Hard work will never betray you

20 August 2015

I'm happy to say that i'm back to my own track, hitting the gym, keep myself active no matter how busy i am. I'm been hitting the gym quite often lately because the gym that i joined, Celebrity Fitness had just opened their new outlet which is just 10 minutes away from my place. No more reason to skip the gym now. Good for me. hehehe. 

People out there often asked me the same question when they see me…"Do you go to the gym EVERYDAY?" Okay, Everyday? No, i don't go to the gym everyday, but if i'm hard working enough..i will go for 3-5 days a week. My body need a rest time too. I always have my own routine depends on my body condition. I don't always go hard, i will only go hard whenever i feel like it. I will push myself hard when i'm in the better condition (This is what i learnt, to avoid injuries ) Reason is because i used to push myself real hard last time and i've hurt my lower back. It's time to work it right now.

Here's my alternative..Besides lifting weights, i did joined classes in Celebrity Fitness too. 
I don't join classes very often last time but now i joined! It is super fun compare to my usual routine. So normally, i will pick 1-2 days to join the classes that matches my schedule / i've no idea what to do at the gym that day. So far.. i've tried RPM, Yoga, and Bosu Class. Will share about my experience soon.

As you all know, i'm passionate in fitness for such a long time and NOW…i'm finally taking a move to move further. Yes, I'm currently taking a certified personal trainer courses!! WHY? Because i want to gain more knowledge, in a right way. To learn the correct method, the right information to apply on myself or even on people around me who have no idea what to do with their body. So…Yay! Wait for me to finish my courses! Meanwhile, i will be sharing what i've learnt in my blog or social media. So, stay tuned. 

Let's get back to topic, Today i'm going to share about some tips to achieve a flat stomach. 

I do believe that anyone of us all want to have that sexy flat stomach, especially when the summer is near, and we are willing to work for it. The problem is that lots of people are wasting their efforts simply because they have a wrong information about getting flat stomach.

Don't lose hope

FYI, here's some tips ...

Extra Crunches for A Flat Stomach?

Extra crunches don’t lead to tight abs. The truth is that everyone has ab muscles. They just stay hidden underneath a thick layer of fat on the stomach. If you want a toned look, you need to focus on burning the layer of fat that may be covering your belly. The key is to not obsess about crunches, but focus on burning fat.

Don't Starve Yourself 

At times, you may think that starving yourself is the only way to lose weight and get a flat stomach. BUT NO!! Starving yourself is not only ineffective, but also dangerous for your overall well-being. You may think that severe calorie reduction may lead to better and quick results. It is important to understand that the human body is complex. As a result, starving yourself may disrupt your body’s metabolism. This will only slow down results. It is important not to starve yourself, but eat wholesome meals after short intervals of time. Eating less may be the key to weight loss, but starving yourself is not.

Diet Pills and Supplements?

This is what i always mentioned. Well, diet pills and supplements can be quite tempting. There are many pills and supplements which claim to give you a flat stomach. However, you should not fall for it as there is NO ‘magic pill’ available in the market. In fact, diet pills and supplements are more likely to hurt your pocket than showing any results on your belly. Instead of popping a pill, it will be better to burn calories with intense exercise. If you want a nice body, WORK FOR IT. 

Avoid Carbohydrates for Tight Abs?

Many misconceptions make you think that carbohydrates are bad for your health. However, if you are one of the people who believe this, it is quite unfortunate. You can eat carbohydrates while slimming down. The only thing is to avoid packaged foods and stick with oatmeal, whole grains and brown rice. In other words, you should stick with wholesome carbs rather than giving up all carbohydrates.

Alright, that's all for today! Hopefully my information helps! Feel free to try it out. 

Hard work will never betray you

Do drop me a comment if you have any question, i will try my best to help :)

Once again, thank youuuu for reading *xoxo

Karen Kho


  1. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing such amazing post! Would like to ask you some queries. Few days back, I had small portion of tom yam mee hoon one hour before gym. I thought it wouldn't caused any harm since it was just a very small portion but I was totally wrong. During RPM class I felt teribily uncomfortable. I went out from class and then started to feel 心跳加速,脚步很浮,头很晕,then I started vomitting. Do you think it was because too short period for digestion of food before gym? If yes, how long it is advisable to take food before gym? or was it because of spicy food which caused vomitting? What do you think? Awaiting for your advice!! =)

    1. Hi There, it is not advisable to have spicy food before your workout.
      It is better to have some balanced diet before your workout so that you won't feel dizzy when you do any intensive exercises.

  2. Hi karen, im currently a newbie in the gym, didn't really know how to use the machine. What i do now is just running,cycling & some workout like you mentioned in your workout video. Sometimes i try to do some workout but my back is having slightly hurt so i stopped it immediately. I know having a flat belly takes time, but im not sure am i on the right track on doing it HAHA. Anyway, your post did motivate me! :)

    1. Hi Joann, Nice to meet you!
      Always make sure that you locked your lower back when you do any workout to prevent injuries.
      Chest up, back locked all time. If you are not familiar with machine, you can always try to do some functional workout. You can share with me what kind of workout you do and duration, I'm happy to help :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Awesome keep it up.Perhaps you wana implement HIIT into your workout.It will help you to burn off more calories.Anyway ,u are doing great,keep it up.
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