Aranzi Cafe 阿朗基咖啡 @Taipei, Taiwan [Review]

5 December 2014

Finally I'm here to blog about my TAIWAN trip. All these makes me miss TAIWAN so much!
I think i missed out a lot in Taiwan, i wish i could stay longer next time. No more rushing here and there without knowing where to go. I have to plan BETTER for my next trip. Wish i could explore the town, more chilling & try all their foods slowly next time.

Every time before i go to travel, i will list down a list of cafe that i wanted to go. I love cafe hopping, especially when i'm traveling in other countries. Because cafe hopping in Malaysia is too mainstream. I wanna try out something different! I guess this is what a blogger love to do, HAHAHA!

There is a lot of themed cafe in Taiwan. For example : Hello Kitty Cafe, Barbie Cafe, Jay's Cafe, Aranzi Cafe, Dazzling Cafe etc. Hello Kitty & Barbie Cafe is too girly and mainstream, hahaha. Some more i heard a lot of bad reviews in the internet, so i decided not to go. I've been to Jay's Restaurant during my last visit to Taiwan. So it's off my list too. 

Here's one of the cafe in my list - ARANZI CAFE 

 This is actually a branch of cafes from the brand Aranzi – originated from Japan, but some how it is all over Taipei and there are many branches. The one i went is in DanShui (淡水) MRT Station, nearby DanShui Old Street (淡水老街). It's easy to spot, because the color of the shop is very striking!

My favorite colors! So lovely! How can i not enter if i pass by this?!

Aranzi Café offers savory lunches, sweet desserts and an assortment of tea and coffee selections

CUTENESS overload 

Every corner of the cafe is full of their signature cartoon. So so so cute!!

Check out the stairs! Awwwww…..

Their Menu

One thing that i don't like about the cafe is the menu.
There's no photo for reference & it's mainly in Chinese. So it's a bit hard to order the food
Tips : If you don't understand chinese, google their food photo and show it to their staff to order. (^.^)=

Our drinks 

Americano// Black Coffee (NT90)

Mocha // Latte with their signature cartoon *hen cuteeee ah* (NT110)

Desserts time 

Fruits Cake (NT180)
This is one of their signature desserts, CAKE in different favors & different cartoon

The pancake with fruits, very creamy and fattening i can see. hahaha. (NT150)
Overall, the food is normal. Acceptable. But the whole concept of the cafe is lovely.
Love their environment because it's all in tiffany color and it is full of CUTE-NESS

Worth a visit 

Aranzi Café 阿朗基咖啡

No. 56, Zhong Zheng Rd., Danshui Dist., New Taipei City

Tel : 02-26281499

Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 9:00pm (Closed Mon)

Visit their official website here -


  1. the signature cartoon are super cute leh^^

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