Benefit Cosmestic Review #MYREALLINER

20 June 2014

Introducing the first ever GEL LINER PEN from Benefit!! 
There's a lot of different type of eye liner in the market : Pencil liner, Liquid liner & Gel Liner etc.

For my opinion...Liquid liner is not very user friendly. I asked most of my friends. I guess it's only suitable for some people ( the expert ) , not the beginners. Gel Liner is my first choice among all, cause it's more lasting & not easy to smudged. Sigh, Its happens all the time when i used a Pencil eye liner, my eye makeup is really dirty after applying it for whole day. The normal gel liner is very hard to keep because it gets dried up fast. It's definitely not suitable for a forgetful person like me! hahaha. Typically, Gel Liner come with a brush with a fine tip. It's really dirty and hard to clean. Such a mess! That's the reason why, every time i brought a Gel liner, i ended up throwing it away after using it for a few times. 
DUHHH, wasted my money all the time. LOL! 

WELL, Now i had a better solution for you ladies! 
Now i have this BEST EYE LINER ever!! I really really love this!! 
Gel liner in a PEN, need no extra brush to draw on your eyes. So easy to use & don't have to afraid of it to dry off. Besides that, It stays all day and it's very easy to apply because the tip of the liner is flexible. No joke, This REAL liner lasts through sweat, work outs, crying etc.. it stays on until you remove it with Benefit REAL REMOVER. It's really really lasting & the color is really BLACK. 

FYI, there's several eye makeup to apply on to create a different look! 
Girls love being pretty! Who doesn't ?
 Yours truly & sweetie PovyTeng after trying out the gel liner. 

Here's some look of my usual eye makeup. I don't really apply thick liner on my eyes because i prefer clean look for my eyes. For my daily eyes makeup, i focus on my eyelids & lashes. YES, That's it. hahahha! If i wanted to go for a lil heavy, i will draw my bottom eyes to create a bigger eyes look. 
For examples : 

Here's a photo without any eye liner
2. After adding a wing at the end of the eyes, just a quick one.
My eyes instantly look longer/wider right? You can do this too if you don't like heavy eye makeup.
3. If that's still not enough for you..or you want a bigger eyes….
Draw another line at the bottom of your eyes to creates a bolder looks! Like this
Well...That's what i usually do to my eyes. Simple, clean, easy & fast! 

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And there you have it, a few Benefits products that i've tried lately for all the beauty lovers out there!
I hope you all enjoy this post :)

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  1. Hi, May I know wha t type of face foundation are you apply on? it just look so perfect for your skin! :))