Goodbye Gummy Smile

19 November 2015

The simple act of smiling does far more than just make you look friendly

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”
This is absolutely true. Whether you are female or male, a smile is all you need to complete your beauty! I have always said: “There is nothing more attractive than a man with a smile!”. LOL.

But how to get a best smile after all? 

That's the problem. When i laugh naturally, my mouth became really big. I have a gummy smile.
My upper lips will automatically lift up too when i talk (showing too much of my gum), it's a very bad habit but i can't help it. 

Here's a REAL candid photo where someone's else took it unconsciously. 
Look at my smile! That's what i'm talking about. That GUMMY SMILE! 

A "gummy smile" is a condition in which a person shows a larger than average amount of gum tissue when smiling. Like this. Check out the CLOSE UP? There you go, that ugly gummy smile. HAHAHA

But the good news is, i finally fixed it. You will be amazed by the natural looking results achieved using these virtually painless surgical treatments - Botox. It is the cheapest and painless treatment compare to others. So i decided to have botox injection on my upper lips to relax the muscle so it covers my gums when i smile. Surprisingly, I'm pretty satisfied with my results! 

Initially, i thought Botox treatment is only for wrinkles. But now i know i was totally wrong! 

Botox it's not just for wrinkles, old people. Botox helps to improve the symmetry of the face and reduce muscle contractures and spasms. Like what i did earlier, it works well for me. Fast, painless and NO downtime at all. 

Thank you Dr. Rachel once again <3
A gummy smile botox treatment have to be performed by expert injectors. It should be a low dose into precise points on the upper lip to reduce the "gum" show without affecting any other motion. I highly recommend you all to choose a very experienced doctor. No joke. 

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