Valentine's Brunch @Underground Société

2 March 2015

Agree it or not.

Every healthy relationship requires love and sacrifice from both sides

L O V E, It's the simple things for me when i'm with him.
Nothing material, just feeling to maintain 

I'm thankful that i found someone that who can tolerate my everything, yes everything.
He never gets angry with me no matter how i tease him/bully him. ( Hahaha, forgive me, i just enjoy seeing his innocence face) He is a person who will do whatever it takes just to make me happy, smile. Every single day he finds a new way to to let me know how much he loves me. He melts me, a lot. His sincerity, commitment, thoughtfulness…and stupidity too! that's cute. HAHAHA! 
I'm so grateful to have him in my life. What can i ask for more. 

So, This is our second valentine's day being together. 

Told him i want nothing for this Valentine's Day because it's a waste of money
But still, he tried to surprise me with a watches i said that i wanted before as a valentine's day gift. Unexpectedly, he bought the WRONG design. hahahaha. I was totally speechless. So i sold out the watches and gave the money back to him. I'm not sure i'm doing it right or not, but …i just don't want him to waste his money on me. WELL, no matter what. it's the thought that counts. Thank you for everything that you've done just to make me happy (although u bought the wrong one) hahahaha.But still, i appreciate your efforts. Silly boy! 
This Valentine's Day, we spent our day in a newly opened cafe in Subang

Nowadays, cafes are blooming and catering to the younger generations. For those who love cafe hopping, coffee addicts, especially the Subang Kaki... you better not miss this out! The brothers who brought you CoffeeSociété and Garage 51 have scored a caffeine hat-trick with their third coffee outlet, Underground Société. The exterior of the restaurant has a bit of an industrial feel, but once you step inside, the welcoming sophisticated interior is revealed. The environment is very cozy. 

It's open daily from 11am-2am! Yes, it's open until late night and they serve alcohol after 6pm. So if you and your friends are looking for place to chill around Subang Area..This is one of the places to visit... located at Bandar Sunway! Just right behind Garage 51 (nearby Sunway College) 

Here comes the FOOOOOOOOD

For all the coffee addicts, you better try their coffee! 
Especially "Coffee on the tap" and Mochatella !

If a Picture Says 1000 Words, Then Video Is… Priceless

So here's a video i took on that day, hopefully you all enjoy watching it.

Tell me what do you think, hope to hear from you 

Underground Société
No.68, Jalan PJS 11/7
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
03-5613 3851
Operation hours: 11.00am - 2am

Instagram: @undergroundsociete 
Facebook: Underground Société


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