15 March 2016

I still remember the days when i was in Dubai last summer. The weather was crazily hot once i touched down the airport. It is like standing inside an oven. Then i realized how important is an air conditioner. It was the greatest invention, hahaha. I was thinking how in the world did people deal with the summer heat without air conditioning? The obvious solution for cool, comfortable, and restful sleeping is an air conditioner. I can't even sit comfortable when it is hot. But thanks to technology, we can live a comfortable life right now

Now, Panasonic had brings the technology even better. I've attended their new launched last week in Sunway Convention Center. Panasonic launched the new Radiant Cooling Inverter Air Conditioners.
It is a new futuristic and powerful Inverter Air Conditioners – the SKY SERIES.
That can changes the way we feel cool – an all-new design ready to blow our minds.

 The Sky Series. Spot the different of this air conditioners?

1) Revolutionized Design 

 SKY STREAM DESIGN - Modern & Minimalist  
SKYWING - Flexibility Up  
SKY CONTROLLER - Versatile Control Up    

Yes, it is the SKYWING! 

What's the benefits of the SKY WING?

 Radiant Cooling

 Ceilings and walls tend to trap heat, which make living spaces inside hot and uncomfortable. The NEW Sky Series, instead of blowing cold air directly onto people, directs the airflow upwards to cool the ceiling and walls.  Radiant Cooling cools without direct airflow. The feeling is just like walking into a mall.   

During the event, We also went in to the Radiant Cooling & Radiant Heat room to experience the SKY SERIES air conditioners. The Radiant Heat room is our normal temperature room and the Radiant cooling room is the one with the SKY SERIES air conditioners. We get to stand at the comfort zone to experience the comfortable cooling air. 

 The Benefits of the SKY SERIES :

1. Radiant Cooling prevents overcooling and maintains skin moisture. This is beneficial for bedrooms, so one can wake up refreshed after a good night's sleep.

2. Nanoe-G features DUST SENSOR, which constantly monitors particle concentration levels in the air. 

3. Backlit SKY controller has a backlit screen that makes it easier to set adjustments even in the dark. It also comes with precise temperature settings.

What's the philosophy of the SKY SERIES? 
Peerless design. Powerful cooling. Perfect comfort.

This is what i love about the Panasonic SKY SERIES.

GUESS WHAT,  It also prevents overcooling and maintains skin moisture. We all knows, air conditioners might be dried up our skin moisture level especially when we sleep at night. With this, the problem is solved now! 

 Cutting-Edge Technology  

The NEW Sky Series features nanoe-G with dust sensor which constantly monitors particle concentration levels in the air. It also optimises energy performance with the energy saving - INVERTER, all while delivering powerful instant cooling with the high-powered inverter compressor technology P-TECh. These unique technologies from Panasonic are the kind of technology that you would expect the future to deliver.

For more information, visit their website at :


  1. now elnino occur at our country. so better get 1 air conditioner right!!

  2. what brand is this sky series ? i never heard before about this brand ...
    bcz i am planning to buy an aircon for my room due to the boiling hot weather thn wic brand i should go for ? any suggestion peepz....

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