Challenging JULY

19 July 2013

Hello everyone, how's your seconds/minutes/hours/day/week/month?
Doing great??? Doing Okay??? Nothing special??? or DID NOTHING ??

Been non-stop blogging about fitness for these few months since I decide to workout.
It keeps me moving on and on! It's like everyday my schedule is fully planned !!
I have my very own mission to complete everyday, i really like it (^_−)−☆

For 2013, the darkest months were JAN and FEB which I had the worst BREAKOUT on my face, super out of shape and annoying beer belly + flabby arms + FAT thighs!! So lifeless! 
There's only one word to describe >>>> WANNA DIE (read more)

But luckily everything started to change on March, it's my GREATEST decision I've ever MADE so far!! Where I decided to start a LIFE CHANGING journey to >>>> HEALTHY
I've never feels better whenever I step into the gym or even I'm doing 30mins home-workout.
I feels REFRESHING every time I finished my workout!!! Feels good after i sweat! 
I never thought that i will in love with GYM so much.. lol

2months after that, last week of May, I started my online shop!!BeStylish
I'm a small BOSS now hahahahahah!! But with only 1 staff under my "company", my boy......
He's my driver, postman, chef, nutritionist, motivator, personal trainer and etc.
Lucky to have him helping me everything :)

I have to admit that I'm a shopaholic, I can sit in front of my laptop and "SUDDENLY" spent money!
And since I'm in love to buy things, and so I decided to set up an online shop and it's running so far so good until now. I wanna thanks to people who support and shop with me :))

Ever since that, I am a BUSY BUSY BUSY ladyyyyy (^O^)
For those who wanted to know my daily routine....

Here's some example :

10am - snooze my alarm (I'm sure most ppl did that OKAYYYY)
10.30am - snooze again !! hahaha!!!
10.45am - wash my face and get prepared for my MEAL 1 (fastest way : oat + milk)
11.15am - check my blog (comments mostly)
11.30am - check Facebook (personal + my shop)
12.30noon - Meal 2 (fruits + protein shakes)
12.45noon - Packing for my beloved customers 
1.30pm - Post office
2.00pm - Meal 3 (fastest way - wrapped vege + lowfat turkey  + omelet)
2.30pm - Mark down customer details and track code
3.30pm - GYM!!!!
4.45pm - Bath / Rest / Check Instagram
5.15pm - Meal 4 (protein shakes/egg whites/soya/crakers)
5.30pm - Check blog / emails / Facebook / orders / re-stocks)
7.00pm - DINNER (home cook / sushi)
9.00pm - Blogs / emails / Facebook / orders / re-stocks
10.00pm - Drama time (my handsome ChiLam is back!!!)
11.45pm - Final check blog / emails / Facebook / orders / re-stocks

So...basically.. This is my daily routine. LOL!
How's that??? To be honest, it is really not enough of time for me... especially when I need to blog, I'll slack on replying emails. When I reply emails, my customers will delay on purchasing. I'm trying to manage all of these because everything are so important to me. I wanna do it WELL

You know what..

Some of my readers asked me in emails : Why are you sharing about all these fitness blogs information and tips to others... where I don't see you're gonna get any benefits by answering people all kind of questions. 有很多朋友问我,为什么我那么得空,学到那么多东西来跟人家分享,每天那么忙还要一个一个reply人家email回答人家问题,对自己又没有利益...吃力不讨好有听过吗?哈哈哈 (^。^)

Some people are even saying something sarcastic to me. This & That...Basically teasing..
Interested to know what they said to me? *will blog about it next time when my mood is here*

I wanna let you all know, this is something i like to do..i had my OWN reasonssss.
& i feel passionate doing all these....

From I first started to workout, to change my eating plan, eat clean, sharing everything in blog about my experiences and feelings, making myself busy all day and all night know what??
I'm not just enjoying doing all these, I LOVED IT!! Love it Love it Love it!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Because my blog is the only place where i can track everything down..
Because my blog is the only place i can talk/express to myself..HAHAHA
You won't understand how i feel if you're not a blogger.. LOL! (^_^*)

Lastly, What i wanna say readers are the REASON to keep me moving towards my GOALS!!
I know....There's always BETTER and GREATER we CAN ACHIEVE !!

*For those who started workout and doing good for the past 6-7months, don't stop, KEEP GOING!!!
*For those who still standing on your ground and wondering what to do, don't think, KICK START!!!
*For those who failed, past is past, learn your mistakes, there's never too late, GET UP, RESTART!!!

Yes, I don't have a perfect body now, everything is just...not good enough for me.
I really wanna work hard to achieve my goal ! Let's do it together !!
Let's give everything we can to have a BETTER and GREATER 2013!!!
Don't waste any single chance to do what we should have done.

Sorry to disappoint you all.. it's not a fitness tips today. Just wanna blog about crap....
If you need more information about fitness, click here, Balance meal idea click here to read my previous posts. I apologize if i missed out any emails, Do leave me a comment and remind me if you had anything to ask. 

Anyway, Thanks for reading my blog !! (;


  1. is it okay if girls lift weigh more often ?

    1. Hi there, yes it's ok.
      I blogged about it before, you can read :

    2. no. girls dont have enuf testosterone to be bulky u_u

    3. Thanks (: I really enjoy reading your blog. Your post motivates me :D

    4. Dear sukey,

      For your info, girls who lift weights will develop a leaner and more tone body shape compared to just cardio alone.

      Dont worry about getting bulky because women's body dont have enough male hormones to do so.

  2. Hi, Sweetie.
    Good to see your blog again.Cause your blog always give me the strength of motivation and inspiration.
    However I got a bad day recently,seems like everything is going not right.
    However I can express out when I'm gym.
    I will never give up although i'm felt tired sometimes.
    However I know I can see the result if I didnt give up.:)
    Anyway, hope to see your next post soon.
    You're doing great, keep in up girl!xoxo

    if you don't mind, you can view my blog:

    1. There's always up and down in our life, just stay strong and we can overcome it.
      Each challenge is to make us stronger. All the best!

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Isnt there anything better to post except fitness? Its boring

  4. I love to read your fitness post! I understand why you do this! Because as a blogger, we like to mark down events and memories and see how we have gone through so far! Keep it up and supporttttttt u!

    1. Yes, hi55555
      Thank you for support! hehehe :D

  5. I love your fitness posts (I seem like say this a lot of times already. hahaha)
    Anyway, do whatever you like, blog whatever you prefer, sharing is caring, don't care what people say about you!

    1. Haha, thank you. I'm happy to hear that, you can repeat for another thousand times, jkjk
      Alright sure! no worries :D

  6. You can actually post more about your boobs beside those fitness-related topic

  7. spot on anonymous bro. Im here for the tits, not her overly obsessive fitness thing, already unfollowed her on instagram

  8. well good thing is that you live life to the fullest! so is okay to be busy for the right thing! =D

  9. u look so beautiful.

  10. Hi! Thanks for posting :) I wanted to ask you, do you think protein shakes is very important for muscle building? You should make a blog on this :)

    1. Hi There, you're welcome & thanks for reading !
      It's not just protein itself, it also requires a lot of supplement, eat well and rest well for muscle building.
      Alright, will consider to do a blog post for this.

  11. Im so inspired by your blog posts =)) ive just joined the gym 2 weeks ago and started a clean diet and ive already seen some results although it's not that much yet :))) Keep blogging <3 <3 <3

    1. That's good. Keep going and you will soon be proud of yourself!
      All the best for your workout Rachel :)

      Thanks for reading!

  12. Wow you look very sexy in bed ♥_~

  13. Don't give up and continue to blog! I love reading your blog especially about fitness :)

  14. May i Know which Gym you goin? Can noe abt your Personal Trainer price. i wan to go oso but now all place oso pricy :(