10 April 2016

I still remember those days when I first started to hit the gym, those days when I don't have a proper sportswear. Those days when I'm unsure about whether it is necessary to wear a sports bra during workout…How many types of sports bra are there, the supports, the materials etc. There is so much to know about it! Trust me, I wore "pajamas" to the gym last time. (Old tee shirts and some old pants) After I really committed to the gym, it is a never ending hunt for good quality reasonably priced yet attractive sportswear. Because I started to want MORE and looking for something better for myself. hahaha. Seriously, it is much more motivational to achieve your goals when you dress up nicely to the gym

Active wear is becoming the center of attention in the fashion world! I’ve never seen fitness fashion get so much attention than in the recent year.

I really love a nice fitness wear, and I’m always looking for kit that is comfortable, practical and affordable and stylish. I always fall in love with activewear that is affordable, so in my new hunt to find good quality, reasonably priced and attractive sportswear…I found USA PRO!

If you think about it, fitness is an industry that runs on trends much like fashion    

 Have you ever experienced a surge of confidence from a new outfit? Perhaps you feel more driven or motivated to achieve your goals? This feeling is so important when it comes to staying on track with fitness. The proper attire can also help you be more active. Supportive athletic shoes, as well as apparel that fits well, can help put you in the right mind to be more active. A new outfit could be just the pick-me-up you need to hit the gym hard!

Finding the perfect sports bra is like searching for your soulmate: You know it’s out there waiting for you but you’ll probably go through some serious underachievers before you find the right one

The USA Pro Medium Bra Top's are constructed with a built in bra for added support along with ventilation panels and the racer back has wide shoulder straps for a comfy fit. The USA Pro sports bra also benefits from an elasticated hem and, as with all USA Pro clothing is made using pro dry technology, which is designed to draw the sweat away from your body.

Overall, the fabric on all of the clothing felt thick and good quality, but yet at the same time when worn they felt light and the super stretchable, in short they were extra comfy. The best part is, they come in many colors and design! Therefore, I can have more choice to choose from!     

  FYI, All the USA PRO that I'm wearing can be found at Sports Direct Malaysia and it is only exclusively in Sports Direct!

Check them out for the full collection and more new arrival item every month! :)

For more information about USA PRO and Sports Direct, Visit

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