.

    2. Sweetie, May I know other selection diet meal for lunch? cause I'm working in office, and my canteen food mostly is oily and spicy malay food. How if I consume cereal with fruits?? will be alright??

    3. Yea sure! You can prepare your own lunch box.
      Some wheat bread sandwich, salad with egg white/ham.
      More veggie would be good. Cereal is actually fat too, you can have fruits.

  2. Admire girls who actually workout to keep fit instead of skipping meals :D Cheers!

  3. i alwayys thought dat working out is way more important den skipping meals. Eat all we want when we are still young!

  4. Ya! But eat healthy.. hehe :D

  5. Hi how about normal male student? How much do i need for 1 day? IF i reduce or cut food , Am I able to study well? may be body doesn't have enough energy if i dun eat. :P I found that i m getting fat day by day. body weight 153 pounds, 180 cm average student. what do u recommend? dun tell me to consult nutritionist or doctor as i dun have time. :D

  6. if you having around 2000-2200 kcal intake per day, is ok for you to maintain your weight, cutting calories to daily 1500kcal per day can help you cut off some weight(maintain it). I'm not asking people around to reduce or cut food, just try to eat well and better. Wheat bread, brown rice, low fat milk and cheese, high fiber veggie, and cut off chips will help. Just do some squatting, sit ups and push ups at home can also help you to increase your metabolism rate. And for a student, when it comes to final or assignments, sometimes you might need to have supper to help you continue your work, I suggest not to have high calories food, you can have a huge cup of blended juice without sugar if you are really that hungry HAHAHAHA.

  7. i love to read your blog girl~

  8. Hi karen :) i'm not a regular reader here. just wanna let you know i like your post and i like your initiative to workout and introduce the goodness of having good and balance lifestyle but i believe it would be great to add in some words about BMI where it serve as one of the best indicator if that person is underweight/overweight or just fine.

    Beside that just for your information, to reduce weight in long term, it's important to reduce 500kcal a day with a combination of exercise and energy intake consumption (judith E.brown)

    The concept of reduce and maintaining weight is based on Health Believe Model *if you have time to read.

    Lastly, blended juice doesn't really help in suppressing one's appetite or maybe supper because it remove the essential fibers which help in constipation, cholesterol and etc. juice would only spike up the Glycemic index in blood sugar.

    best of luck on promoting about healthy lifestyle.

    Hayden Chan

    1. Hey hayden, Thank you for your advice. I will do more studies about BMI and so on :)

  9. Hi Karen, can you post more about healthy food recipe?
    would like to know more about that.

  10. Hi, Karen. May I know what meal plan you will suggest if after and before workout for dinner time? Usually I just take cereal and fruit during lunch time, because the food that provided at my staff canteen is oily and spicy. So may I know the suggestion from you?? How about take a set of Subway for dinner time? SOrry for trouble you :)

    1. You can have subway as lunch. Dinner i will suggest you to eat salad/fruits.
      Before workout, you can eat banana, egg white and tuna wheat bread.
      Try to eat something light and high fiber after workout.

  11. Usually i eat want to,i didnt purposly cut down my meal..and i try to add more vege to my meals tho..
    i'm a very lazy person to do workout on my own at home,i did not know whether my posture during doing work out is right or not,so normally,i just go for yoga class twice a weeek.

    by W