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7 March 2015

Today is a long long day, it has been a while i never WORK for such a long hours. 
The last time i work for all these shooting job is 5-6 years back. I used to work as a freelancer when i was 18 years old. Hahaha, How time flies. I FEEL SO OLD NOW! *whatever* During my younger time, i used to work a lot of modeling job. But then i started to think, how long can i work as a freelancer. Cause somehow, it's not a "long term" things to do for my life. I've BIG dream to achieve. Hahaha. 

So…i went to do something else when i was 19, which is direct selling. Hahahaha. Yes, i did direct selling (MLM) for 2-3 years. That the time when my life had totally CHANGED. Well, not to say that MLM is not good, because there's always pros and cons in every industry. I'm glad that i've learnt so much through these years and i've clearer direction towards what i really wanted to do. 

No regret, just lessons learned :)

I know a lot of you might be curious about "WHAT I DO FOR LIVING"

Basically, I'm a full time blogger. I'm a person who always have a PLAN B
So, i started off my online boutique as my side income. Others than that, i'm also a part time student now, learning Japanese language. So far, everything goes well. I'm thankful for it. Maybe it's time for me to learn something NEW right now. I was planning to take a personal trainer courses in the future. Hmmmm, Just to gain some knowledge since i've passion in fitness. What do you think? 
*let me know let me know give me some opinion*

Here's an opportunity i've gotten recently. Something different from what i'm usually doing. 
 I'm truly blessed to be selected as a talent for this project. A fashion brand, will share with you guys when the video is out & if i doesn't looks too ugly. hahaha

 Here's a sneak peak of today's looks. 

Overall, it was a very long but productive day. I'm enjoy doing what i am doing. I would say that I'm truly blessed and grateful to have this experience. There's so much to learn, hopefully i complete my task and achieve better in my life. Alright, so i guess it's a wrap for today. It's time to sleep and recharge for tomorrow's shoot.

Good Night people!   

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