Start Cooking Healthy Rice with Grayns Rice Cooker

3 December 2015


Many diet plans will advise you to eat disproportionately small or large amounts of white rice. Although these aren't as healthy for long-term weight loss as a nutritious diet in moderate amounts, they can produce dramatic short-term results. Cutting out white rice is one recommendation on your weight-loss progress. But how to avoid white rice? As an Asian, we all knows it is nearly impossible to say 'NO' to white rice. Am i right? 

Having a flat tummy is a goals that every woman wants to achieve. That's the reason why, the pressure for these are higher than ever. Every woman or even guys want a better body figure, to looks good, to stay fit.  BUT, Is there an easy way to achieve a flat tummy and a 6-pack? 

Well, Sugar is the culprit. Many people are unaware of the dangers of sugar and what it does to the body. Sugar does not nourish the body at all. All it does is provide calories and add on to our waistline.  

 In recent years, more and more people are getting obese, even children. Most of the outside food available today is sugar-laden and very unhealthy. Consuming sugar makes one lethargic, easily hungry, and of course, adds inches to the waistline easily.  There are people who go on for months, huffing and puffing in the gym and painfully dieting, yet never see their 6-pack. If you know the science, it’s actually not difficult to get the 6-pack.  

In Malaysia, rice is a staple part of our diet. Rice goes well with everything and gives us a full feeling. But it also makes us sleepy and listless. One bowl of rice contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. So if you eat 3 meals, that makes us took an additional 30 teaspoons of sugar.  Because rice is tasteless, we think nothing of consuming huge portions of rice and don’t feel sinful about it. 

One can of coke contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar. For that matter, any type of soda contains sugar. Orange juice, yoghurt, cereals, everything you see on supermarket shelves contain high levels of sugar. Can you see how easily it is to put on weight today?  

For Malaysians, our biggest source of sugar comes from rice. So if you want to lose weight and see the outline of a 6-pack, you need to start watching your rice intake. If like most people, you want to continue enjoying rice without putting on weight and suffering from the sugar implications, the solution is now here.

With the Grayns rice cooker and your daily exercise, your 6-pack is 50% easier to achieve. You will see the muscle lines on your tummy forming faster and be more encouraged.  And of course, being slim with the Grayns rice is a no-brainer. It’s so much easier. You will be able to lose weight and see the difference in a matter of months. Not only that, your skin will be brighter and your mind will be more alert.  

The Grayns Rice cooker is an ingenious invention that removes the bad sugar from rice. It is able to bring down the high glycemic index of rice by about 40%. Rice cooked by Grayns can be eaten guilt-free. You will also see that you no longer experience the heavy sleepiness after eating Grayns rice. Your energy levels are high and you feel full longer.  Many people who merely substituted their rice with Grayns rice saw 3-5 kg loss in a matter of months. They did not add exercise or do anything different to their lifestyles. This shows that sugar truly is the culprit here. These people also had less body aches and higher energy levels. Excessive sugar corrodes the body and makes you lethargic. When you cut out sugar, you will open yourself to a whole new world.

How the Grayns Rice Cooker works   

The Grayns Healthy Rice Cooker is a joint development between US and Malaysia. It is the first and ONLY rice cooker in the world that is able to remove sugar from rice.  Rice contains amylose and amylopectin. It is the amylopectin which contains sugar and causes the rapid rise of blood sugar levels. What Grayns can do is dissolve the amylopectin so users get healthy rice that doesn’t come with the sugar.   The Grayns Healthy Rice Cooker employs a different way in cooking rice. It is the way rice is cooked that determines the quality of your rice. Water is kept high and at a certain temperature to ensure all amylopectin is dissolved in water. 

During the cooking process, amylopectin leave the rice grain and dissolves in water at a certain temperature (called the gelatinisation temperature of rice). This gelatinisation temperature varies according to the variety of rice

There is also a manual of how to use the Rice cooker. 

The steps is quite simple, so it is quite easy for first timer like me. 
First of all, WASH the rice

After that, close the lid and set it to COOK. 

For better understanding, check out this instruction video of how to use the Grayns Rice Cooker 

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