Offically 24th

2 September 2015

I’ve been battling with some stuff last few days. 

I’m not going to go much into detail here. (it is in my dayre-karenkho25 if you wonder) But GUESS WHAT? The important part is that I’m winning those battles, I've achieved something new. Overcome my emotions. Another milestone in my life. AND, YAY! I'm currently in Dubai. It's 9:00am in Malaysia and 5:00am in Dubai but i'm wide awake! Well, at least i can have some extra time to finally blog about my Birthday (last week) since i've nothing to do now. 
Not to mention that i'm officially 24 now! Time flew so fast after my 21st birthday. Yea, time flies even faster when you're having fun. Alright, not to complain. Age is just a number. As long as i've living it right, age doesn't really matter right. 

Anyway since I’m 24 now, this calls for a self appreciation post.

24 years of life and taking time to reflect back on the years I have lived, I just can't be more grateful for how amazing life has been. Life has never been always happy and that's how it is. Circumstance made me what i am today. Maybe life has not turned out exactly how I thought it would but it has turned out to be how it should be. The people I have met, the memories I have built, the things I have experience makes me so grateful about my life. 

Life is short, i want to live my life to the fullest and make my journey a memorable one.
Yay, I'm ready for more thrilling adventures ahead.

Back to my birthday celebration, my bf throw me a surprise party with all my closest friends. 
Eventually, the surprise turns out to be a bit FAIL but still..Thank you for your efforts! Hahaha.

Thank you everyone of you for being there, not only in my birthday but also in my life. 

Appreciate every one of youuuuuuu <3

Thank you, Thank you 

 Thank you for making me feel special and loved on my day! :)

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