Christmas Dinner at Another Hound Cafe, Siam Paragon

28 December 2013

I LOVE TO TRAVEL! Agree or not, It's the best way to release stresssssss. You know what, It has always been my "dream" to travel alone because I want to try adapt to a new city, no one knows me, enjoying everything at my own pace and overcoming my fear alone. Such a big challenge for me! I want to make this happen someday, someday… *willsee*

Well, obviously i'm not traveling alone this time. I had this "body guard" around throughout the time, following me here and there, helping me up. He said it's too dangerous to travel alone, so he wanted to protect me although i need no protection ( i can fight ) HAHAHAHA 
Bangkok has tons of eateries, from street food to fancy food havens, but somehow, it’s always a massive headache to decide where to eat and what to eat. Spoilt for choice, perhaps. I've tried most of street food in Bangkok, it's time for something different. That evening, we picked Another Hound Cafe at Siam Paragon lthough I’m not a great fan of Italian-Thai fusion , but I don't mind trying out something new. It's one of the home brand and it is famous in Bangkok.
Seriously, Another Hound Cafe was one of the places we ate that deserving a mention.
It is situated on the 1st Floor of Siam Paragon, just right beside the lift. 
The interior of the restaurant. I love the decorations of the restaurant. Especially the unique chandeliers! Each one has a different design! Some had spoon designs, some forks, etc. 
 Chic, trendy and modern atmosphere.

Price range of the food here would be slighter costly compared to the ones you get at the streetside stalls  here's like an average of 250THB for a main dish. This place serving Italian taste with Thai twist, variety of Italian and other western food that are infused with Thai spices. Worth to try!

They had different menu during Festival. So how they put it in a super huge frame, lol!
Some candid shots, someone looking very decent. 
 wasn't really looking at the menu because at the end someone ordered everything for me. 
Alright, let's talk about food now :

Fried sun-dried lamb served with sticky rice, Jaew sauce and Som-Tum salad.

The lamb is superb! Well cooked, must try! But i don't really like the Som-Tum salad.
Served with chopped green mango, fried lemongrass, rice vermicelli and spicy sauce.
Ink spaghetti with shrimps and scallops stir-fried with Italian basil leaves, green peppercorns and chilies.

This is what i ordered. It's Squid ink pasta, the Pasta was filled with seafood juiciness accentuated by a serving of fresh scallops. The use of chillies and green peppercorns adds a good spice level without being overpowering. It tastes nothing like the squid ink pasta i ever had in Malaysia, this one is very spicy, remember to order this if you fancy spicy food! I have to say that…..So far, this is the best pasta i ever had, tastes really special  :)
Served in hot plate with side salad.

Siam Paragon Mall,  Rama 1 Road, Bangkok. 10330 Thailand
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Prices and services is okay. The food full of surprises, either way. 
Will pay another visit at their sister brand GreyHound Cafe and will definately try their desserts next time! See you soon BANGKOK :D

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  1. I love my pasta to be lip-numbing hot too! the squid ink pasta will be a perfect one for me :D