29 September 2015

I always have that most asked question when it comes to workout. There is a lot of readers who asked me the same question (especially female), the question is "Can i still workout during period?" and "What workout can i do during period?"

I know, most women have a love/hate relationship with their period.

As wonderful as it is to be a woman, there's no denying that monthly period sucks. Not only you would have to deal with cramping, bloating and food craving, you also have to deal with the mess of having blood leakages from our …. ! Hahaha it is definitely not cool. Period is like an extra excuse for us to skip the gym? Hahaha. How would you be able to run or do sit ups when dealing with cramps? Right? Also, isn’t it just the littlest bit uncomfortable exercising?

"Can i still workout during period?"

Generally speaking, working out during your period is a good thing. I know, sometimes hormones can affect your energy levels, strength, stamina, and how your body responds to exercise, overall. We do feel weak sometimes. Of course everyone responds differently to these hormonal changes — and you can't stop living because of them. But if you want to exercise, listen to your body, sync your workouts to your cycle, and see how you feel.


Feeling overwhelmed? Choose a yoga class that's about relaxation

(Most of the moves in yoga are totally fine to do when you have your period)

Feeling the beat? Go for an easy jog or long walk instead of a strenuous run.

Feeling strong? Up the intensity of your strength training: Add extra reps or increase weight

Although you might feel particularly shitty, the best thing you can do is push through it — all the way to the gym: Because exercise gives you a natural endorphin high, it can elevate your mood and actually make you feel better. Trust me, you will feel more positive after you sweat it out. Another bonus: While PMS might make you feel bloats, sweating can help you get rid of extra fluids.


Besides my gym clothes, sport shoes and water bottle – it’s very important to stay hydrated! 
Let's see what is in my mini wallet when i go to the gym.

Spot these cute lil colorful things? Do you know what is it? 

Yes, it is the new Sofy Compact that I was introduced to recently!

It is ½ size of a palm – just perfect to avoid those embarrassing moment when holding a napkin to change.

On top of that, it's really important to find napkins that are comfortable, and is able to absorb

It may look slim, but there is a center absorption core that absorbs liquid to the bottom during regular/light flow days. So, don't worry about leakages

The colourful wrapping even complements my nails! Never thought that sanitary pad could be so stylish too.

Now, This Sofy Compact solves all my problems! 

It is available in 3 sizes (Day 21cm, Day 24cm & Night 30cm)




I'm lovin it already. 
Try it out ladies! 

For more information, visit their official website at

Sofy Facebook: Sofy360

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