A Wêt Thai Food, Kayu Ara

30 April 2013

Alright, it's time for some delicious food post! A friend of mine introduced me A Wet Thai Food, which is located at Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya.. I'm a big fans of Thai food, i love spicy food so much!! 
I know it's not that good for health when someone's on diet, but once a while is ok... for ME....
It's been some time I didn't have heavy cheat day, wanna boost up my metabolic-rate.
This makes me feel better. hehehehehe :D

* i started to miss Bangkok already, can't wait for August* 

Me & my friends went to visited this thai restaurant few days ago. 
Some photos of the environment of the restaurant. *sawadeeeka*
The Menu, i've visited their branch at Cheras.. but i think this branch had different menu. 
They have more choices of food. I wish i can order all of them and try one by one.. *if it's FREE* lol
Another picture of the environment, there are indoor and outdoor. Prefer sitting outdoor because the "feels" is better than inside. LOL! It's quite comfy sitting outside, open air is good for me, not that cold and when is that crowded inside, is hard to chit-chat with my buddies.....
Thai BBQ Combo (RM48) as it has a combination of prawns, lambs, chicken wings and squids. It comes with a special thai chili sauce and a salads. Each of the meat were delicious, glad that we ordered a combo. Best part was they have perfected the art of grilling squid as the squid remained tender, otherwise it would turn into rubber sheets! I love the grilled lamb the most, well-grilled and taste really good!
Thai Fried Paku (RM15) which is typical Thai style of sambal friend paku. Nothing special with this, just a normal fried veggie with a lots a lots a lots of sambal on it.. LOL!! And the price is a bit high for this plate of veggie...
Green Curry Chicken (RM10), I'm not a fans of green curry.. but this is pretty good. The spices smell good and taste nice, not too creamy. So far, this is the best Green Curry i ever had. hehehe :D

It's around 350 kcal per serving. 
White Tom Yam Seafood Soup (RM10) This is a white Tom Yam, i'm not sure what's the different with normal Tom Yam. I ordered this because it's "white" Tom Yam, sounds special to me.. so i'm wondering what does it tastes. HAHAHA. Apparently, its never disappoint me, it's nice!! Not too spicy, and it's quite sour.. I like the combinations. Add on, there's a lot of ingredients inside the soup. There are shrimp, squid, mushroom, tomatoes etc.... RM 10 is definitely worth the price. 

A bowl of Tom Yam soup is around 200-300 kcal. 
Pineapple Fried Rice (RM20) Don't really like this, doesn't tastes like pineapple fried rice at all. Tastes like curry powder fried rice.. LOL!
Sambal fried shrimp and Petai (RM22).... Petai definitely my all time favorite!!! And when it mix with Sambal Belacan, I just can't stop myself from eating it!! Taste real good. Love this so much.
Grilled Cockles (RM10) This is MY FAVORITE FOOD too. *hahahahahaha. i had so many favorite food* It's so tasty especially if dipped with spicy Thai Chili sauce. Unlike the ordinary boiled cockles, this is quite special when it's grilled to black on the outside and not losing the moisture inside.
I can finish this whole plate by myself if no one stops me! I dare you! :D

It's around 250 kcal. Each 100 grams have 80 kcal.
Fried glass vermicelli (RM10) tastes a lil 'wet' ... i expect it to be more dry because it's fried.. But the tastes is quite ok, need to add some spiciness into it.. hehehe.. And I had about half of these to replace rice. As I know 1 full plate of glass noodles is around 250-280kcal. So half of it did ok for me :D
We ordered TOO MUCH of food for that night because there are only four of us. BUT, can't believe that FOUR of us finished everything!! *we are hungry monster* ROARRRRRRRRRRR!!!

I felt guilty in the same time, because it is another HEAVY CHEAT DAY for me. The word "cardio" keeps on running in my mind so that i can feel a little bit guilt-free HAHAHAHA!! I really did a 50minutes cardio the second day after this sinful dinner... lollll...... :P
Conclusion of this meal, it looks colorful, but not spicy enough for me, but it tastes amazingly delicious. Sweet, sour, spicy is all included in this meal ! Alright, I rate this 7/10 for the food.

It cost us RM 160 plus plus for the dinner. *don't remember the exact amount*
Well, I suggest you all to bring more friends so that you can order more different dishes :D 
Here's the address for this branch :

A Wet Thai
Lot 13544, Jln Cempaka
Kampung Kayu Ara,
47400 Petaling Jaya


  1. Ughhhh I love cockles too and this is just too tempting! But there were also rumors stating that females shouldn't eat too much cockles and sour food too. Lol but I don't care and eat them cuz they're my favorite food HAHA. Thanks for sharing! :D

    Celyx Lim

  2. Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing :)