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21 January 2015

Hey, I'm back for some updates of myself.

Sorry for the delay. I have wanted to blog about this for a long time but i don't have time. 
Today, I'd like to share about something that i just did in Dr.Rachel Chew Clinic not long ago.

Besides my skin, another concern was my "tear trough"泪沟. It's terrible. People often asked me "Hey, why are you looking so tired?" when they see me. I said "Ya, can't sleep well last night".. In facts, i slept more than 8 hours per day. Sad but true, no matter how many hours of sleep i have.. I'm still looking TIRED. Because of my stupid TEAR TROUGH. I am so tired of these ugly tear-trough hollows that make me look so much older. I had these since i was nineteen, i've no idea WHY i have these. Both eyes, especially my left side. It's really obvious if you see me in person. 

For me. "You look tired today."
really mean, "You look like shit today.

Take a look at this photo shoot picture i took months ago. 
There's a lines under my eyes & another one on my cheeks >.<

A clearer photo of my tear trough. SEE THE LINESSS on my right cheek!!

Especially when i don't smile, i look even terrible.
*Saggy skin + tired looking face*

Here's a comparison photo of my BEFORE & AFTER (filled the sunken eyes)*hehehe*

That's the reason why i can't always use iPhone front camera to selfie. *so ugly*
So happy now i can finally selfie using my iPhone front camera without seeing the ugly tears trough
At least i'm "not too ugly" hahaha 

Every girl wants to be pretty, every girl wants to be confident with their looks right? I always wanted to FIX it but i don't know HOW. I tried to sleep early, i tried to drink a lot of water, i tried everything.'s still there T_______T

That's why I was thrilled to learn of a unique product (Derma fillers) from my always trustable Dr.Rachel Chew clinic, which not only helps hide those fine lines, wrinkles, bags and circles immediately, it also helps correct them over the long haul. The brand of the fillers i'm using is Teosyal. It's not permanent, the results is long lasting

Of course, There's a lot of different brands around, but make sure you choose the right one because it's something that you inject in your face. Besides that, find someone trustable, an experienced doctor with license. The doctor really play an important role, so i came back for Dr.Rachel, who did my skin lasers & double eyelid stitching earlier. 

One of the great things about dermal fillers are that they work great and the results are instantaneous. I chose to do fillers instead anything else because it gives the most NATURAL results, and also, there's NO DOWN TIME (you can still put on makeup and go out as usual), the results is INSTANT. You can see the results right after the treatment is done.

The whole treatment only took for like 15-30 minutes. Super FAST. Plus it's like....PAINLESS! Trust me, I didn't even apply the numbing cream, i meant it, hahaha.

It's not permanent, they last for 8-18 months. Depending on individual & brands of fillers.

Love the results, it's so natural

I'm so happy now the lines is finally less obvious, no more tired looking face..
Thank you Dr.Rachel for always being so helpful, I'm slowly getting my confident back! Tehee! :D

For those who are interested to know more about this treatment
Feel free to go to their website at

or you can also pay a visit at their clinic for free consultation :)

Dr.Rachel Chew Clinic

Address: D3-G4-8 .Publika, 
Solaris Dutamas, No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1.
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening times: Mon - Saturday: 10 am- 7pm

Contact : +60196211399 or +60328574455 


  1. Any side effects after the laser treatment? And after the 3-5 times laser still need to do the treatment every month to keep the result?

    1. No dear, there's no side effects.
      There's only 6 sessions for the treatment (depending on your skin condition)
      Don't have to maintain laser to keep the results one.

      If you interested to know more details about the treatment, u can call them for enquiry ya :)

    2. Thanks for reply!! I'll call them for enquiry! ;D

  2. Hi karen ... I did read your blog last time n you did double eyelids last time in the same clinic . Its that permanently or what? Thank you

    1. Hi Jessica, The double eyelids stitching can last for few years. Depending on individual.
      If you're interested to know more details about it. Feel free to drop by Rachel Chew Clinic for consultation. It's free :)

  3. Babe, you're still pretty! ^^ But ofcourse getting more pretty! I guess we girls always want to improve outselves. Hehe..

    1. Awwww thank you :)
      Yea, every girls want to looks pretty

  4. Hi Karen, May I know how much does it cost for the filler injection for your tear trough at Dr. Rachel's clinic?

    1. Hi There, the pricing is different.
      Doctor have to look at your condition first then will consult you with the suitable treatment :)