Hair Removal at home with sensiLight™ by Sensica™

20 November 2014

Ever cut yourself while shaving? Come out in an awful rash after epilating or had an awful break out trying to wax those hairs? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above, this blog post may be interesting to because i found the perfect solution for hair removal. 

Agree it or not, The season of underarm, leg, and bikini line baring has officially descended upon us. No matter what you believe, the reality is that women spend a lot of time and money removing hair from various parts of their bodies.

But here's the good news - there is another way; one that gives you long-term control over those annoying facial and body hair. Let me introduce this sensiLight™ by Sensica™. It's a permenant hair remover device, using the IPL technology. 

Convenient & Safe
Wanna achieve permanent hair reduction at the comfort of your own home?
With this, You can perform the treatments in the privacy of home at your convenience..Anytime, anywhere you want. Don't have to go to saloon and save up a lot of time & money.  

What is sensiLight™

IPL goes RPL™ to take away the hassles of shaving and waxing!

sensilight2Welcome to the most advanced, professional permanent hair reduction system for home use. sensiLight™ takes proven IPL results to a whole new level, revolutionizing it into RPL™ – Reactive Pulsed Light technology.

With RPL™ technology the power is literally in your hands. sensiLight’s unique sensors continuously react to your skin’s unique type, texture and needs with every pulse, delivering expert precision.

What is RPL™ (Reactive Pulsed Light)?

RPL™ pushes the boundaries of technology, revolutionizing IPL, taking it one step further to create RPL™. Here’s how it works: Sensica’s clinically-tested RPL™ technology delivers light pulses absorbed by the melanin found in the hair shaft, generating heat and coagulating the follicle. And voila, less hair growth!

RPL™ technology is today’s most advanced hair-removal system for home use. No more repeated visits at costly clinics, just arm yourself with sensiLight™ and get rid of unwanted hair in no time.

Why is RPL™ technology more advanced?
Older technology such as IPL requires numerous pulses of light as well as regular pausing while treating a specific area, which means hair removal takes longer, is uncomfortable and doesn’t give you long lasting results. But thanks to RPL™’s unique sensors, skin continuously reacts…with every single pulse. So you’re sure to get a safer treatment and a more effective way to removed unwanted hair on your body.

The light it uses is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). When you fire a quick blast of it at your skin, the light energy travels down the hairs into the follicles. It pushes hairs into a resting phase, after which they shed naturally and regrowth is inhibited. Hair grows in cycles - so at any time some will be in a growing phase, some in a resting phase and some in a falling-out phase. Hence the need for treatments every two weeks.

Product Specifications
Time Between Flashes: 0.8-2 seconds
Cord Type: Corded
Voltage: 110/240 VAC
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
Lamp Size: 3 cm²
Lamp Capacity: Up to 100,000 flashes
Energy Levels: 3 levels; up to 5 J/cm²
Skin Contact Sensors: Yes
Skin Tone Sensor: Yes
Technology: Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL™)

How It Works

Basically, when you direct the laser at the skin you are directing energy into the skin. You are hoping that it passes right through the skin cells of the epidermis and dermis and traveling to the hair follicle. Once it hits the hair follicle the dark pigmentation of the hair absorbs the energy, converting it to heat. The heat is then dissipated out to the bulge and the papilla, and if there's enough heat there, these key areas will be killed off. That's the idea anyways.

sensiLight’s sleek, ergonomic design coupled with short intervals of flashes of light allow you to glide it effortlessly and for longer periods of time. This means no pausing, more treating, more silky-smooth skin.

You can use it on your armpit, face, hand, legs etc


It's easy, just few steps. 
Check out my vblog tutorial here :

Alright, I really hope this helps you out.

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