The Journey of my trouble skin

6 March 2013

Yes, I'm sad to say that i had bad acne problem for these two years. The feeling is terrible, i really wanted to suicide last time when i saw a lot of pimples popping out from my face...i can't sleep well at night...i lost all my self-confident....i became very anti-social...I became very very emo...because of my skin..*really* It's the worst feeling ever....

Sometimes, i really don't understand why do i need to experience all this, why can't i have beautiful skin like others? why can't i have flawless skin? Why is my skin like that? why this why that.....
I think it's really unfair, it's okay to be not pretty, but why makes me uglier... Hmmm...
长得不漂亮就算了,为什么要这样折磨我的脸啊啊 *you won't understand till it happens on you*

You know what, I use foundation and compact powder to cover my scars and red spot all the time. Foundation truly is a life saver for when you have bad skin. Last time was even worst, i need to put concealer, now it's better...i'm trying not to make my make-up so thick. I'm really tired of putting on make-up to cover my flaws....Putting on make-up and removing make-up is one of the most annoying task. I wish i can go out with my nude face too..

Yes, I know that applying make-up to cover acne is never a solution. So now i'm trying hard to cure it..
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, *i'm being really honest now*..posting some ugly picture of mine..
Took this picture few months ago..
I am not going to lie, you can still see my skin texture looking terrible here although i put my make-up on. *tsk tsk* My skin looks really dry and you can still see acne and scars on my skin...
I bet you never see my real skin before. Yes, it's that terrible when the make-up is off. I really wanna get rid of these ugly red acne marks. No girls want to go out with acne marks on their face. 
*sorry if i scare you off* 我也不想的 hahahahahahahaha
I honestly don't know what the hell is going on with my face. I did went for facial but it's still the same, there are still breakouts. Maybe is my health problem or maybe is my skin care.. i don't know.. Acne is caused by a combination of factors. A lot of friends gave me some basic advice about my skin, but it doesn't helps. 

You know what, the majority of acne sufferers who simply jump in and try different products often find themselves frustrated after a while with acne treatments that simply don’t work as advertised. I'm one of the victim, spending thousand on my skin but still the same. Until a friend of mine, Jane introduced me a Skin specialist - The DRx Clinic. My acne isn't improving and seems to be worsening, so i decided to contact the doctor. It's no point to spent so much money on my face but still getting no results. The best acne treatment is to consulted doctors. I'm now using their products. Now, i've ditched all my skin products and started to use what doctor Jason recommend me. 

Here's my skincare routine.. 
#1 Foaming Cleanser 
One of the most important parts of a beauty routine is the cleanser. Having a good cleanser is extremely important because it cleans your face before and after applying makeup in both the morning and night. I would easily recommend this product to anyone with blemish issues or oily skin.

#2 Toner 
When it comes to using a toner on your face, many are not sure if this step is truly necessary. Some experts say it’s an important step to add to your skincare routine, others say it’s not important. I think it is necessary because toner is defined as an astringent that is used after washing your face and minimizes the appearance of pores. This is an alcohol-free toner, it refreshes skin without stripping its natural moisturizers

#3 CF which is Comedone Formla, It's a natural formulation containing botanical extracts which reduces the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes. 

#4 BF which is a Blemish Formula, is also a all-natural formulation to control and reduce the occurrence of blemishes and break-outs without any side-effects. It controls the production of excessive sebum and helps to soothe irritated skin. 

I only apply a small amount of this on my problem areas. I had a lot of blemishes around my lips, and it's really annoying. I love this product because it helps to reduces the size and number of my blemishes.
#5 Max- C, is a potent anti-oxidant formula based on the highest possible stable concentration of Vitamin C. It counteracts free radicals, encourages collagen and elastin production to control the adverse effects of photo-damage, including wrinkling, sagging and other symptoms of premature skin aging. 

#6 Hydrator, is a light moisturizing formula that moisturizes, conditions and nourishes the skin to keep it supple, firm and smooth, while protecting collagen from being broken down. 

The Hydrator is very light, non-sticky, It hydrates and protects the skin without causing congestion and soothes and improves its texture. Finally, i found a moisturizer that moisturizes but doesn't leave a greasy or shiny finish on my skin. My skin feel really comfy after applying it.. it helps to cool off my skin a lil when it's red and pain...
Here's how the texture of the C and the Hydrator. 
It's a Gel type, it's non-sticky and comfortable after applying as i mentioned earlier. 
#7 Sunblock, SPF 30+ is an advanced water and sweat-resistant formulation made from essential ingredients based on liposomal nanotechnology, delivering prolonged broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays.

Sunscreen is really important for us.  It prevents premature wrinkles, reduces the chances of getting sun spots and hyperpigmentation and is a must for the sake of your health. Of all the categories of skin care products, sunscreens are the most likely to cause negative skin reactions on the skin. But i like this one...It’s chemical-free, won’t clog the pores, offers excellent UV protection and never leaves the skin feeling greasy. 
 #8 Anti-Blemish Mask, is an intensive corrective mask for oily, congested and blemish-prone skin. It removes excess oil, exfoliates, cleanses pores, clears blackheads and whiteheads and helps to control further breakouts and blemishes. This formulation also contains ingredients that soothes and calms the skin and may be used as spot treatment for breakouts. 

If there is one thing that I hate about  is when it turns oily and shiny. This is the texture of the Mask. A soothing clay-based mask that helps heal blemishes, prevent breakouts and keep skin shine-free. Leave it on your skin for 1 hour, skin looks clearer, smoother, less blemish-troubled. Oil-Free.

Besides that, doctor suggest me to take medicine to control my breakouts too. Medicines can help manage the severity and frequency of acne outbreaks. I actually did research about this medicine too, it's for acne treatment which helps to kills bacteria, reducing the amount of skin oil and reducing the effects of hormones in producing acne. After consume the medicine for two weeks, i realized the number and the size of the blemishes reduces. 

I'm blogging about this because my skin is really improving now. 
I really wanted to thanks them and i put my trust on them....hahaha :D

Do you avoid social situations because of your skin? Do you feel depressed like me? If you feel like your acne is adversely affecting your life or self-esteem, please talk with your doctor. He/she will have treatment options available that can not only improve your skin, but also help you deal with the feelings of frustration and despair that can come along with acne.

Consult the doctor, it's not always easy to know whether your acne is simple passing phase while can be easily controlled, or something which needs serious intervention before it's too late. Doctor will tell you what you individual needs. Don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you had any question.

Looks for Dr.Jason. Mention my name - and you can have free consultation.

For more info, visit their Facebook page at -
For appointment, you can contact 03-6201 3088

The DRx Clinic
N-1-1 Plaza Damas,
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Their official website at -


  1. Thanks for the information. and stay pretty.

  2. How much did they charge you?

    1. U mean medicine or skin care?

    2. Hmm, because I am not from a financially stable family therefore working and saving money myself; suffering a similar however worst condition as you that's why would like to know how much does the medicine as well as the treatment you picked up cost respectively?

    3. Hi, can you inbox me in Facebook or email me?

  3. my godness.....very horrible @.@

  4. how much it cost you, total? until ur skin got better like now.

  5. 脸颊生痘痘是因为荷尔蒙失调~这些是因为不规律的生活习惯造成的。想要和你分享的就是那么年轻就不那么需要喝collagen这些之类的,因为你的身体会懒得制造。。其实啊,身体只需要 蛋白质+vitamin C 就会自己制造collagen供应身体了 =]

    1. 其实之前也试过吃调荷尔蒙的药,可是没有好转。

      我会注意的,谢谢你的意见 :)

  6. 因为我之前也跟你一样,满脸痘痘,下半身发胖,因为荷尔蒙失调~运动也帮不了~
    你记得我是谁吗?我们见过面在scott garden的beer fac..那时你跟vien..然后我lily&meggie过去你那张台~^^

    1. 真的吗? 怎样?


    2. 真的~我是用营养在35天内调回来得。没错的话你也是下半身水肿吧..

  7. Dear Karen,

    Hi Karen, first off i wana say this, im a fan and i think ur incredibly gorgeous !! ok now that i got that out of the way, i liked ur article on skin care, and im truly sorry that u had to go thru the trauma of having acne, i totally understand how you feel as i had my fair share of skin troubles as well, the feeling is ... well ... TERRIBLE.
    Anyway, i had spent many years and not to mention $$ as well in finding the solution to acne, and after many failures and disappointment, i finally found the answer, first of all, when it comes to our skin, we should always and i cant stress enough, we MUST look for certified DERMATOLOGIST, and as far i know, certified dermatologist can only get their approvals from the USA dermatologist academy (i might be mistaken). And secondly as widely agreed by all dermatologists and acne victims as well, the best solution to killing acne right now is the drug known as RO-ACCUTANE, its simply a wonder drug and help me regain my confidence, unlike other drugs which i tried, it does not work by killing the acne bacteria directly, because, acne bacteria will eventually become resistant to the drug thats trying to kill it. So instead RO-ACCUTANE works by killing it INDIRECTLY, by blocking out the food supply to the acne bacteria. The drug will reduce our sweat gland on our face thus eventually blocking out the food supplies to the acne bacteria, so after a while the bacteria will eventually die off completely. Hey!! it worked for me !! ;-P and if anyone is wondering i went to the clinic LACO in Puchong.
    Dermatologists will most likely prescribed a 6 months supply to most patients. I do have some acne scars after my acne died off, so i resorted to laser treatment, so im pretty satisfied with my skin now, but im also lucky coz im a guy, LOL.
    Anyway, sorry if my long comment bore u guys, i just wana share with everyone what i found out, and i hope this comment will help some of u guys out there. And lastly Karen, i just wan you to know from a fan(ME!) point of view, you are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS !! stay pretty and good luck in all your future undertakings yea

    1. Thanks for your concern. i really appreciate that :)

    2. i having roaccutane for the 2nd month,it gets better now thank god!! i went to dr.ranjit at ss15 u shoud try to visit him!!

  8. Hi, how much do your spent altogether exclusive of the consultation. I wanted to try that clinic too but i scare it might be too costly . I'm still student dont have any income so ya.

  9. Don't worry, it wont be too costly. The skin care price range is from 90-300 if not mistaken.
    And the consultant fee is free for the first time. Can have a try :)

  10. Can you post a pic of after improving? Does your scar totally clear?

  11. Hi, can i know how much does the whole set of skin care cost ? would very much appreciate it. Thanks.

  12. If you have trouble with your tummy, u might have trouble with acne too. Try drinking green apple juice XD its awesome.

  13. Hi girl, can i know how long does it take to recover?

  14. Hi Karen,

    we would like to request for product review. Are you available?

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