Wants a smaller face?

30 March 2015

I'm not sure any of you experience this. But i bet most of the girls understand this "feeling" very well. The annoying feeling to find a good angle to snap a selfie. How much i wish that i can have a perfect face shapes that i can take photo without choosing angle. 

Any angle, Even from the bottom. HA HA HA. Like this….

Seriously. I don't have much confident with my outlook. Especially after the "acne attack" on my face…I really don't have much confident with my look because of the scars that left on my face. Of course, I want to look good and confident. I'm working hard to improve myself, to gain my confident back each day. Every girl wants to look beautiful, right? I know many might debate that look doesn't matters but the truth is, it does, in a way. Accept it. I am not trying to encourage plastic surgery but I am not against it either as long as it's appropriate. A slight touch that makes you feel more confident/ less inferior, why not? A tiny fix that gives a total lift on the appearance, why not? Right?

Tell me, How far you want to go in the name of beauty? 

For me at the moment as long as I don't put myself under knife because i'm scare. Ha ha ha. Others than that, I would love to try everything that can beautify me. Therefore, i decide to do this treatment - Silhouette Lift ( Non-surgical face lift ). Like i always mentioned, It's really important to find a trustable certified doctor. I trusted Dr.Rachel because she knows that what suits me best, according to my face. 


It is very safe and can be absorbed by body because it is the same thread that is used for heart surgery operation. Since it's a non-surgery, you can immediately shop around and do normal activities. Basically it is to tighten the sagging skin and make your face appear sharper, and more well-defined. You can personalise your surgery to suit your exact needs and your doctor will also make recommendations for improvements.  The procedure can be tailored to suit your exact needs to ensure you are totally happy with the results. 

  • Face lifting, Tighten the sagging skin
  • Create a slimmer, sharper face
  • Immediate results, no scarring, quick recovery 
  • More affordable, more Natural 

It can last from 18 months up to 5 years, depending on the type of thread used. 


The great thing about a thread lift is that it offers quick recovery together with excellent results 

1&2 is the before, saw the line that draw on my face? It's the point where doctor will apply the thread during the procedure. 3rd photo is right after i complete the treatment. There's a bit of redness because my skin is sensitive, but as you see, the thread is invisible..no blood, no wound. I took the 4th photo when i reached home. The redness of my skin started to reduces..as you can see. There's totally nothing on my face, no scars, no anything. Yes, it is invisible. You won't even realize that i did something on my face. 


The results are immediately visible right after the procedure and continue to improve in the next 2 months as collagen remodeling takes effect. My face appear to be smaller and more FIRM! I'm pretty satisfy with the results. Finally, No more saggy skin, tired looking face and chubby cheeks. 

 Before and after comparison 

Yay, My face feels more lifted now

I love the natural improvement. Thank you Dr.Rachel once again :)

For those who are interested to know more about this treatment
Feel free to go to their website at http://www.skinartclinic.com

Don't be shy, you can also pay a visit at their clinic for free consultation

Dr.Rachel Chew Clinic

Address: D3-G4-8 .Publika, 
Solaris Dutamas, No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1.
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening times: Mon - Saturday: 10 am- 7pm

Contact : +60196211399 or +60328574455 


  1. yes, do share with us the cost thanks

  2. How much is it please?

  3. You can contact 03-2857 4455 / or whatsapp 019 6211 399 for the price enquiry :)

  4. texted them regarding the price and procedure but no reply :(

    1. Hi Dear, you can call them at 03-2857 4455

  5. Replies
    1. Yes dear, my skin is better compare to last time :)

  6. Hi, approximately how many procedures required to achieve the results?