Tips to lose weight

29 June 2013

First of all, i would like to thanks everyone for leaving me comment and message after reading my previous blog post - I'm here to answer the "why" You know who you are.. I don't know how to express my feeling now, i'm really glad that there are people supporting me, giving me advices although they had seen my flaws.. I'm really touched, and i read all the messages and comments again and again..trying to comfort myself.. AHHHHH, you know i'm not good in describing myself...words can't explain my feeling now, anyways, THANKS, i will try to stay strong & fight against this...
Seriously LOVE you All so much!

Besides, I've been receiving a lot of emails from my readers, Instagram followers and some Facebook friends asking me about my workout routine & my clean eating plan. I'm sorry if i missed out anyone, please remind me because i've a lot of emails & messages to reply. Hope you all understand, and thanks for being patience, i will reply one by one (^.^).. 

Before i start my fitness post, i would like to share a photo of my OOTD last Saturday.
Outfits : Cropped top & gold envelope clutch from Be Stylish & High waist dress from Phatculture

Well, i think it's my very first time wearing that "SHORT", showing off my waist.. LOL!! 
Seriously, i brought a lot of short cropped tee/singlet, but i rarely wear them, some of them are even NEW in my closet. It's like....FINALLY I CAN WEAR THEM.. Don't get me wrong, i'm didn't say that i have a perfect waist, but at least it's better than before ...hahahaha, so perasan!!
Alright, Wanna see a photo of my fat, chubby and bloat beer tummy before i started my workout?
There you go... HAHAHAHAHA seriously don't know where i got the courages to wear like this last time. It's just few months back.. Someone even comment in my photo and saying that i had a "barrel waist"!! How's that feel? LOL!! *my big big beer tummy* 以前那个又大又圆的啤酒肚!
Thanks GOD it's gone now! Perhaps i should thanks myself for the hard work. I lose something(clear skin), that's why i'm working hard to gain something back, you get what i mean? hehehehe :P
我绝对明白给人嘲笑肥的滋味,也试过埋怨自己,然后不停在问:为什么人家长那么漂亮,身材又那么好?上天真不公平。再加上我自己的皮肤又这样,我真的超自卑的,还时常暴饮暴食!可是,我最后还是想通了,有些东西天生没有就要靠后天的努力去争取,而不是坐在那里埋怨/羡慕他人!最近,有人问我:为什么你那么有意志做健身?  我只能说 我对自己不满意,而且是超不满意的那种,皮肤让我失去了所有的信心,所以我想做些东西来补救自己。试问你有多少时间来浪费?什么时候才要给你自己一个最好的状态?

Girls, what i wanna say is.... LOSE WEIGHT is really easy!
The one things is that : How badly you want it to happen...

Alright, i'm here to share some of the tips to lose weight. 

1 # Lighten the Foods You Love
You don’t have to cut out the foods you love just to lose weight! Like i mentioned earlier, DO NOT SKIP MEAL!!! All you have to do is make some simple changes on your eating habits and you can cut off hundreds of calories. For example, exchange your food to low-fat version. If ice cream is your weakness, try low-fat frozen yogurt. Do not eat Mayonnaise, it's FAT & unhealthy. Just remember, try to eat something light, avoid the cream, sauce and fried food (oily food) will do.

2 # Downgrade your portion of food
Try reducing the sizes of your dishes! A small portion on a large plate can leave you craving more; but if you swap that large plate for a small one, you can eat the same amount of food and trick your brain into feeling satisfied. This is what i always do. So, if you want to feel full with less food; eat with smaller plates, bowls, cups, forks, and spoons. 

3 # Workout Before Breakfast
First thing in the morning, before you’ve had anything to eat, head to the gym; the treadmill; or go for a morning jog. With your empty stomach, any calories you burn is body fat. Always remember to do your cardio, make your body cover and sweat ! I love CARDIO! For the fastest results, work out for 30-45 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

 4 # Drink More Water
WHY? Water helps you stay hydrated and healthy, and it can also help you get thinner. Water plays an important role in your body’s metabolism and digestion. When you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day, your metabolism stays high and food moves through your system faster.
By drinking a large glass of water before each meal, you can painlessly cut down on your appetite so you eat fewer calories throughout the day. If you’ve eaten recently, but still feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If your hunger cravings aren’t real, they should go away.

If you need more motivations, do follow me on twitter : karenkh0
I will try to post more motivation quotes there to motivate you people, hahaha :D
That's all for today, will take photo for my next fitness post tomorrow and will publish it ASAP
Stay tuned! xoxo 


  1. sweetheart you always are beautiful and sexy to me ♥_♡ love you my sexy friend♥_~

  2. hi karen, can i know where did u buy the black crop top? im into crop tops lately too.


    1. Hi dear, you can visit -

  3. Basic enough but these takes alot of motivation to do it! *for me*
    I am 155cm but having 79kg weight on my body..i feel like
    Salute to you Karen~!! I hope i can do it too~!!

    1. Hi dear, don't lose hope! If i can do it, everyone can do it too.
      You know what, I'm a super duper lazy & lifeless girl before this. I'm glad i finally found a goal to achieve!
      You just need to find your inspiration, desire in yourself & determination to do something you want!

      You can do it too!! :D

      Feel free to email me, i can guide you how :

  4. keep on posting up the tips for lose weight :P hahah I need some tips sometimes

    1. Alright sure!! hahahaha :D
      Don't focus on weight lose, aim for a healthy lifestyle

  5. Hi karen !
    i feel more motivated everytime after reading your blog..hehe
    Can i have your Diet meal and Workout plan?
    hope that you will reply me
    thank you. my email..

    1. Hi Mindy, Good to hear that! I hope you work hard for your goal, keep it up :)
      Yea sure, will send it to you ASAP .

  6. I quit having regular cardio for a year plus now and starting it again from baby steps is really killing me >_< my body gains muscle easily or I think it's just my illusion but I really look muscular especially on my both legs T_T have been trying stretching and massage from now and then and the only cardio I can do for now is rope skipping haha. It makes me happier by jumping lololol. You're in my inspiration list after fay hokulani hehehe

    1. Hey there :) Can you define muscular? cardio actually toned up our calves and tights. especially calf, even when ladies always wear high heels you eventually can see so call "muscles" on the calf part right?
      And you have to plan your workout to suit what kind of purpose / goal you wanted.
      Let's say you want to lose weight , and you don't wanna grow muscle(which actually toning up), then your cardio can be light + longer time frame. for example, 4-5speed for 45-60mins treadmill :)
      All the best to you !

  7. 看了你全部fitness的post我很有motivation~ :D
    请问我可以得到你这3个月里完整的 diet meal and workout plan吗?
    一时上课时间也很早,一个人6点多7点去jogging有点怕,能不能起身后在家做cardio,上完课回家又做cardio? or 你可以 inbox我的fb
    谢谢你 :)

    1. 那就好,谢谢哦。
      然后我再帮你想想该怎么安排 :)

  8. u did motivate me! love ur blog!! 一起加油吧!!!! <3

    1. Glad to hear that & Thank you for reading my blog :)
      Let's work hard together to achieve things we want !!! hehehe

  9. Hi, may I know how long time do you recommend to go on a treadmill? thanks very much and your blog post is inspiring me a lot, I have bad skin condition same as you, so I think I should train my body like you.

    1. Hi dear, do you workout very often? How many days per week?
      I would recommend you do for minimum 15-20 mins, after some weight lifting.
      If you are not doing any weight lifting, try do 20-30 mins cardio if you want weight lose.

      You're welcome, happy to heard that i did inspired someone!
      Yea, don't lose hope & keep fighting for improvement :D

      All the best to you

    2. I workout like 2-3 times a week before, but I've stopped for half year and I'm trying to pick it up now. I saw you take 3 months time to become like now, I believe nothing is impossible, I'll try my best to be like you :D

      You're doing so good, keep it up and all the best!

    3. Yes, nothing is impossible! You can do it too!


  10. Hey Karen,

    I've always just been reading through without much comments but I think this time around, it hits the point. Could you however give me some pointers with my qualms here?

    1) I often leave home really early in the morning because classes are really early anyway so I don't quite have the time to hit the gym or run on treadmills because I don't have one at home. Is there a different kind of help to that? I've tried visiting the gym in the evening but I stopped after a while because of time constrains and I get home really late nowadays too. Any help?

    2) I've never liked the taste of water; because it's basically very bland. I'm a really easy target for sweet drinks like juice, carbonated drinks, iced lemon tea and latte which is all very bad but I can't help it. Is there a better way to conquer this?

    It'll be great if there are tips that would help me out here. I'm only 21 and I'm getting fairly on the chubby side; especially my arms, thighs and belly. Most of my friends have noticed this and are hinting to me that I am growing - sideways. Even my parents are telling me off and it's pretty embarrassing. :(

    1. Alright, first, I think you can do home workout as your daily schedule it's packed :)

      For the drinks issue, I'm just like you, I HATE plain water as well, but very simple though change my mind, Let's see it this way, PLAIN WATER = LOSE weight, SWEET WATER = GAIN weight. The more plain water you drink than sweet water, you can actually decreasing your weight slowly. But of course You can drink some sweet drinks, but choose the light sugar level or fruits juices without adding extra sugar. That will be better. Even when I drink lemon juice, I choose to add sour plum, so eventually it taste sweeter :)

    2. Are there any home workouts that you could recommend to me? :)

    3. Hi dear, you can try all theses
      Read :

      Squats jump is good too, try it :)

  11. Is it okay to do 20-30mins for cardio ? Cardio are really exhausting like crazy. I wanted to make it to 45 mins but too tiring. does it have to be trained slowly from 20-30 mins first ? I even tried HIIT workout, I can do first & second step but after that mygodddd >< can't anymore...Between, do you know what's the best way to get slimmer arms ?

    1. yes, it's okay to start slow. but you have to plan and SET your target :)
      For example, 1st week 20min. 2nd week 25min and so on you'll have your stamina to support you to do your cardio :)
      Don't rush yourself, take your time to rest, continue until you finish the whole workout as you plan.

  12. Hi karen! 我想要见大腿内侧那块肥肉。有什么办法呀?Can you mail some tips on burning the fats in between the thigh?

  13. i don't workout before breakfast... i take some supplements like chia seeds, flax seeds and virgin coconut oil too! :)

  14. Hi Karen! Saw you at Zouk that day for UberDJ competition.
    I noticed your skin wasn't in tip top condition I was a little concerned although I've kept quiet all the time. Will be praying for healing of your skin b/c it's your right to be the pink of health.

    I can stand to testify the divine healing I've received for my palpitating heart (a day before my university exam 2 years ago) and I believe you deserve healthy skin that is as important as a functioning heart.

    1. Hi there!

      Yea, it's terrible that night, not suppose to go out for event.. I should just staying in.
      Alright, thanks! Hopefully my skin will recover one day ;)

  15. thank you so much for the advice :3 will start working out SERIOUSlY now :3 thanks a lot!!

    1. You're welcome dear.
      Alright,good! Keep it up & wish you all the best :D

  16. darling you are so inspiring !You are right, we don't wanna be skinny and unhealthy we wanna be fit and healthy !ONE MORE, how do you think about people saying that if exercise make us fatter ? or we will gain weight if we don't exercise?

    1. Thanks for reading dear.
      What you mean exercise make us fatter? do you mean bulky?
      If you don't control your food intake and not exercise at all.. of course you'll gain weight.
      Actually what we need to do just need to have a balance diet and exercise well.

  17. Hey girl , I'm vicky... your posting all are very inspiring. . Love reading it ..

    I'm have kinda have thin body since young but I always have problems with belly fats...

    I used to do alot jump rope ... recently I try to some cardio... but I still have extra fat in my belly. .. I really want flat tummy... can you suggest any effective cardio .


    1. Thank you for reading vicky :)
      Alright, you can try to do some compound workout beside cardio.
      Try to do some different workout, lifting, squats etc.

  18. You have strong determination, good job girl !

  19. can i have tips on reducing fats on lower body? like thigh and butt...thx :)

  20. I been wondering for quite a long time . May I know what's CARDIO ?

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