Goodbye 2014

31 December 2014

As Christmas passes so does another year. Hello 2015!

 It's time for New Year's Resolutions. Yes, just another New Year's Resolutions post before 2014 come to an END. Regular readers of my blog will know that my new year’s resolutions tend to be the same as each new year rolls around. Get fit, be healthy, Earn more money, Travel more, be happy, spend money wisely, learn more… You know, the usual. Same, same old. 

2014 is a year of loss. Too many bad news happened this year. For me, for many of us. 
Seriously, It wasn't a good year for me. Everything else is fine, my goals. I think i've accomplish most of it. The only things is that i haven't fulfill my europe trip. although i already had my budget for it *just waiting for the right travel partner* Yay, I'm suppose to be happy with what i already had BUT there's a things that kills me in 2014. This year, i've loss someone important in my life. I hate the fact but i have to accept it.  There's so much pain to bear, too much. But i'm not here to complain about anything. I know, there's nothing that i can do to change the situation. I have to be tough, hold the pain and go thru it.
"Life goes on"..i always knew.

No matter what, I can't blame. That's L I F E. It's tough but I'm still thankful for everything i have earned and learnt. Everything happen for a reason perhaps. Maybe it's just the stage of life i have to experience.  However, I'm still lucky because at least i have that someone with me throughout the up & down. I appreciate that, What could i ask for more.

There's so many UP & DOWN this year. Few days back, it was missing Air Asia flight QZ8501. It's a third air incident this year involving Malaysia. It's a tough time. Losing someone you love/care is really painful. I know there's no words to describe how painful it is. Sigh, Deep Condolences to the families. 

You know what, i used to think that MONEY is really important in life. But then i realized something. Life is not all about MONEY. Of course, we do need money to survive. We only need "what we need", not a lot of money. Don't work for money blindly. Okay, It might sounds a bit silly for those who disagree with my statement. But sooner or later, you will understand what i'm trying to say. hahaha *deep* There are many things that more valuable than money. There are things that money can't buy. 

everyone dies but not everyone lives
Appreciate when you have the chance to live, live it the fullest. 
Achieve your goals, enjoy life, do what makes you happy
That matter most. 

Every life lost is as precious money can't buy. 
Life is short, you have to live everyday like it's your last. If you want something, GO FOR IT. Stop holding back because of fears. In the end of the day, you are the only one who regret with it. Trust me, you will never know until you TRY. Time is really precious, don't waste it. 

Hopefully 2015 is better, i do pray for a better year for every of us. 
I'm turning 24 soon. *sad but true* 

Now, There's only few things i want to do in life :

1. Make my parents proud of me 

2. Travel, Enjoy my life 

3. Be happy, achieve better in life

4. Learn MORE

5. Be inspiring 

6. Be good 

Tomorrow is the first blank page of 365 page book.
Write a good one :)

Happy 2015 my dear readers 
Thanks for reading my blog all this while