Chinese New Year with BRAND’S ®

21 January 2016

Happy 2016 everyone! 
How time flies, It's just few weeks away from Chinese New Year! This year, Chinese Lunar New Year will fall on February 8. It is an annual celebration marking the start of the year according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar. Celebration in the air! There's so much to see, eat and experience. It's time again for dragon dance, lanterns, fireworks, fun and festivities. 

Here's some fun facts about Spring Festival Taboos. 
Things we should avoid during the first day of Chinese New Year. 

Being one of the traditional festivals, it is the time for the whole families to reunite together, which is similar with Christmas Day to the westerners.  It is the best time to reunion with each others.

 The annual tradition of spreading festive joy and cheer is here once again. Every where will be seen bustling with traditional calligraphy, accompanied by the roaring sounds of mighty drums. The variety of food and material goods on display reflects the wish of a prosperous New Year by the Chinese people and their families.

Of course, Chinese New Year is incomplete without traditional hampers. Every year, It is a MUST for me to bring home for my family and my loved one. I always think that it is so much blessed to give than to receive. GIVING, Not only is the choice of gift important in Chinese culture, but how much efforts you've put on it, how you wrap it, and how you present it are equally important.

Chinese New Year is the perfect time to let your family members know how special they are

This Chinese New Year, BRAND’S® proudly enlightens us with 4 different meanings of 福 [foó]
 as part of its mission to educate the Chinese consumers that there’s a deeper meaning to it than just a cliché during CNY. These meanings can also be translated into a different forms of blessings that are weaved together with BRAND’S® 2016 Chinese New Year gifts range as tangible blessings during gifting so that the receivers can experience the real meanings of福[foó].

The 4 福 [foó] includes: 

乐福 means Happiness – The contented feelings of joy and happiness  that filled up  the home, regardless of any hardships. 

旺福  means Prosperity – It doesn’t matter who you are and /or what business you are  running. The gathering of people attracts not only positive energy, but also prosperity.    

福运 means Luck – Luck is what we all need in 2016 after a rough sailing year of 2015. 

福康 means Health – Health (or [foó] kāng) is the most common and yet, the most precious greeting that your love ones would hope to receive every Chinese New Year, regardless of young and old. Only with good health can you and your love ones enjoy life to the fullest.  . 

BRAND’S® is a natural food supplements which offers 7 range of natural food supplements products such as the hero product BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, BRAND’S ® Essence of Chicken with a range of herbal ingredients, Bird's Nest and other natural food supplements. BRAND’S® aspires to continue being a leader in the market by providing a natural food supplement that benefits existing and future consumers.

With the gift of BRAND’S® comes auspicious blessing. Let’s start spreading the meaning of福 [foó] this Chinese New Year via BRAND’S® festive gift range. Guess what, BRAND’S® now comes with home delivery service at your convenience plus attractive offers.


You may view the BRAND’S ® 2016 CNY gift range at the BRAND’S ® website.

Once you know which CNY product to buy, download the purchase form here, fill in all the relevant details that includes items like total amount and quantity. Once done, email the form to and your purchase is done! 

Remember to include the promo code  <CNY2016K>  under the email subject!

Hurry up, BRAND’S® is now running a giveaway contest! 

How to Participate?  

Submit a photo with a short description of your special [Foó]  Moment (wàng [Foó]  –prosperity, [Foó] yùn– good luck, lè [Foó] –joy and happiness & [Foó]  kāng  - good health). 

Submit it in BRAND’S ®  comments section of the Contest posts or via your Instagram account (please ensure it is public and use #FooMemories). The top 3 most creative and meaningful entries for each contest post will be the winners 

The top 3 most creative and meaningful entries for each contest will win the following prizes : 

Grand Prize (x 3):  Auspicious Blessing Hamper `福星高照礼篮`  BRAND’S ®  Essence of Chicken (11’s x 70g) + BRAND’S Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps (8’s X70g)  

Second Prize (x3):  BRAND’S ®  Bird's Nest Gift Pack (6x70g) 燕窝礼盒 (6’s x 70g)  

Third Prize (x3):  Double Happiness Gift Pack ‘双福贺喜礼盒BRAND’S ® ’  Essence of Chicken (12’s x 70g) 

Duration: 11th Jan – 23rd Jan 2016 

Terms & Conditions Apply:

  Give your blessing to your loved one and let them know how important they are this Chinese New Year :)

For more information, visit BRAND’S ® SMART LIVING 

BRAND’S ®  WORLD Website: 


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  2. thanks for the heads up on the CNY taboo. definitely something to look out for ;)