Unbearable pain

21 April 2014

I know i shouldn't think that much, i know i shouldn't be so emo. That's too much. I know already had someone beside me, trying so hard to accompany me, cheer me up. But i just can't help myself from thinking, crying, dying. It's too much pain to bare. I can stop talking & mentioning about this, but deep inside..i can't. Memories kills. I reread your blog i asked you to create few years back just now. I know i shouldn't read it, but i really miss how things used to be. All the good and the bad memories we had. That's too deep, too deep. I can't forget. I rather accept the fact that we'd already broke up…not  contacting each other than you're forever gone. I really hate what happened right now, but i can do nothing, nothing. You're the reason why and who i am today. But now, i feel so weak.

I don't know who can i talk to right now, he went to class. Even if he's here..i can't tell him. I'm tired of crying in front of people, i hate showing my weaknesses in front of others. But i'm dying inside, i can't stop myself from thinking. Sometimes, i can hold my tears from falling down, but sometimes i can't stop myself from crying..You have a special place in my heart, you're always on my mind, this is about to tear me apart. But i don't wanna forget every single thing we had. It's almost two weeks already, i waited and waited for you to talk to me. I'm wondering, where are you… Why didn't you come see me in my dream? I wanna talk to you, so badly. 



  1. Although we are not friends, but I always read your blog and your facebook status. Sorry to hear about that. You can go gym to release those weakness right? At least you got things to do. Or you can go travelling have a short break? Maybe I'm not a good advisor but I can be your good listener, you can chat with me if you want :D Take care, okay? 他也不想看见你那么伤心的.

  2. hallo,he just a passer by in your life, there are plenty of human being that appreciate and care about you. why should you give up yourself to someone that not even know how to appreciate you.

  3. Cheer up. Time will heal everything. :)

  4. 彤...他走了已经是事实了...