24 April 2016

Bored when you get stuck in traffic jam? Feel like eating something but are too full for a proper meal? Try this way to stay awake, EAT A CANDY! That is what I always do. Candy can surely do the trick when you are bored and little hungry. It is my favourite study and work time snack! So convenience that you just need to carry a few in your handbag and you will be able to have it anytime and anywhere! 

But WAIT, I do believe we all know that ...eating too much of sweetness will make us sleepy.    I know some of you love eating candy and probably eat it daily. If you love eating candy, but need to look out on your weight or even lose weight, fear not, there are still ways you can enjoy your favourite treat. Personally, I love to eat candy but I do prefer them less sweet and better still, sourish or slightly salty and all this while, I always thought that CANDY can only be SWEET….. until I TRIED THIS. 

The newly launched Lot 100 Salt flavoured candy is just right! :P

It comes in 4 different flavours - "Lemon, Orange, Sour Plum & Coffee"

Guess what, it is the only brand in the market that available in varieties of flavored
Each flavours has a bit of saltiness and it has less sweetness. 

These two are my favourite because of the mixture of sourness and saltiness, definitely something to enjoy and keep me awake while i'm doing my work or driving. 

While this flavour is quite refreshing especially on a hot day! 
All the flavoured is imported from Japan.
Good things are meant to be shared! Sharing is a double joy!

So i shared it with my bestie and my loved one and they love it too! 
It’s not only delicious but it’s fun too! My new way of Wefie!  
Want to try some? Come get from me :P


Right now, Lot 100 is having roadshows during weekend from 2nd April 2016 till 29th May 2016 in Tesco Mutiara Damansara, Tesco Extra Shah Alam & Tesco IOI City Mall. During the roadshows, participants will have a chance to win attractive daily prizes like Self Balance Scooter and A Grand Prize Samsung S6 Edge Plus awaits you when you purchase two packs of Lot 100 Salt Flavoured Candy!

Try your luck now, All the best :) 

For more information about the products, visit them at 

Website :  


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  2. PG ada nampak kat kedai da. tak sempat nak grap. thanks share this! ❤️

  3. Good thing need to be shared with the loved one.