Officially 23

2 September 2014

It's 25 of August 2014 and I turned 23. 

Happy Birthday to myself once again. 

Officially not a teenager anymore, I'm grown..grown older each day :( Of course nothing significant has changed yet but the thought of growing up so quickly hit me really hard. Wish i could stay young forever *it's silly i know, just saying*

Turning 23 has made me realized that I should really appreciate what I have now and I should try to do whatever I've always wanted to do before it's too late. I still vaguely remember the days when I was still in secondary school and how I was so desperate to grow up then. I wanted to go clubbing, I wanted my freedom this and that, it was just like yesterday. I'm not saying that I'm very old now and I know some of you may be irritated at the fact that I keep complaining about growing old, hahaha. I made a wish every year ( not going to tell you what it is) But i'm quite happy i've achieved my "goal" this year. My hard work pays off! Now i'm chasing for a whole new chapter of my life, growing up to be more mature and taking on even heavier responsibilities…and of course, earn more money! ( expend my business) Hopefully i can be a successful & independent woman in the future. *work for it*

I told myself that I'm not going to live the way I've lived over the past few years. Now, it's all about life changing. Change to be something better, i know i can do it. Just need more POSITIVE energy to keep me moving. Feel free to drop me some, hahahaha.

So, where did i go on my birthday?

It was a memorable one, so i decided to blogged all the details down. It will be super long.

I've no idea where am i going until i reached the destination. My bf planned everything for me & he's trying to keep everything secretly..just to give me a SURPRISE. hahahah. My curiosity is killing me for days, i keep on asking him but he refuse to tell..just ordered me to be prepared at 5.30pm. I said : Okay, you can bring me to wherever you want, but NOT marini! It's so expensive, unless the dinner is free then is okay. LOL! He drove me to Mandarin Oriental Hotel (which is next to marini), the moment he drove his car to the carpark..i saw "Marini 57" sign..i was like..(O_O) "Not Marini right?!"..He said : "No la..u think i'm rich or what"…But ended up, right after we parked our car..we are walking toward Marini. I was acting really silly that night, keep on nagging him.. " oi oi oi, why come here!!"

I still feeling uncomfortable although we were seated down. *awkward smile*

He asked me to calm down the whole night. He said all he want is just to make my day to be more memorable. Just enjoy it. Awwww, how sweet is him. 

Marini's on 57 is located right next to KLCC, our signature twin tower. 
where they have a Lounge, a Bar and a Dining place which serves fine dining cuisines
it is an Italian restaurant, with a master chef originated from Italy.

We manage to reached there around 6pm, so that we can get to enjoy the sunset.
The view.

The Menu.
As expected, the price is a bit pricey. I don't know what to order. 
So he asked me to close the menu and he ordered everything for me. LOL.

The first to arrrive at the table after menus were distributed were the complimentary breads for the table which were very good.  Personally, i like the pizza bread. It's crispy! 

Another complimentary food.

Amuse bouche
To start things off, we were presented with a rather cute bonzai plant, on which our Kalamata Olives coated with basil leave and parmesan cheese hung.


Finely minced pure Angus beef with 18 condiments and pan brioche
The Chef mix all the ingredient together in front of us.
Finally. The Augus beef have to goes along with the bread.

Main Course 

Angel hair pasta, Maine lobster tail and light tomato sauce
No doubt, it's a shape of lobster. The lobster is so good, fresh with a scent of tomatoes. But the pasta is normal, a bit tasteless. I prefer it to be more sour (more scent of tomato) since it's tomato favor. 

Grilled 120-day grain-fed Angus beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, bone marrow, vegetables and Chianti sauce
I've no idea why there's foam on top of the beef. But the beef is delicious, very juicy and tender. Well cooked, tastes excellent. Others than that, the side dishes is pretty normal. Perhaps they should add something special in tastes. *just saying* Hahahaha. 

Complimentary desserts. It's sweet !
& 12 different types of chocolate. I tried the 70% Dark chocolate & Green Tea. Don't really remember what's the others favor because i got attracted by "dark chocolate" & "green tea" only.

It was amazing to see the Twin Towers at such close proximity. It's just right behind me.
While i was busy enjoying the view, the waitress bring this out. 
It was the first surprise from my boy. I'm expecting this. I knew that he will order this because i did this to him on his birthday too.. I knew that he will do the same things for me already. Hahaha, BINGO!
 70% Pure Valrhona melted chocolate and vanilla gelato

But still, Thank you for the sweetnessssss! 

But, there's something i didn't expected. 

#Second surprise, while i was too busy taking photo of the desserts..The staff pass me a bouquet of flower and a gift from my bf! I was really really shocked. My bf is expecting me to cry but i didn't..hahaha. I just burst out of laughter of happiness & i keep staring at him…I asked : "Why are you doing this why are you doing this?"..."What a surprise!!" That's the ring i that always wanted, but i was planning to buy myself. I didn't know that he will buy me as a  gift cause he already spent that much of money on the dinner. I felt sorry for making him spent that much of $$ on my birthday >.<
Awwwww, he secretly planned everything earlier. The present, the dinner...everything. 
I feel so blessed, never expect this to happens. I'm so lucky to have such a loving person in my life. Seriously, before i met you.. i thought all the good guy out there are probably married or dead, but then i found you! ..Wyman Ho, why are you so sweet!! You successfully surprise me! You're giving me everything i want in a night! A super memorable one. Awwww, I was fill with load of love and sweetness that night because of you. Thank you for all the efforts, Thank you for everything. I know how much you loved me, i love too baby!

You MELT my heart….

Last but not least, a photo with my boy before we leave. 

Overall, it was a great eating out experience. The food is fine, Their services is excellent. i would rate them 9/10. Not a 10 because there's always room for improvement! hahaha. So, the total bill came up to RM700. Be prepare to get surprised by the outrageously high food price when you step into Marini. But it's worthy. Once a while is fine. Worth to try if you're looking for some special place for dining!

Marini's on 57
Address : Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas Persiaran KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 K.L, Malaysia

Booking : 03-21612880 / 4880