TAIPEI Travel Vblog x Part 1

29 November 2014

Yes, i'm back from TAIPEI, Taiwan few days ago. It was a 6D5N trip with my bf and his family. 

Traveling is so much fun, i wish i could travel 300 days a year…can i? Hahahah, just can't get enough of travel. Travel is the only things that makes me really happy. It brings me so much happiness, so much priceless memories.

Agree it or not, Travel is the only thing that we buy that makes us RICH.

So…It's a real good investment. Travel around and explore the world when you can.

Because...Life won't be just about you. 

Do this while you’re still young. Do not squander the time. 

You may never have it again  

Btw, i'm trying to make my blog a bit different this type. No more long posts and tons of photos. 
I've just made a Vblog of my first day in Taipei. My very first travel vblog.

There you go……..

Sorry it wasn't really good. I think the video is a bit shaky, short and too fast forward.
I'm not very satisfy with it too, but too bad i can't retake it already :(

Hmmm…Well, There's always room for improvement. 

I will try my best to do it better next time

Anyways, Hope you all enjoy watching it. (^_−)−☆

Subscribe my Youtube Channel if you don't mind, i will try to do more video in the future.

Thank you!!! xoxo 

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