I'm here to answer the "WHY"

24 June 2013

Thanks to those irresponsible human that causes all these haze in our country. The air quality is terrible out there, can't even go to the gym...Seriously, it's so so so hazy out there. Thick haze, no joke! Barely breath and my eyes feeling dry and itchy *irritating max* Can't believe that it's happening, from country to country.. Can you believe that? It is very very very serious, can't even see the sun, the haze cover up the entire sky....LOL.. Awwwww, pity our lungs, i'm sure there's a lot of "dust' in it now...Dear all, remember to wear mask, drink more water and turn on your air purifier! Try to avoid to go out, better stay at home and read my blog. AHAHAHAHA :P

Well, actually today i'm not here to blog about the haze. I'm here to express my feeling out, been stuck in my heart for quite some time. It's related to my skin. Yes, my skin problem again, yes AGAIN! I'm not afraid to show you how ugly i am behind all these makeup... There's nothing to hide about.. LOL! If you read my blog, you'll know that i'm having a serious breakouts on my face for quite some times already. My skin got worst after consulting a skin clinic, so i changed to another skin specialist now which is Dr.Ting. BUT, i guess my skin is too SERIOUS, too TERRIBLE, too HORRIBLE already.. It takes time to recover... Sigh......

I know i have to be patient and be positive, but i'm a human being.
When things get bad, i will just lose control with my emotion. That's normal right...
It's like this, tell me how to stay positive?
My "santa claus" look, this is a after photo of acne injection in Dr.Ting.
Yes, acne injection ON THE FACE... did these every two weeks. That's the 3/4 times dy..
It's hurt but worthy, cause at least it helps to kill the bacteria & breakouts.. 
我小小的心灵也很受创啊啊啊  .....我只能说:我也不想的。

I skipped all the event, outing, shooting, job because of my skin. Okay, what i wanna say is.. there's a reason why am i doing so. It's really serious, ugly.. not much people knowing this because picture can't tell.. The "soft skin mode" cover up everything. In fact, it's really serious.. redness and scars on my cheek, upper lips and lower lips. It's not that i don't want to go out... People don't know how serious it is, they thought that i'm just lansi or whatsoever. LOL! But i'm NOT okay.. 
It's really hard to face people like that... You understand? 

I'm a tough girl, but this is one of my weakness *tears*

除此以外,一见到一些很久没有见的朋友都会问我:wtf, what's happening to your skin?
Or Where've you been? why your skin like that? or 做莫你脸这样烂了?以前滑滑的 or 哇,你很大压力啊?or 喂,以前很漂亮,为什么搞到这样啊 bla bla bla.....this and that....

ARGHHHHH, i'm seriously tired with all these questions. 
I don't know how to answer. Let me just answer everyone here. 
People, do you actually understand my situation? What you expect me to say? Hmmm...
哦,没有啦。。就烂了咯。。哈哈哈哈 and then end of the conversation awkwardly. LOL! 

我是个女生。如果你没有皮肤问题,你不会明白我的感受。试问,有谁喜欢脸上长豆豆留疤痕?先别说整脸,长一粒大粒的都痛得要命 更何况我那么严重。你知道有多痛吗?人家只会叫我不要化妆, 这个那个的....可是请问不化妆怎么出门?我也有自尊的好吗...我也想不用化妆出门啊啊啊!可是脸这样我想吗?运动又做了,医生又看了,生活习惯也改了,什么产品都试过了,还能怎样你告诉我。


饶了我吧 *哭*

Why am i posting this up? because i'm tired of keeping everything inside.
Let me share everything out, sorry if i scare you off with my ugly face LOL! 
Please allow me to be emo.. 

*signing off & hide inside my blanket*


  1. Well, at least you're trying. ^^
    Just cheer up and do what you feel is right for you yourself. :)

    1. Yes, i'm trying to be positive.
      Btw, it's really tough for me to take it :/

    2. You are still Beautiful Honey ♥_♥ love you and try to have a wonderful day KISSES HUGS KISSES HUGS

    3. Hi Stephy !
      How's your skin now? still serious? did you visit doctor?
      Yea i understand, my acne recover and came back again. That's why i'm visiting skin specialist now, hopefully can heal.
      I hope your skin will recover one day, just don't lose hope.
      You too, be strong :)

  2. My friend got same problem and he was EVEN WORSE. He tried many ways n visited doctors but at last he is fully recovered by frequent facial sessions (Figureline)heard they are specialized in this

    1. Yea, i heard of it before. Bought their acne mask before.
      But my skin is still sensitive for now, don't dare to try facial for now.
      Maybe when the breakouts is gone then i will try go for facial :)

  3. Hello Karen! I know how it feels to have flaws on your skin which felt insecurity on yourself. However, I like how you're being honest and brave by blogging out your flaws that you're facing right now. Nevertheless, hopefully your skin will improve day by day. :)

    Try to avoid drinking alcohol. (if you're consuming) I heard it does make your skin worse. Drink more water :)



    1. Hi Angeline

      Yea, the feeling is sux. Really...
      I had these problems for like 2-3 years already, so i decided to blog about this.
      Feeling better now, because i finally release it out, LOL!

      Alright, Thank you :)

  4. 容貌對女生來說的卻很重要..
    一定會很快好起來的..祝福你早日康復 ;)

    1. 我也想试着看开一点,可是那种感受还真的挺难捱的 :/
      现在我的脸还有豆豆,所以不是很建议做雷射,要等到康复了 剩下疤痕才能雷射吧!

      不过谢谢你 (^_−)−☆

  5. Hi Karen, There is nth to feel bad for expressing out your feelings.
    Not sure thought u will read this.
    I m here to tell you that i am facing the same situation like u, seek for doctor n it wont help. Some say that is because something is missing under my layer of skin, genes problem or hormones imbalance. Some doctor even say it wont be heal.
    I am frustrated as well when people start questioning. Try to hide breakout & scars, wearing long sleeve & long pants.
    My hands and legs are all scars, breakouts and sometimes itchy.
    I think it started from 11 years old till now, i am already 24.
    I understand your feelings because we are girls, skin is one of the thing we care about.
    Believe me there are something out there which can help you, just need some time to heal so don't give up.
    I'd been drinking ginseng powder from Taiwan, and this might help you but it need patients and time to see the effect.
    If you need any details you can refer to me.
    You have a kind heart n you deserve more so don't be emo.
    This is just part of life.

    1. Hi, may i know which doctor? isit healing now?
      Yea, i heard a doctor said mine is genes problem too, really upset. Like it's my end of the world.
      The doctor said breakouts will stop when i turning 30-40s...I'm like ...what?! -.-
      But i'm not giving up, trying out new doctor now. Hopefully it helps.

      Maybe alll we need is to be patient, because there's nothing else we can do...hahaha
      Anyways, Thank you so much, appreciate that ♥

    2. Some doctor just need money. I tell you my case, i visited one of the doctor who give me moisturizer. Do you know, some cream contains 'Steroid' can harm our skin? Because as you take it, your skin will used to it and it makes your layer of skin getting thinner. Once you used to it and stop taking it, your skin will get even worse and spread to other parts of your body. (That's what the doctor give me)
      He even told me that, it's necessary to take it and he will slowly cut down the usage. But i have directly stop it, even though it might be my only hope.

      Well~ my skin is at least better than before. I tried out the ginseng powder. It actually helps to boost up your body immune system and it heals naturally. I have witness people suffering from cancer or health disease being cure and heal after drinking it. It depends on your body condition, some heal real fast and some slow. As longer you have the problem, you take more time to fully recover.
      But so far i think is good, is just that sometimes my laziness make things worse. Last time i normally wear long sleeve and when people ask me questions i feel so hurt inside.

      Well...i think yours are small matter. So please don't easily give up.
      I think we have to be glad to what god give to us. Our weakness will let us learn and growth, in future it might become our strength.

    3. Fyi. I read through some articles, it said that some skincare which helps to heal your skin condition fast might not be good because it actually contains some acid kind of thingy which will make your skin used to it. So, just use skincare which is natural or for sensitive skin. Be careful with the lotion or medicine that doctor give you, ensure no 'steroid' contain. Maybe you can try out some Chinese herbs.

      If possible. Keep yourself calm, i think your emo will definitely effect your skin condition so don't worried be happy.

  6. 一定会好起来的。。

    1. 其实当初做健身也是因为脸这样,我在想 :没有漂亮的脸,所以要练个好身材!哈哈哈

      放心,我现在正在努力克服着。谢谢你的鼓励 (>_<)

  7. Hi Karen, I totally understand how's your feeling because I have acne problem since years ago too. Currently I'm trying to cut down sugar intake and eat something with low glycemic index (the food that won't easily convert into sugar when get into body) and I think there are some improvements on my skin! Maybe you can try this out too :)

    1. Hi Jane, i'm eating clean for quite some time already.
      I think it's my hormone problem :/

      Btw, Thanks for advice! :D

  8. Karen, you're a brave baby! There's nothing to be afraid off! Just be more positive! Fightoooooo! <3

    1. Thanks babe, need to be real strong to fight against all these obstacles :]

  9. I totally can relate in your situation. I had terrible breakouts too. I used to be low self-esteem and lack of confidence, when i talk to people i don't see them in their eyes because i feel bad for my skin. But whatever is it, we have to stay positive. You're really brave ! My skin is better now but still feel insecure even there still left acne scars. Sometimes we can't really rely on the products so I've tried many homemade skin remedy, it works (: maybe you should try too, I get all the homemade skin remedy from the Youtuber Bubzbeauty. :D You should try as well. Karen, you are not alone, we're all in this together. Jiayou !

    1. Hi dear, thank you for being understanding.
      Yea, i do agree with that. I've tired tons of skin care, but nothing helps.
      It's like..not my skin problem, but the inner problem(hormone imbalance perhaps)
      Now consulting doctor and taking medicine, guess i need to be patient. Hmmm ..

      I tried to make my own skin mask before (using fruits), try search for beautyQQ, she's good! heheh :D

      Anyways, Thank you ♥

  10. give your skin some time, when its recover, I'm sure your body is perfect to match it also! gah yao!

    1. That's what i'm doing now, hopefully the day will come ASAP. LOL!
      Thanks for your support :P

  11. cheer up..my face also same as u ...but now just have little bit redness and some scar .
    也就是他们所说的豆皮. 每天当我要出去的时候,bb cream 一定要上就算是上课 .因为这些烂豆我不敢跟别人说话,变得anti social, 尤其是from 3 的时候,一下子我的脸整个大转变,我常翘课 洗完脸后照镜子就躲在房间哭 真的很想死
    可是,慢慢的就习惯了,我发觉只要不要那么在意不要给自己那么多压力 脸的情况就会有点改善 我的痘还是生在两颊的那种
    看回以前的照片,眼泪真的会留下来 。那些所谓关心的人说的风凉话 ,只会让我的自尊心更受损.脸上长这些, 也不是我想要的 。我也是花了很多钱在拯救我的皮肤 , 希望你能快点好起来,然后可以分享秘诀 这样我也就不用那么辛苦了。 我很佩服你的勇敢, 你和我真的很像似,但我却没有你那么勇敢~ 我只是个17岁的女生 ,他们所谓的青春生活我却没有体验过,只会整天躲在家。 现在的我只想存多一点钱然后到韩国去作皮肤镭射~
    希望你不要这么在意,调理好你的心情.再努力的拯救你的皮肤吧 希望我们的皮肤很快就会好起来,加油!

    1. 我相信我很明白你的状况,跟我差不多。

      嗯,你也是。要加油,你那么年轻,可能只是青春期,年轻人新成代谢会比较好 如果越快治疗就越快会康复好,不会有太严重的疤痕的。


  12. Hi Karen, its felt sad to seeing your face problem like this, I used to have this problem for few years back, that time was my secondary school to university period, maybe because of hormone, i can fully understand your feeling that the not confident feeling, don't even feel want to look into people's eyes when communicate with them, because scare them will keep pay attention on my skin. My skin recovered after long time for therapist, and I used the brand of "Clinique", this quite hurt skin, your skin will become dry and sensitive but your pimples will get less, its depends on your want to try or not.
    Feeling sad to seeing you like this, you are a tough girl, you know what? i like you so much as you are giving me motivation to hit gym, i having weight problem now and get fat after work at Singapore, maybe because of my work, I need to sit whole day in the office for 8 hours, then my belly, my thigh all very fat now. I seriously hate my fat now, confident lower down, but i keep reading your blog to give me some motivation, because i wanna be fit like you!

    1. Hi there, yes i used Clinique before. The first 1-2 months is good, can see the blackhead reducing, but there's still breakouts coming out from my skin no matter what skin care i use. Guess it's my hormone problem, need to cure it first :x

      Don't Worry dear, you can do it too! i will be publishing a new blog post regarding how to use stairs to workout.
      I think it's good and suitable for office lady like you who have no time to go to the gym. Stay tuned.
      Thank you for reading my blog, thank you so much! your support means a lot to me :D

    2. yea~ can't wait for your new post! No matter how u feel, Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up!Muacksss~~

    3. Awwww, so sweet of you! I will try to improve and make things better! xoxo

  13. Helo, you can try MRT steps to help you gain back the prettiness before & escape from the bitterness suffered now. Kindly contact my facebook la, Bighead Tornado. I will teach you how to heal. Looking forward for your reply.

  14. 我也曾经跟你一样,你完全写出了我当时的心声。T^T
    加油,be positive。祝你早日康复。

    1. 啊真的嘛,要不要一起抱头痛哭一下,哈哈哈

      谢谢,我也希望它会康复 (u_u)

  15. Take care... I think you look good without make up & younger... :)

    1. Yes, i will. Thank you, really hope it will recover one day and i can go out without any makeup on it, LOL! :P

  16. You should try some prescriptive medicine :)
    My brother had worst acne problem than you.. after two months on Retin-A pills it got better A LOT. Just my advise. Stay strong babe!

    1. I'm taking Roaccutane and a anti bacteria medicine now
      What Retin-A pills? from doctor?

      Alright, i will :)

  17. hope my info can help u babe <3

  18. Acne injection? Perhaps some cream from the dermatology would help. :)

    1. Yes, actually i've tried a lot of skin care, but nothing can helps.

  19. Replies
    1. 谢谢!哈哈,很惊讶你来看我的blog哦 (^_-)

  20. Take care babe ! Everyone has their imperfections and weaknesses. You're really great by not giving up and having this courage. Gambateh!!

  21. You're so brave to share your secret out babe. Well, when we 1st met you never let me feel that you're anti-social or lcly those things.. not at all. You're friendly and I feel close to you even we just met for 1-2 times. And now you're trying so hard to cure your face problem... I believe all your efforts will be payoff at the end. Just be patient and be strong okay? I know it's sounds weird but... if you wanna talk and you find no one.. you can look for me. I will always welcome you :)

    1. Hahaha, cause there's nothing to hide.. People will know when they saw me in real life.
      Oh really? i think i've changed a lot because of my skin. Sigh.
      It's 2-3 years already, really hope it will recover someday. Yes i will try to be strong.
      Awwww, Thank you babe ♥

  22. 我也是看DR. TING的:)
    以前我的比你严重,看过1年多后,现在什么都好了 ~ 加油!

    1. 真的吗,那就好!真羡慕你。。。
      希望我的脸也可以快点好起来 (>_<)

  23. please stay strong, drink more water and keep doing your exercise, and also try to avoid to stay up late till midnight.. and maybe you can try to be a vegetarian for awhile.. face is really important esp for a girl, you are so pretty, you sure can pass this hard times I believe, keep your faith..

    1. Yes dear, i'm staying strong for 2-3 years already! LOL!
      Yea, i've changed my lifestyle for quite some time already, but i still sleep late :x
      Maybe i should sleep earlier. Thanks for advices.

      yay, hope so! Anyways, Thank you ^^

  24. Hi Karen,

    Be strong, my skin was in that condition too for last 2 years, until i started using Kinerase. The products was brand new to me but after i tried it, my skin get better and eventually no more breakouts. :)

    1. Hi Caroline, i think it's better for me to stick to one skin care, because i've tried a lot of different one.
      Anyways, thank for your suggestion :)

  25. Wondering what the clinic at Jalan Imbi, It's a skin care but not sure whether it's Dr. Ting. Maybe you can try other skin specialist? Worse come to worst try oversea's. =O

    *hugs* be strong k? Will get better one!! :)

    1. Yes, i'm visiting Dr.Ting now & i think it's good. Just need some time to recover.
      I'm very strong already, LOLLLL

  26. My skin worst than yours. Almost give up. Don't know what to do. Hmmm~~
    Anyways, cheer ya ;)

    1. Seriously? How bad is it? For how long already :(
      Don't give up, there's always hope. I've fight against these for 2-3 years already.
      The photo i publish above is not my worst condition, there are time when my skin is worst than this.

      Don't be sad, i'm not giving up either. Just need to keep finding the right method to cure it :)

    2. 满脸咯。但是没有很大粒的那种,下巴部分会比较严重然后有很多红印。也差不多两三年。都很少化妆,还是这样。还在找方法...
      一起努力吧 =)

    3. 看了兩個,不過一停止就復發,更加嚴重。

    4. 我觉得啊是要keep着看一个医生的。那个药不能停的,停了就会再来。


    5. 嗨 ,你好。 我也是和你遇到同样的事。不过我比你的还严重很多很多。
      话说也是看了dr ting后皮肤有很大的改善,不过过了一年多后 我的脸上的暗疮有回来了T.T 很难过 我现在看会dr ting 可是吃了他开的药几个礼拜了没有改善,脸变得更干。
      我也不知道 是不是我上的美容院的产品不适合 导致那样还是什么。但我之前没看医生前 ,我也是到同个牌子的美容院洗脸(不同间)都没有这样的事,现在好像反效果。。好烦哦。

  27. 你好~我想问你一个问题,希望你别介意哦~请问你有没有便秘或荷尔蒙失调的问题呢?因为豆豆的位置是反映体内的问题哦~

    1. 你好,我没有便秘可是应该是荷尔蒙失调导致的吧。。
      嗯,我知道,我也在努力拯救我的皮肤啊 (^。^)

    2. 那么医生有说什么原因导致你荷尔蒙失调呢?你最近会压力很大吗?月事顺么?

    3. 荷尔蒙失调是很多原因导致的。

    4. 这样哦。。。要不我帮你问问我老板娘吧??如果你不介意的话啦~^^

    5. 不用了 谢谢你。
      我看一切从简就好,现在这个医生也蛮不错,再给点耐心吧 :/

  28. 我的脸也是烂掉了,而且还留下了有洞的疤痕,你完全写出了我的心声,我曾经对着镜子看着自己的脸后,就崩溃大哭,我不敢直视跟我讲话的人,不爱拍照也不爱照镜子,那些无头暗疮也曾经让我痛得痛不欲生,我曾经想过要放弃,但就是不甘心,心想征服痘痘,我连化了妆都不好看,而且容易脱妆,而且卸了妆后,新的痘痘会跑出来,我已跟痘痘抗战了十多年,到现在还在对抗着,我出门也没化妆,反正就习惯了,我明白你的心情的,因为我也经历过你所经历过的,我也曾经被朋友嘲笑过我的脸,但我不曾放弃,所以你也要一样,哭了之后,要重拾信心,相信你一定会好起来的。超爱看你的部落格,因为你很真实,不曾掩饰,喜欢真实的你,我们一起加油吧。。

    1. 我也是,没有什么特别的事都不化妆,尽量避免出门。化了装也盖不了 :(
      十年?! 那你脸现在康复了吗?有看医生吗?有些医生说我的脸是基因问题,有些又说荷尔蒙失调啊什么的,烦恼啊!
      我的是第二年了,真的希望可以康复!不敢奢望变回原本滑滑的脸,但希望可以有好转就可以了 (T。T)


    2. 现在算好很多了,我是从小学6年级就开始长痘痘,在中4至念学院那段期间,情况很恶化,都是那些无头疮,而且还很痛,那时都不会美容院那些东西,而且我也不喜欢看医生吃药,因为鼻子敏感吃药吃到怕,买药膏搽也好不了,我的脸就一直恶化下去,当我要放弃的时候,就被我发现到外国的一个网站(acne.org),带着半信半疑的心态就跟着网站里的regimen,果然王天不负有心人,才一个月时间,我的acne就开始好转,而且慢慢的消失了。。

      但之后出来工作因为荷尔蒙失调,暴饮暴食,肥胖之类的,痘痘又回来了:( 这又折腾了我好几年,但很庆幸的,去年开始健康减肥,然后又遇到好的美容师,用到好的牌子skin care,情况好转了,虽然还是会有breakout,但没以前那么严重了,便秘和荷尔蒙失调也没了,但是现在想尝试看看皮肤专科,因为始终都是想让它断根,所以现在还在考虑当中。。


  29. Hi Karen,

    I once experienced the same thing as you have, big cystic pimples along my jawline that hurt like crazy, whiteheads, pimples, backheads etc.. Back then, it was caused by hormone imbalance as I was going through a very stressful relationship, lack of sleep and work stress.

    Once I got out of the relationship, my complexion has gotten slightly better but I ended up signing a package with Sothy's. The good thing is that it worked for my face and I have no scars at all now. Bad thing is that Sothy's is not the cheapest facial salon around.

    My face was very oily back then and it's now turned to combination skin, just a tad oily at my T-zone :) Don't know what happened but I am very lucky.

    I hope you complexion resumes the way it was before and all the best! Don't let others who don't know you well enough judge you because of your looks. You are better than that and you know better.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi winnie.

      I signed up with sothy's, assata, cellnique before. LOL!
      But nothing seems work on my skin, the first and second months can see improvement, but after that, there's new breakouts and blackhead coming out on my skin again. Hmm....

      Anyways, Thanks for your advices :)

  30. Hi dear, perhaps you could do a little home remedy to make yourself feel better? I tried and it really works ;)


    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Fighting~!

    1. Alright dear, will check it out !!
      Thank you :D

  31. Maybe try extractions and then follow up by laser. It helped me. I had acne worse than yours. My skin is flaw free now. I've been reading your blog silently tbh. I admire your determination in losing weight. I'm fit but I think I could do better hehe. :) You're like my role model now!

    1. Hi Michelle, i'm afraid of extractions will leave scars because not every beautician is good.
      I'm currently taking medicine to control the breakouts, will go for facial when my skin getting better(less sensitive)
      I'm glad to hear that your skin is flawless now :)
      Hahaha, silently? Btw, Thanks for reading..

      Yes, you can do it too! Fight for it :D

    2. yes, that is true. it's not easy to find a good aesthetician! are you taking roaccutane? or any contraceptives? how are the side effects?

      i even went for acupuncture. it works. haha. i usually get it at tong shin hospital. :) i even drank a lot of chinese meds!

      thanks for the encouragement!

    3. Yes, i'm taking Roaccutane now, don't think there's any side effects for now.
      oh really, that's good. But i think chinese meds takes longer time :/

      You're welcome

  32. why don't you give a try on Miyome? I think the cream is working well. :-)

    1. Yea, my friend recommend this to me too.
      But i heard a lot of bad feedback about this product, scare i will make my skin worst :/

    2. Hmm, I was like you before, even doubt it is really effective. but once I use it I'm now loving it. For now I just applied once a month. Maybe you can give it a try after your breakout recover a bit? Jia you karen! I started to love your blog when you blog about all the motivation to lose weight and your personal posts. Keep it up! I will continue support you. :-)

    3. Hmmm, but i don't really dare to use it. Cause my skin is really sensitive, afraid that i will make it worst. LOL
      Now consulting Skin Specialist, i guess it's getting better... Just need to be patient..Hmmm...

      Awwww,thank you so much :D

  33. Hi Karen, I really impressed with your braveness and your honesty.. =)
    Well, let me share something with u, erm, Mayb u can replace those paper mask to something natural like aloe Vera? To me, it's really helps! Or Mayb u can seek help from "demarlogica" my friend had the same problem like you before, and demarlogica did really helps on her skin problems.. Sorry, don't get me wrong as I'm not intended to advertised this brand nor using their products.. Im just intended to share as it really help on my friend skins problem, Mayb on u too =)
    Jia you!!

    1. Hellooooo

      Hahaha, cause people will eventually know it, so there's nothing to hide about.
      Yea, i think i should try Aloe Vera too, heard that it can reduce redness. Maybe i should try it.
      Hmmm, actually a lot of people introducing me stuff..LOL..But i think everyone had different skin, not sure which one suits me the best, will try to figure it out. Thank you for advices :)

  34. Dr. Ruban is my dermatologist, feel free to get a second opinion if need be. http://www.drruban.com/contact.php

    PS : say u my good friend, maybe you can get away with the consultation charges :P

  35. Hi,
    I just started reading your blog very recently, and I'm always impressed by your zeal and your passion to do your very best.
    I have been an acne sufferer for many, many years (I'm much better now), and I cant tell you how amazed and impressed I am with your courage at posting up a picture like that.
    I want to share with you some knowledge that I have learned over the years.
    (1) Sugary foods boost bacterial growth and aggravate acne. This includes very sweet fruits. Please stay away
    (2) Milk is produced through industrialised farming of cows. Farm cows contain high levels of hormones. Such hormones promote acne growth. Please stay away.
    (3) Yes, cutting down stress, sleeping more, eating more green vegetables, and staying away from oily and spicy foods all help.
    (4) If you want a medication with 99% chance (this is not an exaggeration) of completely eliminating your acne, there is a drug called Roaccutane. Dermatologists can prescribe this drug. As far as I understand, it is pretty safe, with the sole exception that you must not get pregnant while on the drug. It can be dangerous to the baby. However, once you have completed a 6 month course of the drug, I believe you can practically have a 3 year period completely free of acne.
    (5) If you have any acne spots that you need to get rid off ASAP, e.g. within 48 hours, ask your dermatologist for a cortisone injection. The lesion will collapse very quickly. However, I dont think you have spots that severe to require a cortisone injection at the moment.
    (6) I recommend Dr Koh Chuan Keng in Damansara Utama. 03 7725 8437. He is seriously a very very gentle and kind man. I was previously seeing Dr Allan Yee in gleneagles, who seemed like a genius to me, but he's since passed away.

    I share all these with you with the genuine wish that you will recover quickly and reclaim your life. I know what its like. I know how much of my life acne stole from me. How much time I will never get back.

    You are a VERY beautiful woman, sincerely, and I hope you find my comments to be of some use. Thanks. :)

    1. hi,may i know can i take the Roaccutane by myself without doctor's advice?where can get this medicine?thank you..

    2. Hi, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, legally you cannot take this drug unless you get it from a dermatologist. Also, even if you could find it illegally. I do not recommend you taking it without seeing a doctor first. They need to do a blood test on you to know whether you're fit. You should be able to get it from any dermatologist.
      There is one drawback to this powerful medication, and that is, it is very expensive. If I remember correctly, it cost me about RM 3,000 for the 6 months course. But that was about 7 years ago. I dont know whether the price has changed. It may have gotten cheaper. Unfortunately, I dont know.

      Doctors will always consider Roaccutane to be the last option, after they have tried every other cream and medication first. But I think its always good to ask the doctor about it, so that they dont take their own sweet time testing everything else before suggesting you try the drug.

      But I admit, the price is a big drawback. I hope it is cheaper nowadays.

    3. OK, I know I have ended up giving a very long winded essay/ thesis on your blog, and sorry, I hope you dont mind. I just wanted to share another thing a dermatologist told me once about treating acne.

      These are the most powerful tools for treating acne, in order of effectiveness:

      (1) Roaccutane
      (2) Antibiotics
      (3) Cleansing creams and washes.

      Usually, a dermatologist would suggest (3) first, then if cannot work, they move to (2), and finally, if that fails also, they suggest (1).

      Thanks for your patience with me, Karen.

    4. Hi there

      Thank you so much for the information, it helps.
      Yes, doctor told me not to drink too much milk too. Maybe i should try your advices, try to control my food. Btw, i never take oily food very often. I'm not using any skin products, only the cleanser/ toner and the pimples cream doctor gave. Actually i'm having Roaccutane now and antibiotic for a few months already. But i'm sicked last few weeks, so i stopped for a few days, my breakouts came back..and now i continue to take the medicine back again.
      It's improving, but i guess i just need to be more patient! LOL!

      Anyways, thanks for your time, really appreciate that ;)

    5. Wow that is all very good to hear! I have faith in the medication and I hope you will be completely cured soon! Will look forward to seeing a big smile and super clear skin picture on your blog in a few months. Good luck!!! :)

    6. Awwww, thank you!! I hope the day will come :P

    7. Hello Karen, please do not ever have any steroid injection ( the cortisone injection mentioned above ) or any steroid cream. They are harmful to the body as they can suppress your adrenal glands. If you keep using steroid you will eventually get addicted. Once you withdraw from it the rebound will be very awful. So please do not use it! It might work like magic for the first time but nooo it's dangerous in the long run.
      I myself have used topical steroid cream to treat my eczema since young. Now I'm suffering the consequences.

      I believe that your skin will recover someday! Keep visualizing it :D You're a beautiful woman. Once you get through this, you'll become stronger than ever.

      Best of luck!!

    8. Hi Amanda,

      No worries, i never take any steroid. I know all the side effects of it, won't spoilt myself like that. LOL
      So how's your skin now? did you visit doctor?

      I hope so!
      Awwwww, Thank you :))

  36. fighting fighting!dont give up.

  37. Hey, Hugs! Perhaps try organic products? Maybe organic oasis? Take care and truly appreciate your courage and honesty! =) Jia You

    1. Hi Xiying, I'm actually using what my skin doctor gave me. Will try to use organic products if my doctor allow me to.

      Anyways, thanks ;)

    2. Take care! You're welcome! =) You are beautiful anyhow!

  38. I feel you, though I do not have sensitive skin or pimples problem, I know the feeling of insecure when you feel that you do not look good. I have serious dark circle problem, no matter how early, how many hours I sleep, the dark circle still cannot cure.

    BTW, my sister last time had acne problem on her forehead too, then she tried to eat vitamin(bio c and lecithin e), now her skin is better and smoother. :) If you're interested to the vitamin, you may contact me. :)

    1. Don't worry dear, dark circle can be covered easily/ you can try apply whitening cream or serum on it?
      Yes, i'm taking some supplement now, donno what vitamin..my dad gave me. LOL
      Alright, thanks!

    2. Yeah, vitamin really helps, especially vitamin c. Hope you can recover soon and have nice skin! :D

  39. Last time my face this problem also! My face is more worse than yours! Because I keep trying different products and hope can have a perfect face! At the end, face problem, more terrible n horrible! I see doctor too but getting worse using the doctor medicine...
    Then, I go for facial, try to use some normal facial product, stop make up! And now, recover without any scar!
    Anyway, be patient, your pretty will come back soon! Cheer!

    1. Yea, i've been through that. Face got worst after trying different stuff.
      But now i'm visiting doctor, i think my doctor is good, and i guess i will go for facial too.
      Hopefully can helps :/

      Yea, i'm being really really patient already.
      Haha Thank you :D

  40. No worries, most important inner beauty :)
    Your face will recover sooner or later :)

  41. Hope the injections will cure your skin! Take care <3

  42. 我也有试过皮肤问题,是真的很上伤心.
    加油哦!! 你可以的

    1. 那现在你皮肤怎样了吗?
      嗯,我会的 (^o^)

  43. 以前我也是這樣
    所以不要放棄 會好起來的 加油哦~

    1. 好起来了就好。
      没事没事 (*_*)

  44. aww I feel sorry for what you're going through. But I can tell you one thing - Dr. Ting is good! I remember waiting at his clinic for hours when I was in uni just to see him for 5 minutes and get medicine..lol. Now I don't get such bad breakouts anymore..and I'm sure it will stop for you too =))

    1. Awwww really? Yes, the first time i went.. i waited for hours too.
      I think he's really good, i trust him..Guess i just need to be patient, Sigh..

      It's good for you :)

  45. hi karen, do u mind to share Dr Ting clinic location to me? as i wish to pay a visit since he is so good. Thanks !

    1. Here, remember to call and make appointment first.

  46. cheer up pretty, don't care what other people say :)

  47. Im having bad acne for the past two years too and now im left with scars ): before my acne years my skin are clear buy i guess due to hormonal issues. Sighs. And now still having breakouts once in a while. Previously my skin was really bad,cried and refused to go out.lol thank god makeup products are invented :D cheer up and hopefully one day we will wake up with a clear,free of acne skin :))

    1. Sad to hear that, try to avoid makeup, because makeup block pores & will causes breakouts. (this is what i heard people said, but i guess it's true) I tried not to putting makeup that often already, especially when there are pimples. You can try to apply mask everyday..can help to calm down the skin..
      Have you visit any doctor already?

  48. Hi Karen,

    By looking at your recent pictures has the doctor investigated what causes the outbreak? could it be hormonal issues ? and wht type of injections did the doctor use on your face?

    btw I'm a pharmacist that's why I'm a bit concern on what injection yr doctor use.

    Chloe =)

    1. Hi Chloe.

      Doctor said it might be bacteria & hormone problem :/
      It's Lincomycin if not mistaken.

  49. Stop the stupid injection and all the medicine as well as doctor products. it just make ur skin worse and worse. I was having the same problem before. Try Malswisse, they help my skin alot. Also recommended the night cream selling by Lliss Wong.
    My skin dun have any pimple, acne, breakouts after I met Malswisse and the night cream. Just left blackheads and scars. Well, they need time.
    Stop wasting ur money on doctor. It couldn't help much.

    1. FYI She did heal from acne with those medication and injection . Everybody have diff type of skin , if something work for u ,it doesnt mean that it will work for her .Stop saying that somthing is 'stupid' , if you think is stupid ,why are there still so many demertologist nowdays? BECAUSE THEY HAVE HELPED ALOT OF PEOPLE TO RECOVER FROM ACNE.I know its EXPENSIVE but doent mean that its stupid.But you think those people suffeering from cystic acne want to spend money ?they dont want but do people with cystic acne got no chice sometimes ,I believed that she have tried lots of products too but it just didnt work .You want her to keep trying products ,you know every sinle time when someone tell her some products work and she tried but didnt wrok how much pain is it ?how depressing is it ? how unfair is it ? but if she cant find you want her to keep trying other product and wait till her acne become worst and get depress day by day? Mayb you r luckily get to find the product tht is suitable for you,good for you but please dont say injection and medicine frm demertologist is stupid ,they are not there might side effect but its fast and effectiv most of all it all better than having cytic acne and depression.

  50. Mayb u can try collagen product. I faced skin problems started august 2012...mayb too stress as I prepared for my wedding on Nov 2012..or mayb ate too much spicy food>.<..or mayb cause of hormone. my skin problems continue until last month I went back hometown for the election. My mom intro me de collagen product and a bottle kind of supplement . At first I dun wan to try cause too expensive for me..but then I did saw my bro face did recovered from serious acne problem(even go see skin doc oso cant recoverd) And my sis who already ate few month now has pinky smooth face. So I give it a trial. Now oredi bout 7weeks.i didnt really consume it everday but I do saw the difference. .im now not face with breakout problem.touch wood!! Touch wood!!anyway now left de scar..hope can be like my sis's skin one day!!
    Ps:im not sure de collagend product in market now can helps o not..mayb u can google some n gv them a try. Mayb u can try de products I currently use(it can be mask to use on breakout area. Recovery process is faster!)

    1. Hi there, what brand of collagen you having now?

    2. SB secret. My mum asked me took both collagen & the ”supplement" for faster result. So far, it is work for me (& also both my sis & bro who has the skin problem previously)

  51. Babe my advise will be dont use injection or medication. It wouldn't help your skin. They will just make your skin pigment thinner which is worst !! Try using milder and fragrance free facial wash and skin product. & every morning drink manuka honey with water before eating anything else. Honey water helps with skin alot. For acne skin you just need to drink alot alot alot water, fruits and vegetable and use the correct skin care. (and avoid using bb cream or foundation. It clogs up your skin pores making the acnes worst) Eventually your face will be better. It takes time! Dont lose faith !! :)

  52. Hi Karen,

    I'm Nicole, i've email a review request to you, can you please check your mail and reply me? (not regarding any product selling)
    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    1. Hi Nicole

      Alright, will check it out when i'm free :)

  53. Totally understand how you feel!! I having the exact problems as u, and whatever u said is just how I feel :-( Picture leng leng , but in real not :-( people who dont have serious problems like us wont understand it at all. NOT AT ALL! Am now working hard for the face too! Eating clean and it really helps. hope u get well soon too! :-*

  54. I have same case with you , but it was not the haze make my breakouts

    Past 2 years ago I went to Taiwan, and I have breakouts on the first day, and its like all tiny small pimple all around my face, its shocking in my life for the first time, Ive never had this before, ever since then , my skin texture is not smooth anymore, had tried alot of ways to cure

    I went to Dr.Ranjit in Subang, it does help for like 2 years, but I realize it just temporarily prevention from breakouts, actually I still do feel there's some acne hidden beneath my skin .

    During 2 years , ive been eating non stop the medicine, i would say im addiction to the result of flawless skin . But when i took blood test, i realize the medicine damaging my liver according to the results & consultation from the doctor , he did ask me to reduce intake of it . or maybe consider other ways

    So now im trying in chinese doctor, still not knowing hows the result.

    i think you should go try too .

  55. Don't worry Karen, you're still looking great
    your skin will recover, don't give up ^^

  56. Hey Karen! I understand how you feel. I've been having this for more than 10 years now. It comes and goes and doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon. Btw which skin specialist did you go to previously, which apparently didn't work?

  57. Karen Dear♥ You look Beautiful Honey ;) love you sweetie xoxoxo

  58. omg dear, i can understand how u feel exactly! I'm having the same problem a few months ago, still having but is much much more better than before now. And my problem came after i changed the cleansing product that I was using since it wasn't really heal my skin, pimples still popping out sometime, i really want a healthy skin so i take in people's advice and did some research on internet and then i decided to changed to NARUKO and nightmare begins!

    After a week i changed to NARUKO cleanser, pimples were all over my face, I have no idea what happened due to my poor beauty knowledge and i thought it could be the effect of the product, because people usually say sometime pimples appear because the cleanser does the job of cleaning the dirt in our skin so I THOUGHT it is cleaning my skin and it will be fine after some days, however, my face doesn't recover but getting worst >.<
    and i stop that using that and bough another line of the same brand(yeah, so stupid), then the problem wasn't that serious compare to what happened at the begining but still it doesn't go away ;(

    then my mom ask me to go to pharmacy and ask for the advice and they suggest me to use a canada product called "Cetaphil". That is really good and heal my skin, my skin turn out to be better after sometimes!

    And now my problems are to find a product which really suits me and find a product that can remove the acne scars!

    PS: Maybe you can try out that, you can get it in any pharmacy and it cost about rm50

    just wanna share the story of mine with you and hope u get healthy skin again in no time dear!

  59. Dear, Cheer up and it will recover soon.
    I am having the same problem with you.But I trust it will recover soon. +U !!!!

  60. The outbreak is like a common bacteria infection, usually made worse by the hormonal imbalance. Areas beneath the mouth is usually eczema, area you have shown is usually the result of prolonged exposure to certain 'foreign' bodies then a sudden hormonal changes, then somehow the ducts were damaged and...

    I have seen such cases mainly in guys, very few in women.

    There is only one way I know that can deal with this problem, and I know people succeeded... ... but it takes anything around 1 year of faithful routine.

    Once the inflammation starts for a while and the cell codes remember the face now, it'd be very difficult to treat...

  61. Karen don't be sad! I have a friend whom her skin condition was like that as well until one day I saw a previous beauty peagent selling her mummy's home making baby night cream and it worked on my friend! U can search for L Liss Wong on facebook or instagram la~
    And some more in Sunway Pyramid beside Natural Republic there is a shop called Rivage, I am recommending that shop because all their customers gave good feedback to them and I'm using as well, u can go and ask for more info ^^

    From Lynn

  62. Lady, you gatz balls! I admire your determination to better yourself! Much love! x

  63. 我读了后很感动也很嘉许你的勇气。我能想象你在post这个出来之前,你的内心是多么的挣扎。加油啦,一定医得好的! ^^
    Stay strong and have faith!
    You still look beautiful by the way.. =)

  64. Hi there, Dr Ting is the best dermatologist in town. But don't inject cortisone too frequent, it will caused rolling scar.

  65. Everyone has their preferred look. Me too. 不过不化妆出门是ok的, 我都没鼓励过我朋友化妆来见面喝茶. Anyhow, hope you are getting better... Keep me update !!!

  66. 我也是生大大颗的痘痘,今年第三年了,至今,亲戚看到我就会:“哎哟做莫你的脸这样子的?” 。。。。。。汗。。。目前我的脸颊好了,剩下下巴,正在吃抗生素,还有2个月才吃完。希望我们都能快点康复。加油!

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  75. 无意中看到你的Blog,我的情况之前完全和你一模一样,被人问到我都闲!介绍你去看Dr Ranjit, 在Subang Jaya。 他是个非常好又有道德的好医生,现在我的脸几乎完全好了,没再长痘痘。如果你的情况还没改善的话你可以考虑去看Dr Ranjit :)