2 February 2015

I've received a lot of message lately, some from my friends and some from my readers.
Telling me that there are someone misuse my photo for their products. This is not the first time i saw people stealing my acne photo without permission for their "products" testimony. Last time is another online shop. In facts, I NEVER USE ANY OF THOSE PRODUCTS! I don't know where are these "skin care" comes from. I don't even know is that a certified skin care. 

Therefore i'm here to make a short clarification before anyone got cheated or mislead. 



Some of my friends help me to comment on that photo and ask them to take down the photo, but the owner deleted their comments and blocked them from commenting. 

Because of my BAD ACNE, i'm very careful in selecting skin care for my skin. I need to take extra care than others. Therefore, i won't simply buy it online to TRY. I always seek for professional consultation or any doctor recommended that suits my skin. For sensitive skin like me, it's really important to find the RIGHT products..because whenever i use something that is not suitable for my skin, my skin will turn instantly RED. That's why whatever i'm using now is very mild and it's all recommended by doctor. (I will share it next time if you all interested to know)

BUT FOR THIS, I never ever TRIED or USE it before! 
This irresponsible ONLINE SELLER is stealing my photo for their products. 

I did not name myself as "JOEY" too….zzz

common sense, if the products is really good. Do that need to steal people's photo and FAKE a testimonial? OF COURSE NOT! Therefore, please don't trust any testimonial blindly from online seller. Especially SKIN CARE (something that you need to APPLY on your FACE) !! Please beware of people like this. Hopefully there's no 无知妇儒 that got cheated. 

Even till now, i still receive a lot of email asking me how do i recover from ACNE. 
If any of you are interested to know how do i recover from bad acne
Feel free to read my true story here -

I will be updating my current skin anytime soon. 
You can also ask me any question regarding breakout by dropping a comment down below. I will try my best to share my experience out in my next posting to all the people out there who suffered with bad acne. 

Please help me to report the page and share this out before anyone got cheated. 
Thank youuuuuu so much *finger crossed*