The Winner of July 2013 30days Challenge Give Away!

14 August 2013

Sorry for the delay. It's a bit hard for me to choose and compare the differences between all participants!!!!!! Part of them doing really good and some of them "MIA"!! LOL! (¬_¬)

First, I would like to thanks for you girls who joined this challenge!!
Never though that I can have such a passionate group of ladies who working so hard towards their goals!!!! Of course big big big big big CONGRATS to all of you who made a big first STEP to start having a healthy life and you are making progress for you and your body!!!! I'm so so so so happy that each of you are doing such a Great Job!! I truly believe that you must be 100 times happier than me when you can see you CAN do it too! Right?

Alright, ready to know who's the winner?
Basically I'm "judging" on few different points : The efforts, progress, passions, and of course the best results. And here you Gooooooooo :

The Winner : EUNICE KU (^з^)-☆

She's been working out hard and being discipline as in diet intake too.
She didn't hesitate in asking me for guidances and the best of all, she is the one who started to INSPIRE people around her as well. Dropping 1 inches of waist, 2 inches hips and 2kg in this short of time wasn't a simple task at all. I believe she did a great job and deserve to win. Wish you all the best and keep going for better results and INSPIRE more people!!!!

For others who didn't get to win, I still have to say that YOU STILL DOING WELL!!!

No matter you win / lose. The main motif of this competition is to inspire peoples to achieve better body, PLEASE , don't just sit there and looking for "more" informations or shortcuts!!!
Don't just be a thinker! Be a DO-er !!! JUST DO IT o(^_^)o

YOU can be more than you ever imagine ! Be stronger! Be better! Be SEXIER!
And the best thing of all, Be an INSPIRATION to others around you!!!!!

It might be hard, it might be tough...... But by the end of the day.........
The result you gaining after that, is totally PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

You will never fail!!! There's no losing in the fitness journey!!!!!!
When you fall, get up, reset, and GO again!!!!

I failed twice, gave up twice, and I do HATE workout...............before.... I started to believe!!!
I made it in less than 5months....... still working real hard for better results..... Some of you did working on it and doing it great!!!!! For others who still thinking and thinking....... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!?????

Come on, Let's Do it Together!!!!!

Lastly, thanks for reading, supporting, and of course participating either in this competition or outside following my guidances and advices!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

ps : Please email me your address,name and hp number, will send your your reward soon!


  1. wow she's already looking good but become better!
    really inspire that no one is the best, everyone can always become better!

    1. Yes, you're right. Everyone can always become better! All the best ya <3

  2. Hey there!:) you became my inspiration to success. But do you mind if you can reply my mail? Thanks a lot xoxo

    1. Hi Yean Mei
      Can you send me your mail again? What's your email?

  3. Congrats to the winner. Too bad it's not me :-( I have to work harder. Getting nearer to my goal!

    1. Hey babe, your progress is good too! Don't give up alright.
      Mind to share me your routine? you have my wechat right?

  4. Wow!~she is awesome! she is getting better and healthier!~
    hope i can reach my goal too~ ><
    by the way, mind i ask a question?
    any workout can lose underbelly? which means 肚脐下面的那一块.
    i've had tried abs workout, its works! but the lower part still
    remain.. ><

  5. Hi Karen, may i ask u some question.Sorry i'm just a beginner who inspired by you.
    After wear a exercise bra did i need to wear bra inside again?
    hope to hear from ur reply.Thank You.

    1. Hi There, it's up to you. Don't have to wear bra anymore if there's a padding inside the sport bra.

  6. wow!~ she is awesome! she is getting better and healthier!~
    hope i can reach my goal too.. ><
    by the way, mind i ask a question?
    any workout can lose underbelly? which means 肚脐下面的那块.
    i've tried abs workout, and its works! but lower part
    still remain. ><

    1. Yes you can too! :)
      There's a lot of abs workout, i will publish a abs workout post soon.
      Stay tuned :)