Fashion Diary #1

4 May 2013

Yoooooooo! It's time for some fashion updates. It has been a while i never dress up nicely, didn't even put makeup on my face... because of my breakouts problem *That's why i seldom updates my photo*  Can you imagine that....*CAM-WHORE QUEEN CANNOT CAM-WHORE*...feels really bad!!! It's quite sad to have such a problem skin, can't dress up pretty... CAN ONLY GO TO THE GYM... lol.... Basically, GYM is the only things i do for these few months. NO outing, NO event, NO photo shoot, NO party, NO shopping... sigh! 

Well, I'm actually here to do some fashion post not saying something emo..... LOL! 

Let's get back to the topic! 
As you seee......I'm wearing shade in every picture because i'm lazy to put on makeup..
SHADE ON + simply PIN UP my messy HAIR + EDIT skills goes well huh... *evil grins*
#1 Basics line white and yellow dress from Doublewoot 
It's Doublewoot new basics line dresses. It's made from comfy thin cotton and catered for vibrant individuals. I love how this Ultra Comfy fit flaunts my shape. I also think its definitely worth investing money in basic pieces, because it can be worn across casual or work attire. How awesome is that? 

Well, This Basics Line from Doublewoot priced at Rm39-Rm59...

Visit their website for more :
#2 Daisy Knit Top from Fashallure, white short pants, white shade from Vincci.

You can create your own style, starting with MIX and MATCH. Sometimes, we need thick clothing to keep warm, the women’s sweaters are always the best choices for us. I love oversized sweater. It's easy to mix and match..You can wear it with shorts or cute leggings. 

#3 Girls need accessories 

 Spot my customize name necklace? You can pick your favorite fonts and design. 
Guess what, It's 3D design  .. got it from Xueting Annahouse Shop.  

Alright, That's all for my fashion updates.
 Take a glance to find your way and your style :D

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  1. Hi, Karen.
    My bestie's bday is around the corner.
    I m out of idea for the present.
    Do you have any idea for it?
    My budget is up Rm300.
    No necklace because I had got her one last year.

    1. Hi. What she like? Do you have any idea what she need recently?
      You can buy her some nice dresses, fragrance, cosmetics..