The Voice of MALAYSIAN (黑色聚会)

9 May 2013

Are you ready for "BLACK"?
I believe it's the most memorable day for Malaysian last night. I was there....attending the political assembly at Kelana Jaya Stadium!! I'm proud that i made it there! It's massive, super massive crowd!
After gym yesterday, i just prepared myself a tuna sandwich and rushed to Stadium Kelana Jaya.

When I'm on the way:-

  • For The First Time the radio no more announcing "road heading out of KL is JAM" yet " for ALL the road heading to KelanaJaya is JAM for xxxxKM LONG!!!!!
  • For The First Time I'm calmed and I'm not piss off because of jam!!
  • For The First Time LDP highway became the biggest car park in MALAYSIA!!
  • For The First Time I walked for almost 5km for this gathering!!
  • For The First Time I've ever seen that much of crowd in front of me!! More than 100k people!!


Alright, let me show you how exaggerate is that...
Seriously, it's super super super super far walking from the monorail station to the stadium. I don't know how i made it, guess i'm too "semangat" already... I'm not tired at all during the walk because there are hundreds of people wearing BLACK like me.. walking toward the same direction. 

IT IS SPECTACULAR !! here's some photo taken by me...

And this is what happened in the Stadium last night !!! SEEE THISSS!!
I don't know how many miles i've walked to attend this assembly, but it's definitely worth it!! 

# I saw Malays holding DAP flags, Chinese and Indian wearing PAS's T'shirts and cap!!
# I felt so touched when I saw Malay, Chinese or Indian were greeting eaching other like brothers and sisters, helping each other to translate when different language spoken by the leaders!!
# Without any polices or Rela, we manage to attend and leave the assembly orderly.

There's no Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadasans. There's only Malaysian!! 
THIS IS THE REAL MALAYSIA!! Millions of people with ONE VISION...
All we want is just a clean and fair elections. We want revolutions!
No Cheating! No Corruptions! No RACISM!!!!

这个508人民集会我们人民看到了很多平时看不到的情景!我真的很感动!我从来没有那么关心过自己的国家。可是,这次我真的不能再那么自私,不能再当什么都不知道!因为这个是我们的国家!请不要再说 政治不关你的事,你不想去理啊去烦啊什么的....我发现社会里还有很多这样的的人,你不支持就算了 请不要说一些有的没的... 你不明白这些活动的意义我不怪你,但出席的人的目的很明确,他们很伟大,他们要一个美好的马来西亚,他们在争取属于大家的东西。要是我们每个人都对政治问题不理不睬的话,只会让国家更腐败,到时候变得像一些落后国家一样!这些是你们要的吗?你们还好意思置身事外吗?很庆幸昨晚我去到的现场,让我再次爱上了这个马来西亚。这些是用钱买不到的!谢谢各个宗族的团结!你们让我看到真正的"团结就是力量".  这次的集会我妈妈还千叮万嘱叫我别去 因为很危险。可是我不听,还骗她说我去康乐夜市,哈哈哈。其实很想跟很多长辈说,别再害怕了!因为害怕就是助长歪风继续!我们需要站出来!人民需要站出来!你我更需要站出来!因为这篇国土属于你跟我,属于大家的!因为我们是马来西亚人!


It's not easy, but it's worth it ! 


  1. One thing for sure,i am royally pissed off with the gathering yesterday. Thank you PR for making me stuck in traffic jam for 2 hours. I wont be voting you again for sure

    1. STFU!!!!!

    2. not voting for someone because it cause you to be stuck for 2 hours in the road (scheduled event)and vote for someone who is cheating and sucking your money for 56 years? well done, your logical reason behind your decision make you stand out of others, absolutely a genius not a RETARDED.

  2. A successful event altogether. We could see young and old, malay, chinese, indian coming in one accord, putting aside color coming as ONE Malaysian for a common purpose. One significant i bring back would be the united spirit we have, the friendly people where we can mix round and of course singing the NEGARAKU together. Indeed hats of to the organizer. SALUTE, Respect :)

  3. nice coverage

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Your sense of freedom is really weak if a 2 hour jam can disolve your resolve.

  5. FRU should sire a few tear gas round into the stadium for some fun

  6. so many people~~~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  7. I was there too!! Damn crowded!! And massive jam too !!

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  11. i was there.. 85% were chinese.... and of course, apa lagi cina mahu????

    1. Hey there, i don't think 85% is chinese. There's also a lot of different races.
      It's not nice to use that sentences, please against racism! Thanks