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6 June 2013

How's your workout going? Doing good? Or still thinking where to begin? Or some of you may get lost somewhere wondering what to do? Or maybe.... didn't see much changes of your body?
Don't panic! Be patient & remember....... Don't give up on yourself !! :D

It is Okay to have doubts running in your mind, sometimes I face obstacles too.
It is Okay to reset what you started, as long you keep track on yourself to make sure you doing it right.
It is Okay to put down your ego, you've to admit when you don't see any result, or you might notice someone in the gym who actually have better result, don't be shy, ASK for more Info.
*Life is all about learning* 

For those who had started and having a good progress, congrats! Keep it up (^.^)/
But must always bare in mind, good start means setting your mind into a correct mindset.
I received quite some emails from my blog readers, thanks all for the support and trusted me for my advices. I'm glad I did help some of you, all the best to you all !!

Alright, This time....I'm going to answer some Q&A here.

Q: I did a lot of home-workout, almost everyday. I even did hundreds of sit ups too. But why can't I get ripped of my tummy? why can't i see results?

A: First of all, doing home-workout is good. But actually it's just good for keeping your body muscle warm. And when comes to tummy, there's a say " How long you take to grow that tummy = how long you need to use to cutting it off." Sounds crazy i know, but actually make sense to me. Most important is Cardio (jogging, cycling, skipping,dancing etc.) Doing sit ups won't cut of your belly, sit ups actually building your abs, even doing thousand of sit ups, there's still a layer of fat will cover your abs. Somehow, You still need to jog it off so your abs will be more visibly!

Always remember, don't expect to see the results if you are not putting 100% of your efforts!

Q: It's hard for me. I'm busy. I've a active social life which makes me have no time to workout. I don't know what to do. Everything just to hard for me. what should i do? 

A: Well. Everything's against me as well. Everything's HARD for me too! I'm a blogger, I attend to a lot of events, some till late night. I'm alcoholic, I party at least 2-3days a week and drink like there's no tomorrow! LOL! That's who I am before i started my gym life (o.0) Hahahaha...
So......How did I managed to change all these?? it is DETERMINATION & DESIRE in you! 

No ones gonna love you more than yourself. No ones gonna care for your body more than yourself.
I started twice before this. I failed. But when I decided to be a better person and wanted to be better in shape, I took it seriously once again and until now, I never regret that I made this choice once again. It's ok if you stopped or fall down. Just get back up and keep going! 

Remember, Ask yourself who you  wanna be! Ask yourself what you deserve! Of course.... a better person and greater in shape is what we want !  It's MIND OVER MATTER!! When you decided and take it as your life time commitment, nothing's gonna stop you and, you'll pop out plenty of time for workout, out of sudden you'll become your own nutritionist and plan your own diet, you'll become your own coach and motivator to kick your ass to keep going! And you'll realized having a goal is the BEST FEELING EVER :D

Q: Is there any ways or any workout that can slim down my fat flabby arms yet don't grow muscles? Ewwww, Muscles look ugly on women! 

A: I'm sure you know..."Muscles is not easy to grow"...If you read my previous posts. If you really wanna lose some fats, Lift some Weights! Lift weights don't give you instant access to grow muscles! If really does, then we'll see a lot of guys with nice body shape yet not flat chest, fat tummy and flabby arms. Lifting means.. stress our muscles not make it grow!

For e.g. If lifting 1kg and you can easily do 30reps nonstop, means 1kg no longer works on your muscles, and when your muscles is used to the same weight you used to lift, it won't help you to burn your fat anymore. WHY? because the muscle don't need extra energy to put the weight. The muscles can't feel it anymore. Understand?

Another e.g....If by lifting 1kg can slim down flabby arms, every housewife that do house work won't have flabby arms/big tummy already, because they need to do house work from day to night, carry stuff here and there everyday. They burn fats too? Obviously NOT.... 

So, lift some weights, stress your muscles to burn your arm's fat to energy by weight lifting. It really helps!! Take note, add weight step by step. From 1kg > 2kg > 2.5kg > 3...
Actually, I'm using 4-5kgs for my biceps training. 6-10kgs for my squatting. 5-10kgs for my abs.
Am I freaking you out when you see my pic? LOLLLLLL...

I wanted to gain some muscles because my mom and my friends said that i'm too "skinny" LOL! Honestly it's not easy to gain muscles, still working hard on it *btw,i do love muscles..but not TOO much* Of course when you slimmed down already, don't add heavier if you don't wanna grow muscle.

Q: After workout, my muscles sore for days and I can't stick with my workout routine.

A: Well, I have the same experience before. That's why I suggest for a week or two home-workout to warm up your body before you starting to hit the gym. Or you have the same problem when you doing home-workout too... then you have to take note of few examples below :

  • Muscles sore = Not enough rest to recover your body's muscle. Try to have minimum 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Or maybe take a hour or half of nap after your workout for muscles repair. 
  • Dehydrated. Lack of water will cause the soreness last longer. Drink at least 1500ml if you're 50kgs, 2000ml for 70kgs.
  • Lack of nutritions. Your body needs a lot of nutritions to recover. Proteins and vitamins. You can take supplements and protein shakes. Remember, taking protein shakes won't make you buff or fat. There are lots of different protein powders in the market which is low in calories and good for women. Grab 1scoops a day will do :) 

Rest more, Drink more water, have a Balance Diet meal plan. Try to go for a massage once a month or have some sex to help you to relax your muscles as well. LOLLLLL

So far I found these few questions quite interesting these are all the common mistakes people made.

Hopefully my answer helps you guys in your future workout plan.
Bare in mind there's no FIX routine, FIX strategy, FIX meal plan in losing weight and become fit.
Only you know what's going on with you body, what's your body need. That's why you need to keep learning and stay on the correct path to make sure you're heading to the right way of having a true healthy life!! All the best to all of you !

Another current photo of mine....I think i need a tanner skin :P

Ladies, turn your BEAST mode on! Train like a beast to become a BEAUTY!

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  1. Karen, can you do a vblog about your workout routine? so that we can know more clearly. May be you can do a vblog for home workout and another is gym. Thanks :)

    1. hey Joey, I've been thinking to do a vlog as well :) Previously was having a bad breakout on my face so I didn't really dare to do it, LOL, it's not good to workout with make up on right ? hahahaha.. But my face are recovering and I think sooner or later I'm gonna post vlog k.. Thanks for your support :)

    2. Yea~ all girl wish to look amaze in any situation! Waiting for you, pretty babe!Cant wait to view the vblog! Hope you get well soon from your breakout and sick! I knew you been sick through your instagram! Between, you`re really friendly girl :)

    3. Thank you so much :) your support and concern meant a lot to me hahaha.. Btw my fever is getting better already, no worries <3

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  3. Your body look so nice ! Btw , what's your weight and height ?

    1. Thanks :)
      I'm 162cm and my weight is 46.5kg

  4. girls with ripped muscles look disgusting

  5. Stopped working out after I started internship :(
    No time :(
    Leave house at 7am and reach home at 10pm :(

    1. hey, there's a simple solution, bring along your sport shoes to work, when you finished your job and you can try use the stairs as your cardio :) And try to do some stretching while you having your break or after you reach home, because sitting store fats in your tummy and tights, take note K :)

  6. Hi thanks for ur sharing, you do a gd job,
    I jus starting my fitness life
    I start with Cardio like jogging & cycling ..
    Isnt enough to slim down the tummy? As I donoe how to do crunch and prank
    Normally I went gym between 7pm-8.30pm
    After workout, I eat salad as my dinner around 9pm..isnt ok with tat??

    1. yes, jogging is enough to slim down your overall body fat. but if you want your abs to be more in shape, you have to do some sit ups after you finish your cardio :) light dinner at 9pm i think should be fine as long you are not dripping with too much of dressing. you can have 1-2 egg white too, is a good protein source and amino acid for you to recover :)

  7. Hi Karen!
    I am worried if I lose weight, my boobs will become smaller. Any suggestion for that?

    1. Sad to say that actually I'm looking for the same solution too.. hahahaha, bcz honestly my boobs did became smaller... maybe i'm doing quite intense cardio and workout d. So if you don't want you boobs to become small so fast, do light cardio and cycling k, but it's gonna take longer time to cut down overall body fat lo.

  8. May I know how many days you work out per week? I did like 4 to 5 days per week but it's not really effective ><

    1. I did 4-5 days workout every week too. can I know what's your workout routine?? cardio? lifting?? and how long use take to workout everytime?

    2. I did cardio, lifting, russian twists and crunches. Everytime went for than 30mins. I control my meal too, high fibre and protein and low carbs. but it's not really working on my body I don't know why ><

  9. hello, can i know what workout are you doing usually? and you get abs in how many months? :)

    1. Hi, normally i do treadmill and then full body workout and a lot of different kind workout.
      Check this out, http://www.karen-kho.com/2013/04/first-month-workout-routine-simple-easy.html
      I got it in two months :)

    2. oh i see~ got it! hmm, is it possible to get an abs without heading to gym? i usually jogging at jogging track and do some full body workout also~ but still don't have any changes..:(
      and and...do you have curi eat some dessert or cake in the two months? haha

    3. Lol I didn't eat any dessert and cake at all. But when I reach my goal and then I reward myself a super cheat meals day Hahaha! I went Melacca..
      Btw, there's a quote saying "abs are build in the kitchen". So if really wanna push yourself to a certain goal you wanted, control high sugar and fat meal really helps a lot.. but not skipping meal..
      And it's depend on what kinda or how ripped you wanted your abs to be. if you wanna get an abs by doing home-workout, you have to do super sets for your abs, example sit-ups + crunches + leg lifts + bicycle crunches = 1 set x 4rounds
      Hopefully I answered your questions :) Good Luck K!!

  10. hi girl, is it advisable if i consume a bread or oat before i leave for gym in the morning or night? because i happen to vomit after i start cycling. n how long do u usually gym per session? 2 hours or 1 hours? (if i go 4 days in a week) ? tq in advance n seriously love your waist !

    1. Hey, actually you're low in sugar if you feel like vomiting.. of course you can have something before you head to gym.. try drink some low fat soya milk or some low calories protein shakes to help you, eating whole grain bread will do too, but make sure don't eat too much :)
      I used to do 45min-60mins for light workout day. 90mins for intense workout, for example I did 3 days light and 1 day intense..

      take note, pushing yourself is good, but have to take care yourself too... ask for some support in the gym if you are doing some lifting or intense compound workout K.
      all the best !!

  11. Good sharing, it helps a lot. Thx

  12. which kind of protein do u recommend that is low in calories & good for us?
    i do saw some workout supplements like protein whey, amino acids and so on.
    can i have more info like exercises of which kind can cutting off fats & losing weight?
    thanks XD

    1. Hi There :)
      I'm taking whey protein now. It's for lean body.
      Will share about it soon in my blog :)

      Yeap! Just blogged about it
      Check it out : http://www.karen-kho.com/2013/07/turn-your-stairs-to-your-personal-gym.html

  13. you're a great motivation ! (y)