Amily's Birthday Dinner

14 March 2013

The Birthday Girl - Amily Lee
"As we grow up, we don't lose friends, we just learn who the real ones are." ..
After the day we graduated from high school, the time past faster than i expected. My high school life was like just happened yesterday every time i thought of it. Sometimes, i really can't accept that i'm already 22y/o right now. We are all flying apart individually for our future, had our own life individually.We used to have bigger gang of friends, but i've no idea what happened between us and everything seems like changing on and on. But it's fine, i appreciate what i've got here ;)

I'm glad i have some real friends in my life. Thanks for the company when i'm down, thanks for being understanding my friend, Thanks for partying with me ALL DAY ALL NIGHT! 
Happy Belated Birthday to you once again Amily Lee! HA HA HA!
Amily, you are officially twenty-two right now, are you happy? hehehehe! :P

The Birthday girl choose an Italian restaurant for dinner, Nerofico. It's located at Damansara Height, inside Wisma Perintis. It's really simple from the outside, but the inside is quite okay... But it's a lil  quiet in there. I think it is only suitable for couple, we are too noisy for that place....LOL! 

The romantic setting. 
The environment is just normal, i prefer some with nice views. 
But it is a relaxing place to dine in and if you are a fans of Jazz, you will love this place. 
There are live band performance at night. Don't missed it if you like good music...

The food is a bit cosy, and there are not much choices...
Carre di agnello al forno (RM70)
oven baked lamb rack, butter spinach, raisins, roasted pine nuts, green olives, lamb gravy
Spaghetti mediterranean (RM40)
spaghetti, tiger prawn, pumpkin, cherry tomato white wine sauce
I ordered homemade paste. Seriously don't like it, doesn't taste good and the portion is really small..
Tagliatelle alla bolognese (RM 35), Homemade tagliatelle, meat base sauce, red wine, tomato sauce grana padano
Pizza Quattro Stagioni (RM32) was a pizza with four toppings in each quarter; turkey ham, beef pepperoni, mushrooms and artichoke. The pizza crust was thin, crispy and crusty.
Customize birthday cake for the birthday girl. 
People always ask why do girls love taking photos so much. There's no w-h-y, we just love it! 
Love taking all the memorable moment down. hehehehe :D

All my pretty babes, Ee hon,Janice, Amily & Yuki
My new pose, since i can't do "peace"....Hmmmm....
I hate wearing dress these days, feeling so uncomfortable with dress...
I think i should change my style to something more boyish.. HAHA! \m/
I'm really glad i had you all in my life, my dear friends. \m/ YO!! \m/
A photo with the birthday girl is a M-U-S-T !! 
Last but not least, A photo of the birthday girl with the present i gave. Hopefully she'll like it! :D
After dinner, we drove to Velvet for after party. 
Had a great night with my girls. Love you all ;)

Wisma Perintis (Ground Floor)
47, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights

03 2089 5312
Opens: 10am–12am (Daily); 6pm–12am (Saturday)
Their website -


  1. Hi, may i know where do you get your blue dress from?