New Hair Color

8 November 2013

I guess most of you all already know what i've changed my hair color *lol*

I'm sorry, suppose to publish this few days ago but i'm really busy with my stuff lately
Sorry for the delay, hehehehe! I'm here to do a quick updates about my hair !

Yay! I dyed my hair again in 76 Saloon. Trying something different this time. I'm just obsessed with color, always wanted to try something different to my hair. No more blonde, no more brown and no more "yellowish" color, I go for Lavender Ash this time, something like copper..but it's more to purplish red... the color is so much warmer now. look a bit more "guai lui" now... LOL!

The color looks so pretty in here! Thanks to my TR15! hahahaha :D
Here's a photo of the BEFORE. #Beige Ash
I bleached my hair before this, so the color is a bit more obvious.
And the AFTER. Actually, the color looks a bit different under indoor lightning.
It's #Lavender Ash 

My hair gets frizzy after so many time of hair coloring, so i did Ultrasonic iron treatment again.
It's really good, guess i need to do it more often since i've already bleached my hair. 
It's time to pamper my hair. hehehehe :D
& I did Tansan hair wash this time! It helps to remove the dirt that remain on the scalp. It's like a scalp cleansing. only RM25! You all should go try this out! hehehehe :D

Once again, Thank You SteveKoh! He never disappoint me, I'm always satisfy with his efforts! I was really pleased with how I was welcomed when I arrived at their salon every everytime, discussion with the stylish about the colour options. I felt relaxed and comfortable...the atmosphere was great! For those who are interested to pay a visit.. PS: Remember to call for appointment before you go. Here's address of the saloon :

Number76 Saloon (Mid Valley Branch)
A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, 
Mid Valley City, 
No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utra 59200 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 2287 0661

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