Do not compare yourself to others

11 February 2015

I'm not sure whether any of you realize it or not… i kinda lost my passion in blogging

Sorry readers. I used to blog a lot of my personal stuff in my blog but now it's full of adverts. No matter what, it's part of my job that i've to commit. I'm trying to find a balance between my career & passion. Hopefully i can make it right, i don't wanna forget who i really am. (so deep, hahaha) I know i've said this a thousand times. But i really miss the time i passionate about everything. Being so positive towards everything. Especially fitness, I used to shared my experience, everything in this little space…"BLOG" is a place that accompany me during all my down time. I really miss spending time in gym, sweat all out, focus with myself.. ignore the others..Just work my heart out! That's the best moment i ever had, seriously. It's so much carefree. 

I used to be so positive last time, so so so hardworking in everything. I'm wondering where did "the girl" went right now, i want her back...So badly. To be honest, i was really "chill" last year compare to 2013 (when i first started to workout).. People always think that i'm a very hardcore & healthy person, but in facts i don't really hit the gym (just on & off season in 2014) I feel bad about myself, i feel guilty. I don't want to be like that anymore this year.

I always asked myself the same question.."are you satisfy with yourself?" 
The answer is always "NO" 

I know i've been slack & neglect about my blog (my passion)
But this year, i really really want to make a different, a BIG different. *plans in my head*

I read an articles few days back. It hit me really hard and i think i should share about this.

One of the main reason that i'm being negative these days :

COMPARISON - I've struggled with it most of my life. 
I’ve lived most of my life comparing myself to others. At first, it was school and sports. But as I got older, I began comparing other : job, status, income level, house, and worldly successes. We all do it: we all look at what others are doing and wish we were doing that too. Don't you agree?

That's what make us unhappy. That's what makes me really depressed & demotivated sometimes.

I lose the motivation to do things when i started to compare.

*Compare & Blame but not doing anything about it*

I tried to remind myself…

"Comparison is a BITCH"

What makes us compare? 


Seriously, Maybe i should stop playing Instagram, hahahaha

I see the kinds of things that are posted in my newsfeed: people going to parties, having a great dinner, shopping haul, outing, traveling etc… generally living an amazing life.

If you were to look at these on a regular basis like me, it would be easy to compare your boring life (looking at your phone) to the incredible lives of your friends. You will start asking yourself why aren’t you doing more? Why aren’t you eating more beautiful food? Why aren’t you traveling or exercising or doing anything other than what you’re doing right now? Why don’t you have a better body?

Well... It’s not a fair comparison, of course. In facts, They’re not posting photos of themselves when they’re doing the more mundane things, like sitting around looking at their phones. They’re not posting about their anxieties or boredom, their arguments and procrastination, their insecurities.

But even if you do a comparison — your highlights to theirs — what use is that?
Do the highlights of our lives need to be better than anyone else’s? Why? *想爆头*

Do all these determine our happiness? Do they show us what life is about?

OKAYYY NOOO: happiness comes from appreciating what’s in front of you, not wishing you were doing something else. We don’t need to be better than anyone else: we just need to love where we are and what we’re doing and who we are. That’s what matters.

The comparisons don’t make us happier or appreciate life more — they make us feel horrible about ourselves. And that’s sux.

Something i learnt ….

Appreciate where you are. Instead of looking at the lives of others, see the goodness in front of you. Inside of you. Appreciate each moment, one at a time, and be happy where you are. When you find yourself comparing your life to the lives of others, turn to the moment in front of you and find ways to appreciate it. Why not think about how to improve yourself instead of comparing?

When you're doing it right, our heart comes to the right place. And we let go of the cruelty of comparisons, as unthinkably unnecessary.

I'm not sure whether i can do it or not, but i will try.
Try to focus more on improving myself instead of comparing with others.
Hopefully i can keep the positivity in me, Wish me luck !!!

2015 resolution set 
Focus on yourself instead of others.

This year, it's time to FIGHT 

Are you with me?


  1. Love your new blogskin! Thank you for an inspiring post. ;)

    Much loves,
    Nicole Cynnie

    1. Thank you !!
      You're welcome, glad that u like it <3

  2. I love ur words "I really really want to make a different, big different this year". I want to be very fit this year. Lol. But talking about comparing incomes, I always feel like I earn so little. What shld I do to make this changes? Money is not everything but without money life is hectic. Gym is not a CHEAP sport!

    1. You can try to stop the negativity and think about how to improve yourself in another way.
      Every individual is the same, the only different is the efforts we put in.

      Hope you found your way soon! Stay positive :))

  3. 其实你已经是个很棒的女生,你做比较因为你想进步。why not用别的方法instead of comparing with others. 努力的过每一天,认真对待真心对待你的人,感恩每一天,因为每一天是余生最年轻的一天!

  4. A sleepless night.
    At this moment, I feel stressed and want to cry. Am worrying about my exam, feeling of inferiority. I feel I am ugly and nobody likes me since I joined degree, nearly one year ago. I compared a lot. But, actually I have lots of awesome friends in my degree life, I should appreciate them and stop comparing myself to others.
    You almost pointing out my feeling here.

    Yeah, again. I get motivated after read your blog.
    Thanks, Karen. :)

  5. Thank you! Agreed.. Inspired by your post anyway. Nice shot.