[ADV] TOUCH 3D Dancing Game

11 June 2014

The weather is crazy these days! It's better to staying in & don't forget to drink more water dearie!
I know, it's hard to staying in sometimes because there's nothing to do at home. Hahaha, that's the reason why i always go out. Even though i've no idea where to go, but i still go out. Ended up, spending money again. That's the problem! hahaha! Well, Now i have a better plan for you all. Who loves to play game? raise your hand :P …..I don't really like RPG, i prefer something like SDO, O2jam or Street fighter… because i don't like using my brain.. hahaha. Prefer something easy & interesting.

So here i am today, introducing you all a new dancing game - TOUCH
It's link to Facebook, you can just login via Facebook, don't have to register for an account anymore!
Scroll down for more : 

Calling all K-Pop fans and dance fans! Have you tried the latest K-Pop online dance game? It’s like one of those dance machines in arcade, except more enhanced with interesting features and a variety of K-Pop songs. Most important of all, you could play it right in front of the computer! Check out this short YouTube video:

TOUCH is the latest offering from Perfect World, the leading online game developer and operator based in China.

TOUCH is a web-browser-based game that is dancing themed and requires players to input commands according to the beat via keyboard, camera, joypads and more. It was developed using the Unity3D Engine and features impressive graphic performance, texture and realism.

Hassle free, no big files to install. In fact, you don’t even need to go through the trouble of registration as it can be linked to your Facebook! All you need to download is the Unity 3D video code if your computer does not have it yet. Simple clicks which require only a couple of minutes.

Gather all your friends and create your virtual characters! As TOUCH is meant to be a social game, you can even play with strangers!

Choose to be a skinny charming Korean boy or a pretty Korean girl with long legs! *yeppuda* 

A very exciting step for me in this game is the dressing up! Your character has a wardrobe with thousands of customizable costumes to show off to other players!

Accessories galore. The more coins you collect, the more and better accessories you could redeem! You get to choose your facourite hairstyles too. From head to toe, TOUCH will give you a complete makeover!

Tonnes of outfits available for both boys and girls! Fairytale princess, leopard lady, biker chic etc, I’m gonna get more coins to dress my character up in different OOTD everyday! XD

Now come to the dancing part, you can either challenge other players or simply play in  single player mode. I would opt for the latter first since my dancing skill isn’t exactly impressive :/ 

Check your ranking versus other players in the TOUCH universe! HAHAHAHA don’t ask me my ranking. But I will dance hard to be the top 20! *fighting*

Hop onto the Social Centre to check out your horoscope, interact with your friends and make some new friends! Who knows you might meet your oppa who looks as cool in real life as his virtual character? Teehee. 

In TOUCH, you can flirt as much as you want without feeling sinful! ^^ 

There's even something called "Wedding" where you can sign a "Deed of Love" with your partner! 

As mentioned, there are plenty of K-Pop songs available in the game from famous artistes such as Girls' Generation, Super Junior, f(x), BoA, SHINee, TVXQ, and lots more! New songs will be constantly added so rest assured the songs will not be outdated! 

The graphics are cool. It feels as if I am performing live onstage with the camera panning and zooming in and out like a K-Pop music video! But I am guessing in real life those camera flash would be downright annoying. The woe of a K-Pop star~ 

Needless to say, the dance action is non-stop and more challenging as you level up!

Want to level up quickly? Complete the missions and get the rewards!

Practice your hand-eye coordination and get combos to get even more points! No doubt challenging. Being my slow and clumsy self, I still need a lot of single player practice in order to achieve the combo T_T

You can’t call yourself a K-Pop fan without trying out the dance moves yourself! Challenge yourself with this cute and fun dancing game today! 

Click to play: LINK

What are you waiting for? Join the FUN now :)

Alright, that's all for today!

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