Quick Dinner

11 July 2013

Dear all, have you all try out the stair-case workout? How was it??? Have you feels the soreness???
 TELL ME MORE ABOUT IT, would like to know *\(^o^)/*

Btw, I have received a bunch of emails asking about my meals plan.
Yes, I really wanted to share all of my diet plans to everyone of you, but bare in mind, everyone's different... each of us should have their own meal planning, because my diet plans may not suitable for everyone. Besides that, I do switch my meal plan every few weeks *for different purpose*

What i can do is just share some of my food here. Hope you all will like it :)
I will be sharing some "cooking lesson" & food idea in my blog.
You girls can just pick your favorite dishes and make your own healthy cooking alright!

To be honest, I'm a super lazy person! SUPER LAZY GIRL..... (z_z)
Don't get me wrong, I love cooking and making my own food.
Just that I HATE cleaning up and washing all the dishes *sometimes*

And i think this dishes is pretty awesome, because i cook everything at once so that I don't have to wash the pan again for another dishes yet I can fully fill up my empty stomach with load of fiber!! HAHAHAHA!! *smart*

Pan-fried Mushrooms, Cabbage & Lettuce 
Prep-time : 5mins
Cooking-time : 7-10mins

Let's start COOKING!! =(^.^)=

It's about 300-350kcal. Most calories came from olive-oil.
Each tea spoon have about 100+ kcal. You can replace with sun-flower oil or coconut oil if you want.

For those who wanna lose weight, I suggest just put in 1 tea spoon of olive-oil is enough.
You can actually add in any veggie you like to cook it together.
You can mix with carrot/red pepper chili to make it more colorful :)

Add more chilies to make it taste SPICY if you want.
You may used some pepper and sea-salt, I don't use salt because I'm trying to make it "cleaner"

I used to cook all my veggie together at one is when I'm going for grocery-shopping on the next day so that I won't STORE too much of it and it will end up become yellowish or even spoil the nutrition of the veggie.

So I just take out what ever left in the fridge, wash it, COOK then EAT it.
And I'll have a clean empty fridge which is ready for me to refill NEW FRESH FOOD o(^_^)o
REMEMBER,Don't waste any food!!! It's not a good habit...

Alright, that's all for today's sharing! All the best to you all...

Tell me what do you think about, will try to improve everything   
Once again, thanks for reading and supporting!  I love you all (^_−)−☆


  1. Dish look awesome!!! Keep it up!

  2. Look so yummy! *drool* But a dish with at least 5 colours is better, so maybe you can add in hmm... purple colour cabbage? (not really know what is its exact name) or eggplant.
    BTW, thank you for following me! You're one of my favourite blogger, so happy that you follow me! <3 <3

    1. Hi Kharn Yee

      Hahaha, i just cook whatever i found in my fridge.
      Will try to cook something more colorful next time :))

      Nice knowing you btw ❤

  3. OMG ! You should post something like this more often ! Exercise without proper diet plan is totally useless ):

    1. I always wanted to post more about the clean eating recipe, but i've no time/lack of idea.
      HAHAHA, will try to blog more about this! Thanks for reading :D