5 Reasons to Download the SEA Games TV App

8 June 2015

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5 Reasons to Download the SEA Games TV App 
I used to enjoy watching the Games at home when I have the time. For those who don’t know, the SEA Games returned to Singapore this year! As easy as it is, you just need to turn on the TV and you’ll get the watch all the actions on the square black box.  

Fast forward to many many years later, I can now watch it on my mobile device! Thanks to the SEA Games TV app which is packed with various features I now get the relive the moments of watching the Games but in a more intriguing experience.  

The Sea Games TV app is an interactive app that provides you the amenity of various exciting features such as ‘instant’ replays, gallery, news and multi-cam angles that complement your whole new Sea Games experience! 

I’ve previously introduced the 28th SEA Games TV app and took a few days off to try the app myself. I enjoyed it overall and I’m going to tell you FIVE reasons why: 


I am constantly away from home attending events or working so I simply don’t have the time to catch up with the news or game matches the old way (read: TV) again. This app allows me to watch all the actions in one device out of home! All you need is a good cup of coffee and a stable internet connection to be able to watch the entire procession of the 28th SEA Games Opening ceremony

A life-like experience 

One of the best features of this app is that they have multi-cams that give you the ultimate experience watching your preferred game in different angles! Though I am not physically present at the stadiums, I get to watch all the actions in several POVs, almost real and life-like I would say. This feature is available for selected sports and broadcast schedule. Besides that, I get to watch these videos at real time which brings me to the next point… 

‘LIVE’ streaming 

With that, you don’t have to worry about missing the games since you could stream it LIVE at the comfort in and out of home. The LIVE streaming function also allows REPLAYS, something that watching it on TV can’t offer.   

All in my fingertips 

I get to watch videos, keep myself updated with the latest news and updates, schedule and medal tally. There are also constant updates by the team on their social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, so it’s really ALL-IN-ONE with just a swipe of my fingertips! 

It’s FREE 

What else do I need to say? With all the features above, it’s available without in-app purchases optimized at both iOS and Android devices. You can now download the app for free.  


There’s also a CONTEST now running with only TWO simple steps to follow and you might stand a chance to win one of the THREE Samsung Galaxy S Tablets. 

All you need to do is: 

1. Download the SEA Games TV App 
2. Answer 2 questions about the app for the contest HERE

Email notification will be sent out to announce the winners after the contest closes. 

I’m obviously rooting for our Malaysian athletes in the SEA Games field because Malaysia Boleh! 

How about you?

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