My Name is Napat @Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

5 August 2014

Well, If you're in Bangkok during weekend. DON'T MISS THIS weekend market. It is one of the world largest market. I never miss this wholesales weekend market at Chatuchak (Jatujak market) every time i visit Bangkok. It's a "MUST-VISIT" place okay! For your information, the weekend market is open on both Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 - 18:00, and Fridays 18:00 - 24:00. 

Okay, I'm super familiar with all the Bangkok places already. But i know some of you might not.

 So, How To Go To Chatuchak? 

You can take the subway (MRT) to Chatuchak Park station (exit no.1) and follow the crowd till you see the small entrance that leads into the market. But i'm so lazy to take MRT. So i took cab most of the time! Because i wanna save my energy for SHOPPINGGGG! Hehehehe :D

No worries, there's a lot of Taxi around Bangkok. It's easy to get a METER TAXI 
Just ask the taxi driver to go by meter. Even if using Highway is just additional 50 baht. Use the highway if you don't wanna stuck in jam. It's so much faster, trust me! From Sukhumvit soi 11 to Chatuchak by meter is around 100-150 baht in total including toll. 

I blogged about Chatuchak Market years ago. You can read - Here.
Basically it's just about Shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, shopping, street food, and SHOPPING!! Hahahaha. So it's kinda boring if you done all of them.

So this time, i decided to pay a visit at This Napat Closet & Cafe which is located at Chatuchak Market this time.. after a long day of walking. It's in Section 2. This cafe is open by a famous Instagramer (aum_napat) A pretty, fashionable and talented Thai girl. I followed this girl long long time ago,  she uploaded most of her creative cooking in her Instagram. 
Awwww, i love her especially her cooking instagram video!!

Seriously i spent quite a lot of time to find her cafe. I asked around. Luckily there's few friendly Thai who helped me to call her shop and asked for the exact location of her shop. 

The cafe is inside Napat Closet. At the back of the boutique. 
Here's the menu. Just a simple one with lovely handwriting. 

Love all the little decorations on each table. 

If you really wanna try out her signature desserts, better go early (before 6pm) before everything is sold out. Because there's quite a lot of local and tourists who went there. Me & my bf is kinda lucky cause the Waffle + Ice Cream we ordered is last set of the day. LOL! 

Waffle + Ice Cream 120 baht 
Brighten up my day with these colorful waffles. 

The waffle tastes so gooooood! 
Napat is always looking for a ways to make the meal & her customers exciting. 

There's also a lot of signature cartoon yamroll available. 

Yamroll - 75 baht

which one is your favorite? 

"There's always room for desserts"

Macarons are always colourful but they are not necessary round. Take a look at these creative macaroon. It is super super CUTEEEEEE!!! Available in many different cartoon & different flavors. Guess what, They had different cartoon every week. How adorable!!! 

The Signature Cartoon Macaroon - 50 baht each

I'm not a fans of Hello Kitty, but it's really cute to see a Hello Kitty Macaroon in such a cute size.

The Signature drink, Strawberry Latte - 60 baht

I'm so glad i finally met her in person. I still remember years ago, she owned a boutique shop in Platinium shopping mall, and now she expand her business even better. Involved her interest and talent in her business. Now she had a own closet & cafe. So happy for her! I wish i could achieve my dream in the future too! Awwwww, She's really friendly & cute in person. Of course i won't forget to selfie with her before i leave. Hahaha, Nice meeting you napat :)

For those who are interested to pay a visit and try out all these adorable desserts, 
here's the address of her shop : 

Chatuchak section 2 room 232-234
nearest MRT : Kampangpetch station 


  1. Omg thanks for recommending this place! Would love to check it out! Love the cute cakes and macarons!

    1. You're welcome! Hope u like it too ya :)

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