You are not lazy at all

23 April 2013

Hello, i'm here to make motivate YOU again! hahaha. It's time to get out from your comfort zone!
Get moving! Go to exercise,Go to workout...You will enjoy it more than you think! *seriously*

Let's change your lifestyle and enjoy the pleasures of physical fitness.You may think of yourself are lazy, but you will want to keep up your fitness activities once you experience how much better you can feel after exercising. Even on those days that you are so tired from school or work, twenty to thirty minutes of exercise will boost your energy level and improve your outlook. *really*

Willing to give it a try?

Here are few basic "rules" to help you discover the joys of fitness:

1) Choose a physical activity that you enjoy.Walking, cycling, swimming, doing aerobics, dancing,skating,lifting weights, hiking,are all good activities. Perhaps yoga.

2) Find a "buddy" to make this beginning more fun for you. After you experience the pleasures of feeling fit, you won't want to give it up. Even people who normally like solitary pursuits have reported that having a buddy helped them establish a routine. Share your successes.

3) Learn more about your activity in order to improve your form.

4) Give yourself time to acquire the skills needed for the activity.

5) Participate in your activities 3-4 times per week. After you experience the pleasures of feeling fit, you won't want to give it up. Set a goal too!

You might find out that you are not lazy at all!
Maybe you simply haven't found the activity to interest and challenge yourself.
If you think you are lazy because you can't motivate yourself to do housework, then maybe it is time to realize that most people have trouble getting interested in things they don't enjoy. So, find an activity you can enjoy and can engage in 2-3 times per week for at least thirty minutes...even if you start with fifteen minutes.

Give yourself the chance to enjoy a lifestyle that includes time for fitness. Your will get your hot hot body soon if you work hard *wink* Slowly, you will want to improve and maintain your fitness level because you will see how much it adds to your health, your appearance, and your outlook on life. Trust me, because I experienced it before, and I'm really enjoying my routine until I reach some point I actually hate rest day to rest my body for not doing anything. HAHAHAHA It might seems like I'm crazy about fitness, but once you started, I think you'll experience the same like what I did!

It feels really amazing when you look at the mirror and you find out that your body toning up day by day, week by week. You can wear whatever you wanna wear, you will not regret about this. You will gain your self-confidence. You will feels like you trying out all kinda different  cloth that you not dare to wear last time. 

Trust me, when you see the changes, you will be really really proud of yourself.

Ladies, exercise for us might sounds like it's not easy, but is NOT impossible either, step out and set a goal for yourself. KEEP GOING and BE A BETTER YOU! 

Somehow we only live once, so why not live the best of it ?


  1. U r just too.. ♡.♡

  2. Hey girl, thanks for all the inspiring posts!
    I saw your previous post, you are doing a good job, keep it up!


    1. You're welcome :))
      Oh, Thank you, i will !

  3. Thank you Karen, i will keep going and work hard! ^^